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Исправления уязвимостей

adobe-flash-player-11-alt37   сборка Sergey V Turchin, 2014-12-10

- new version
- security fixes:
CVE-2014-0580, CVE-2014-0587, CVE-2014-8443, CVE-2014-9162,
CVE-2014-9163, CVE-2014-9164

adobe-flash-player-11-alt36   сборка Sergey V Turchin, 2014-11-26

- new version
- security fixes: CVE-2014-8439

chromium-39.0.2171.65-alt1   сборка Andrey Cherepanov, 2014-11-21

- New version
- Security fixes:
- High CVE-2014-7899: Address bar spoofing.
- High CVE-2014-7900: Use-after-free in pdfium.
- High CVE-2014-7901: Integer overflow in pdfium.
- High CVE-2014-7902: Use-after-free in pdfium.
- High CVE-2014-7903: Buffer overflow in pdfium.
- High CVE-2014-7904: Buffer overflow in Skia.
- High CVE-2014-7905: Flaw allowing navigation to intents that do not
have the BROWSABLE category.
- High CVE-2014-7906: Use-after-free in pepper plugins.
- High CVE-2014-0574: Double-free in Flash.
- High CVE-2014-7907: Use-after-free in blink.
- High CVE-2014-7908: Integer overflow in media.
- Medium CVE-2014-7909: Uninitialized memory read in Skia.
- Mark all files in /etc/chromium as config
- Strip Chromium executables to disable debuginfo generation (became too

adobe-flash-player-11-alt35   сборка Sergey V Turchin, 2014-11-12

- new version
- security fixes:
CVE-2014-0573, CVE-2014-0574, CVE-2014-0576, CVE-2014-0577,
CVE-2014-0581, CVE-2014-0582, CVE-2014-0583, CVE-2014-0584,
CVE-2014-0585, CVE-2014-0586, CVE-2014-0588, CVE-2014-0589,
CVE-2014-0590, CVE-2014-8437, CVE-2014-8438, CVE-2014-8440,
CVE-2014-8441, CVE-2014-8442

krb5-1.13-alt1   сборка Alexey Shabalin, 2014-10-31

- 1.13
- fixed CVE-2014-5351
- move header from /usr/include/krb5 to /usr/include
- drop kdcrotate service
- update krb5.conf:
+ add [logging] example
+ add [realms] example
+ add [domain_realm] example
+ define default_ccache_name as KEYRING:persistent:%{uid}

openssl10-1.0.1j-alt1   сборка Gleb F-Malinovskiy, 2014-10-30

- Updated to 1.0.1j (fixes CVE-2014-3512, CVE-2014-3511, CVE-2014-3510,
CVE-2014-3507, CVE-2014-3506, CVE-2014-3505, CVE-2014-3509,
CVE-2014-5139, CVE-2014-3508, CVE-2014-3513, CVE-2014-3567,
CVE-2014-3566, CVE-2014-3568).
- Updated patches from Fedora openssl-1.0.1j-2.
- kssl.h: include <krb5/krb5.h> instead of <krb5/krb5/krb5.h> (ldv@).

wget-1.15-alt2   сборка Michael Shigorin, 2014-10-28

- added upstream patch for CVE-2014-4877 (arbitrary symlink access)
+ not packaging 1.16 yet due to progresbar regressions in UTF-8 locales

