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Sisyphus is daily updated free software repository by ALT Linux Team. Participation in Sisyphus project is open for anyone. This project is based upon software packaging and dependency tracking technologies as well as robust developer collaboration processes.

Any ALT Linux distribution and APT package manager is sufficient to use Sisyphus regular LiveCD builds

Sisyphus is a solution set constantly being under development which can be used to create universal or specialized Linux distributions or just single systems.

Sisyphus is not intended for end users and its usage may result in unpredictable behaviour. You might want to use ALT Linux distributions and their usual updates if you want to run a reliable system.

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Latest changes

SRPMs transfer on 24 june 2017

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Removed : Total: 297.89 Mb

Updated SRPMs

alt-gpgkeys-0.7.119-alt1   build Gleb F-Malinovskiy, 23 june 2017, 16:33

Maintainer: ALT Security Team
Group: System/Configuration/Packaging
Summary: ALT GnuPG keys
- Added key: gremlin@ (3D879005; closes: #33578).
- Replaced expired key: kirill@ (C78106FB -> 378C3619; closes: #33582).

branding-simply-linux-7.98.1-alt3   build Mikhail Efremov, 23 june 2017, 10:52

Group: Graphics
Summary: System/Base
- menu: Don't show java-*-policytool menu entry.

gajim-0.16.8-alt1   build Ilya Mashkin, 23 june 2017, 21:17

Group: Networking/Instant messaging
Summary: a Jabber client written in PyGTK
- 0.16.8

hydra-8.5-alt1   build Ilya Mashkin, 23 june 2017, 21:44

Group: Networking/Other
Summary: A very fast network logon cracker which support many different services
- 8.5

kde5-kio-gdrive-   build Sergey V Turchin, 23 june 2017, 16:00

Group: Networking/File transfer
Summary: KIO-client for Google Drive
- build with kaccounts again

kf5-plasma-desktop-5.9.5-alt2.S1   build Sergey V Turchin, 23 june 2017, 17:15

Group: Graphical desktop/KDE
Summary: KDE Workspace 5 plasma desktop view furniture
- add application generic name to kikoff menu search results

libglibmm-2.52.0-alt1   build Yuri N. Sedunov, 23 june 2017, 08:43

Group: System/Libraries
Summary: C++ wrapper for GLib
- 2.52.0

libgtkmm3-3.22.1-alt1   build Yuri N. Sedunov, 23 june 2017, 10:44

Group: System/Libraries
Summary: A C++ interface for GTK3 (a GUI library for X)
- 3.22.1

libjpeg-turbo-1.5.1-alt1   build Sergey Bolshakov, 23 june 2017, 11:45

Group: System/Libraries
Summary: A SIMD-accelerated library for manipulating JPEG image format files
- 1.5.1 released

mutter-3.24.3-alt1   build Yuri N. Sedunov, 23 june 2017, 10:55

Group: Graphical desktop/GNOME
Summary: Clutter based compositing GTK3 Window Manager
- 3.24.3

pcs-0.9.158-alt2   build (NMU) Andrey Cherepanov, 23 june 2017, 08:44

Maintainer: Denis Medvedev
Group: Other
Summary: Pacemaker/Corosync configuration system
- Fix pathes to pcsd and pacemaker data (ALT #33580)

phpMyAdmin-4.7.1-alt1   build Vitaly Lipatov, 23 june 2017, 20:22

Group: System/Servers
Summary: phpMyAdmin - web-based MySQL administration
- new version 4.7.1 (with rpmrb script)

rpm-   build Gleb F-Malinovskiy, 23 june 2017, 16:17

Group: System/Configuration/Packaging
Summary: The RPM package management system
- Rebased on
- Disabled signature checking.
- librpm7: added C: libapt < 0.5.15lorg2-alt56.
- Restored 4.0.4-alt98.8 read ahead hack (package.c (rpmReadPackageFile): Use
posix_fadvise(2) to disable readahead. When scanning a large number of
packages (with e.g. rpmquery), readahead might cause negative effects on the
buffer cache).
- Disabled %pretrans scriptlets DURING_INSTALL.
- Fixed comparison of deps with empty or undefinded EVRs: overlap only
if both are empty or undefinded.
- Restored good old rpm{RangesOverlap,CheckRpmlibProvides} functions to librpm.
- Added SHA{256,512} apt tags.
- Fixed set:versions support in rpmdsCompareEVR.

