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Sisyphus is daily updated free software repository by ALT Linux Team. Participation in Sisyphus project is open for anyone. This project is based upon software packaging and dependency tracking technologies as well as robust developer collaboration processes.

Any ALT Linux distribution and APT package manager is sufficient to use Sisyphus regular LiveCD builds

Sisyphus is a solution set constantly being under development which can be used to create universal or specialized Linux distributions or just single systems.

Sisyphus is not intended for end users and its usage may result in unpredictable behaviour. You might want to use ALT Linux distributions and their usual updates if you want to run a reliable system.

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Latest changes

SRPMs transfer on 19 april 2021

New : source rpm : 2612.76 Mb
Updated : 11 binary rpm : 933.09 Mb
Removed : 1 Total: 3545.86 Mb

Updated SRPMs

chromium-90.0.4430.72-alt1   build Alexey Gladkov, 18 april 2021, 13:56

Group: Networking/WWW
Summary: An open source web browser developed by Google
- New version (90.0.4430.72).
- Security fixes:
- CVE-2021-21201: Use after free in permissions.
- CVE-2021-21202: Use after free in extensions.
- CVE-2021-21203: Use after free in Blink.
- CVE-2021-21204: Use after free in Blink.
- CVE-2021-21205: Insufficient policy enforcement in navigation.
- CVE-2021-21207: Use after free in IndexedDB.
- CVE-2021-21208: Insufficient data validation in QR scanner.
- CVE-2021-21209: Inappropriate implementation in storage.
- CVE-2021-21210: Inappropriate implementation in Network.
- CVE-2021-21211: Inappropriate implementation in Navigation.
- CVE-2021-21212: Incorrect security UI in Network Config UI.
- CVE-2021-21213: Use after free in WebMIDI.
- CVE-2021-21214: Use after free in Network API.
- CVE-2021-21215: Inappropriate implementation in Autofill.
- CVE-2021-21216: Inappropriate implementation in Autofill.
- CVE-2021-21217: Uninitialized Use in PDFium.
- CVE-2021-21218: Uninitialized Use in PDFium.
- CVE-2021-21219: Uninitialized Use in PDFium.
- CVE-2021-21221: Insufficient validation of untrusted input in Mojo.

chromium-gost-89.0.4389.114-alt1   build (NMU) Fr. Br. George, 18 april 2021, 18:17

Maintainer: Alexey Gladkov
Group: Networking/WWW
Summary: An open source web browser developed by Google
- Build GOST version

dbeaver-21.0.3-alt1   build Nazarov Denis, 18 april 2021, 20:05

Group: Databases
Summary: Universal Database Manager
- Version 21.0.3

inxi-3.3.04-alt1   build (NMU) Leontiy Volodin, 19 april 2021, 05:08

Maintainer: Andrey Cherepanov
Group: Monitoring
Summary: A full featured system information script
- New version (3.3.04)

kaptain-0.73-alt2   build Fr. Br. George, 18 april 2021, 08:08

Group: Shells
Summary: An universal graphical front-end for command line programs
- Fix build with bison3.7
- Fix parallel build race

mapsoft2-1.6-alt1   build Vladislav Zavjalov, 18 april 2021, 16:01

Group: Sciences/Geosciences
Summary: mapsoft2 - programs for working with maps and geodata
- Drawing maps, tracks, waypoints, srtm-data:
Fix projection setting if map boundaries can not be converted.
Fix adjusting waypolit lable positions, avoid infinite loops.
Fix multi-thread locking in waypoint rendering.
Fix default track color (blue).
Fix drawing summit labels on tiles (srtm layer).
Use srtm_bgcolor if picture is out-of-scale
When drawing tiled maps do not fail at empty images, return color 0
- Geodata, geo-conversions:
- Read-only support for Polygon/MultiPolygon features in GeoJSON.
- New alias: SU<n>N for soviet grid without zone prefix.
- Creating map references (mkref):
- Allow floating-point arguments in --mag and --dpi options when creating a map.
- Add --north option for --mkref=nom.
- Set default border in "tiles" and "proj" modes.
- Vector maps:
- Add `clip` drawing feature: set clipping for all following steps
- Value of --clip-border setting is not changing then configuring `brd`
step, it also affects out-of-scale filling.
- Add `fit_patt_size` drawing option.
- Always load patterns at original size.
- Fix a few problems with pattern rendering.
- Support lable scaling (import/export/rendering).
- Rendering tiles:
- Always crop tile range to [0,0,2^z,2^z]
- Create sub-directories when creating tiles, allow tile templates with subdirs
(thanks to @ioctl).
- A few optimizations for creating tile maps (thanks to @ioctl):
do not create empty tiles, do not re-assemble old tiles in --tmap_scale mode,
a bit faster color quantization.
- geo_nom, geo_tiles:
- ms2nom: -W option: use WGS coordinates in calculations.
- Fix problems with crossing lon=+180/-180
- Add --cover option with figure or geo-file argument (thanks to @ioctl).

p7zip-17.04-alt1   build Fr. Br. George, 18 april 2021, 11:47

Group: Archiving/Compression
Summary: 7zip unofficial port - a file-archiver with highest compression ratio
- Autobuild version bump to 17.04
- Reduce i686 memory on tests
- Closes (#31806, #39640)

seamonkey-   build Andrey Cherepanov, 18 april 2021, 19:12

Group: Networking/WWW
Summary: Web browser and mail reader
- New version.

strawberry-0.9.3-alt1   build Leontiy Volodin, 19 april 2021, 05:53

Group: Sound
Summary: Audio player and music collection organizer
- New version (0.9.3) with rpmgs script.

tcc-0.9.27-alt3.740.g347c036   build Fr. Br. George, 18 april 2021, 15:20

Group: Development/C
Summary: A small but hyper fast C compiler
- Switch to git origin/mob build
- Update to 2021/04/17
- Debian patches applied

xdg-desktop-portal-1.8.1-alt2   build Yuri N. Sedunov, 18 april 2021, 10:34

Group: Graphical desktop/GNOME
Summary: Portal frontend service to Flatpak
- updated to 1.8.1-3-g89d2197

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