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Группа :: Graphical desktop/MATE
Пакет: mate-file-manager

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%define rname caja
%define _libexecdir %_prefix/libexec

Name: mate-file-manager
Version: 1.22.0
Release: alt1
Epoch: 1
Summary: File manager for MATE
License: GPLv2+ and LGPLv2+
Group: Graphical desktop/MATE
Url: http://mate-desktop.org/
Packager: Valery Inozemtsev <shrek at altlinux.ru>

Requires: mate-file-manager-extensions = %epoch:%version-%release mate-file-manager-schemas = %epoch:%version-%release

Source: %rname-%version.tar
Patch: %rname-%version-%release.patch

BuildRequires: mate-common gtk-doc libSM-devel libexempi-devel libexif-devel libgail3-devel libnotify-devel libselinux-devel libxml2-devel mate-desktop-devel

Caja (mate-file-manager) is the file manager and graphical shell
for the MATE desktop, that makes it easy to manage your files and
the rest of your system. It allows to browse directories on local
and remote file systems, preview files and launch applications
associated with them. It is also responsible for handling the
icons on the MATE desktop.

%package extensions
Group: Graphical desktop/MATE
Summary:  Mate-file-manager extensions library

%description extensions
This package provides the libraries used by caja extensions.

%package schemas
Group: Graphical desktop/MATE
Summary:  Mate-file-manager schemas
License:  LGPLv2+
BuildArch: noarch

%description schemas
This package provides the gsettings schemas for caja.

%package devel
Group: Development/C
Summary:  Support for developing mate-file-manager extensions

%description devel
This package provides libraries and header files needed
for developing caja extensions.

%setup -q -n %rname-%version
%patch -p1

%configure \
--enable-gtk-doc \
--disable-static \
--disable-schemas-compile \


%make DESTDIR=%buildroot install

mkdir -p %buildroot%_libdir/caja/extensions-2.0

%find_lang %rname --with-gnome --all-name


%files extensions

%files schemas -f %rname.lang

%files devel


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