thunderbird-52.2.0-alt1   build Andrey Cherepanov, 23 june 2017, 14:39

Group: Networking/Mail
Summary: Thunderbird is Mozilla's e-mail client
- New version (52.2.0)
- Security fixes:
+ CVE-2017-5472: Use-after-free using destroyed node when regenerating trees
+ CVE-2017-7749: Use-after-free during docshell reloading
+ CVE-2017-7750: Use-after-free with track elements
+ CVE-2017-7751: Use-after-free with content viewer listeners
+ CVE-2017-7752: Use-after-free with IME input
+ CVE-2017-7754: Out-of-bounds read in WebGL with ImageInfo object
+ CVE-2017-7756: Use-after-free and use-after-scope logging XHR header errors
+ CVE-2017-7757: Use-after-free in IndexedDB
+ CVE-2017-7778: Vulnerabilities in the Graphite 2 library
+ CVE-2017-7758: Out-of-bounds read in Opus encoder
+ CVE-2017-7763: Mac fonts render some unicode characters as spaces
+ CVE-2017-7764: Domain spoofing with combination of Canadian Syllabics and other unicode blocks
+ CVE-2017-7765: Mark of the Web bypass when saving executable files
+ CVE-2017-5470: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 54 and Firefox ESR 52.2, and Thunderbird 52.2

thunderbird-ru-52.2.0-alt1   build Andrey Cherepanov, 23 june 2017, 15:23

Group: Networking/Mail
Summary: Russian (RU) Language Pack for Thunderbird (with Lightning support)
- New version

xen-4.8.1-alt9.S1   build Dmitriy D. Shadrinov, 23 june 2017, 14:21

Group: Emulators
Summary: Xen is a virtual machine monitor (hypervisor)
- Upstream updates:
+ xen/test/Makefile: Fix clean target, broken by pattern rule (thx Ian Jackson).
+ x86: avoid leaking PKRU and BND* between vCPU-s (thx Jan Beulich). XSA-220
+ xen/arm: vgic: Sanitize target mask used to send SGI (thx Julien Grall).
+ gnttab: __gnttab_unmap_common_complete() is all-or-nothing (thx Jan Beulich). XSA-224
+ gnttab: correct logic to get page references during map requests (thx George Dunlap). XSA-224
+ gnttab: never create host mapping unless asked to (thx Jan Beulich). XSA-224
+ gnttab: fix handling of dev_bus_addr during unmap (thx George Dunlap). XSA-224
+ arm: vgic: Don't update the LR when the IRQ is not enabled (thx Julien Grall). XSA-223
+ guest_physmap_remove_page() needs its return value checked (thx Jan Beulich). XSA-222
+ memory: fix return value handing of guest_remove_page() (thx Andrew Cooper). XSA-222
+ evtchn: avoid NULL derefs (thx Jan Beulich). XSA-221
+ x86/shadow: hold references for the duration of emulated writes (thx Andrew Cooper). XSA-219
+ gnttab: correct maptrack table accesses (thx Jan Beulich). XSA-218
+ gnttab: Avoid potential double-put of maptrack entry (thx George Dunlap). XSA-218
+ gnttab: fix unmap pin accounting race (thx Jan Beulich). XSA-218
+ x86/mm: disallow page stealing from HVM domains (thx Jan Beulich). XSA-217
+ Makefile: Provide way to ship livepatch test files (thx Ian Jackson).
+ xen/test/livepatch: Add xen_nop.livepatch to .gitignore (thx Ian Jackson).
+ xen/test/livepatch: Regularise Makefiles (thx Ian Jackson).
+ xen/test/livepatch/Makefile: Install in
DESTDIR/usr/lib/debug/xen-livepatch (thx Ian Jackson).
+ xen/arm: p2m: Fix incorrect mapping of superpages (thx Julien Grall).
+ vgic: refuse irq migration when one is already in progress (thx Stefano Stabellini).
+ arm: remove irq from inflight, then change physical affinity (thx Stefano Stabellini).
+ xen/arm: Survive unknown traps from guests (thx Julien Grall).
+ xen/arm: do_trap_hypervisor: Separate hypervisor and guest traps (thx Julien Grall).
+ xen/arm: Save ESR_EL2 to avoid using mismatched value in syndrome
check (thx Wei Chen).
+ stop_machine: fill fn_result only in case of error (thx Gregory Herrero).
+ hvmloader: avoid tests when they would clobber used memory (thx Jan Beulich).
+ arm: fix build with gcc 7 (thx Jan Beulich).
+ x86: fix build with gcc 7 (thx Jan Beulich).
+ x86/mm: fix incorrect unmapping of 2MB and 1GB pages (thx Igor Druzhinin).
+ x86/pv: Align %rsp before pushing the failsafe stack frame (thx Andrew Cooper).
+ x86/pv: Fix bugs with the handling of int80_bounce (thx Andrew Cooper).
+ x86/vpmu_intel: fix hypervisor crash by masking PC bit in
MSR_P6_EVNTSEL (thx Mohit Gambhir).
+ hvm: fix hypervisor crash in hvm_save_one() (thx Jan Beulich).
+ x86/32on64: properly honor add-to-physmap-batch's size (thx Jan Beulich).

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