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Sisyphus is daily updated free software repository by ALT Linux Team. Participation in Sisyphus project is open for anyone. This project is based upon software packaging and dependency tracking technologies as well as robust developer collaboration processes.

Any ALT Linux distribution and APT package manager is sufficient to use Sisyphus regular LiveCD builds

Sisyphus is a solution set constantly being under development which can be used to create universal or specialized Linux distributions or just single systems.

Sisyphus is not intended for end users and its usage may result in unpredictable behaviour. You might want to use ALT Linux distributions and their usual updates if you want to run a reliable system.

The next-gen version of this site is being developed at

Latest changes

SRPMs transfer on 26 february 2017

New : source rpm : 92.46 Mb
Updated : 5 binary rpm : 86.60 Mb
Removed : Total: 179.05 Mb

Updated SRPMs

kamoso-3.2.3-alt1   build Andrey Cherepanov, 25 february 2017, 19:31

Group: Video
Summary: Application for taking pictures and videos from a webcam
- new version 3.2.3

libgxps-0.2.5-alt1   build Yuri N. Sedunov, 25 february 2017, 08:48

Group: System/Libraries
Summary: GObject based library for handling and rendering XPS documents
- 0.2.5

libytnef-1.9.1-alt1   build Yuri N. Sedunov, 25 february 2017, 08:10

Group: System/Libraries
Summary: TNEF Stream Parser Library
- 1.9.1-2

openshot-2.2.0-alt1   build Yuri N. Sedunov, 25 february 2017, 07:23

Group: Video
Summary: Non Linear Video Editor using Python and MLT
- 2.2.0 (qt5)

rsibreak-0.12.6-alt1   build Andrey Cherepanov, 25 february 2017, 19:21

Group: Graphical desktop/KDE
Summary: A small utility which bothers you at certain intervals
- new version 0.12.6

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