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Пакет: yacas

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Name: yacas
Version: 1.4.1
Release: alt1

Summary: Yet Another Computer Algebra System
License: GPL
Group: Sciences/Mathematics

Url: http://yacas.sourceforge.net
Source0: http://yacas.sourceforge.net/backups/%name-%version.tar.gz
Source100: yacas.watch
Packager: Michael Shigorin <mike at altlinux.org>

# Automatically added by buildreq on Sun Mar 22 2015

# optimized out: libcloog-isl4 libstdc++-devel texlive-base-bin texlive-latex-base
BuildRequires: gcc-c++

BuildRequires: /usr/bin/latex /usr/bin/dvips

Yacas (Yet Another Computer Algebra System) is a small and
highly flexible computer algebra language. The syntax uses
an infix-operator grammar parser.  The distribution contains
a small library of mathematical functions, but its real strength
is in the language in which you can easily write your own symbolic
manipulation algorithms. It supports arbitrary precision arithmetic.

%package -n lib%name
Summary: Shared library for YACAS
Group: System/Libraries

%description -n lib%name
This package contains shared library for YACAS.

%package -n lib%name-devel
Summary: Development headers for YACAS
Group: Development/C

%description -n lib%name-devel
This package contains files needed to link against YACAS library.

%package docs
BuildArch: noarch
Summary: YACAS intro, algos, coding, essays and reference manuals
Group: Documentation

%description docs
YACAS intro, algos, coding, essays and reference manuals

# https://sourceforge.net/p/yacas/tickets/96/
touch README

CXXFLAGS="%optflags" %configure --enable-gmp --disable-static

# I can't see any use for these, no libs installed
rm -rf %buildroot%_datadir/%name/include

%doc docs/*.html docs/*.gif
%exclude %_datadir/%name/documentation/

%files -n lib%name

%files -n lib%name-devel

%files docs
%dir %_datadir/%name/


# - figure out if/how to install ytxt2tex, see manmake/README
# - JavaYacas?


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