pidgin-2.10.10-alt1   сборка Gleb F-Malinovskiy, 2014-10-27

- New version (CVE-2014-3694, CVE-2014-3695, CVE-2014-3696, CVE-2014-3697

adobe-flash-player-11-alt34   сборка Sergey V Turchin, 2014-10-15

- new version
- security fixes: CVE-2014-0570, CVE-2014-0571, CVE-2014-0572

rsyslog-8.4.2-alt1   сборка Alexey Shabalin, 2014-10-09

- 8.4.2 (v8-stable)
- fixed CVE-2014-3634, CVE-2014-3683

chromium-38.0.2125.101-alt1   сборка Andrey Cherepanov, 2014-10-09

- New version
- Security fixes:
- Critical CVE-2014-3188: A special thanks to Juri Aedla for a
combination of V8 and IPC bugs that can lead to remote code
execution outside of the sandbox.
- High CVE-2014-3189: Out-of-bounds read in PDFium.
- High CVE-2014-3190: Use-after-free in Events.
- High CVE-2014-3191: Use-after-free in Rendering.
- High CVE-2014-3192: Use-after-free in DOM.
- High CVE-2014-3193: Type confusion in Session Management.
- High CVE-2014-3194: Use-after-free in Web Workers.
- Medium CVE-2014-3195: Information Leak in V8.
- Medium CVE-2014-3197: Information Leak in XSS Auditor.
- Medium CVE-2014-3198: Out-of-bounds read in PDFium.
- Low CVE-2014-3199: Release Assert in V8 bindings.
- Replace chromium-support-ModeSwitch-key.patch by upstream version from
commit 8585724

libvirt-1.2.9-alt1   сборка Alexey Shabalin, 2014-10-03

- 1.2.9
- fixed CVE-2014-3633, CVE-2014-3657

bash4-4.2.50-alt1   сборка Dmitry V. Levin, 2014-09-28

- Updated to 4.2 patchlevel 50 (fixes: CVE-2014-6278).

bash-3.2.53-alt1   сборка Dmitry V. Levin, 2014-09-26

- Updated to 3.2 patchlevel 53.
- Applied OOB array access fix from Florian Weimer
(fixes: CVE-2014-7186, CVE-2014-7187).

bash4-4.2.49-alt1   сборка Dmitry V. Levin, 2014-09-26

- Updated to 4.2 patchlevel 49 (fixes: CVE-2014-7169).
- Applied OOB array access fix from Florian Weimer
(fixes: CVE-2014-7186, CVE-2014-7187).

chromium-37.0.2062.124-alt2   сборка Andrey Cherepanov, 2014-09-26

- New version
- Security fixes:
- CVE-2014-1568: RSA signature malleability in NSS
- Fix path and version detection of PepperFlash

bash-3.2.52-alt1   сборка Dmitry V. Levin, 2014-09-25

- Updated to 3.2 patchlevel 52.
- Applied upstream fix for CVE-2014-7169.
- Applied functions export hardening patch from Florian Weimer
(fixes: CVE-2014-6278).

bash4-4.2.45-alt2   сборка Dmitry V. Levin, 2014-09-23

- Applied upstream fix for CVE-2014-6271.

bash-3.2.51-alt3   сборка Dmitry V. Levin, 2014-09-22

- Applied upstream fix for CVE-2014-6271.

nginx-1.6.2-alt1   сборка Denis Smirnov, 2014-09-18

- 1.6.2
- CVE-2014-3616

chromium-37.0.2062.120-alt1   сборка Andrey Cherepanov, 2014-09-18

- New version
- Security fixes:
- High CVE-2014-3178: Use-after-free in rendering.
- Disable bundled binutils and gold

libmodplug-   сборка Michael Shigorin, 2014-09-10

+ CVE-2013-4233, CVE-2013-4234 fixes

adobe-flash-player-11-alt33   сборка Sergey V Turchin, 2014-09-10

- new version
- security fixes:
CVE-2014-0547, CVE-2014-0548, CVE-2014-0549, CVE-2014-0550,
CVE-2014-0551, CVE-2014-0552, CVE-2014-0553, CVE-2014-0554,
CVE-2014-0555, CVE-2014-0556, CVE-2014-0557, CVE-2014-0559

lua5-5.1.5-alt1   сборка Terechkov Evgenii, 2014-09-07

- Patch for CVE-2014-5461 applied
- 5.1.4 -> 5.1.5
- lua-5.1.4 patches reverted
- applied official pathes #1/#2 from lua.org/bugs.html

python-module-django-horizon-2014.1.2-alt2   сборка Lenar Shakirov, 2014-09-07

- Tests disabled temporary
- 0101-Add-ru-locale-horizon.patch updated
- 0102-CVE-2014-3594.patch added
- AutoReq: yes, nopython for theme subpackage
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