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Пакет: girar-utils

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27 июня 2018 Grigory Ustinov <grenka at altlinux.org>

  • Fix little typo.

24 июля 2016 Andrey Cherepanov <cas at altlinux.org> 1.5.9-alt1

  • [girar-show] Remove preceding # from task number
  • [girar-show] Add -t argument to show days after last build

8 апреля 2016 Ivan Zakharyaschev <imz at altlinux.org> 1.5.8-alt1

  • girar-import -p,--people[=DIR]: new option; it makes collaboration
     with other people through git.alt more convenient (e.g., the email
     notifications about your new changes will be more interesting).

30 сентября 2015 Andrey Cherepanov <cas at altlinux.org> 1.5.7-alt1

  • [girar-show] support GIT_ALT for git.alt host
  • [girar-show] fix log detect

2 октября 2014 Andrey Cherepanov <cas at altlinux.org>

  • [girar-show] Show only FAILED messages in statistics mode

2 октября 2014 Andrey Cherepanov <cas at altlinux.org> 1.5.6-alt1

  • girar-show:
     + fix highlight unmets with version and names containing ., _ and :
     + add highlight for fatal errors (such as `No such file or directory`)
       and "should be made noarch"
     + <tasknum>@! now display only errors without service message except
       failed subtask
     + do not display removed subtasks in subtask list

12 сентября 2014 Andrey Cherepanov <cas at altlinux.org> 1.5.5-alt1

  • girar-show:
     + fix subtask highlighting
     + support broken dep, Perl requirements and unmet errors highlight

22 июля 2014 Andrey Cherepanov <cas at altlinux.org> 1.5.4-alt1

  • Add girar-show: show highlighted task list and task log

21 ноября 2009 Alexey I. Froloff <raorn at altlinux.org> 1.5.3-alt1

  • girar-import: provide options to try import only from /gears/ or
     /srpms/ hierarchy
  • girar-upload: add --origin option to specify git remote name

19 ноября 2009 Alexey I. Froloff <raorn at altlinux.org>

  • girar-clone, girar-import: -R requires argument
  • girar-import: process -u/--update

17 октября 2009 Alexey I. Froloff <raorn at altlinux.org> 1.5.2-alt1

  • girar-import: reworked to import only one branch, added ability to
     update existing repository
  • girar-remote: fixed usage (closes: #20890)
  • Updated manpage for girar-import (closes: #20823)

18 июля 2009 Alexey I. Froloff <raorn at altlinux.org> 1.5.1-alt1

  • New utility:
     + girar-import: clone package from girar archive.

27 июня 2009 Alexey I. Froloff <raorn at altlinux.org> 1.5.0-alt1

  • Global changes:
     + Configured ssh alias is required, dropped -u/-s/-p options
       in favor of -R.
     + Use git-config to store utility options.
  • New utilites:
     + girar-clone: clone other's repository from git.alt server.
     + girar-find-package: date formatting interfase to girar's
       find-package command.
     + girar-remote: execute command on git.alt server.
     + girar-remote-uri: construct git URI out of directory name and
       optional user name.

23 апреля 2007 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at altlinux.org> 1.1.3-alt1

  • girar-upload:
     + Changed to use git-config to save remote origin configuration.
     + Updated for current girar init-db interface.

28 февраля 2007 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at altlinux.org> 1.1.2-alt1

  • Renamed package: gear -> girar-utils.
     This package will contain basic git.alt client utilities.

9 декабря 2006 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at altlinux.org> 1.1.1-alt1

  • gear-update-tag: Fix temporary directory removal (ldv).
  • gear-update-tag: Treat "zip" directive as "tar" (raorn).
  • gear: Implement suffix= option for tar-like rules (george).

22 ноября 2006 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at altlinux.org> 1.1.0-alt1

  • gear, gear-commit, gear-sh-functions.in:
     Reworked to implement .gear-rules "tags:" directive and
     .gear-tags directory support (vsu, raorn).
  • gear-update-tag:
     New utility, updates list of stored tags
     in the package repository (vsu).
  • gear-update-archive:
     Avoid loss of source files due to .gitignore (vsu).
  • gear-release:
     Removed unneeded utility, the idea of release tags
     seems to be dead-end (ldv).
  • Renamed info() to msg_info() to avoid ambiguity and
     unwanted package requirements (ldv).
  • QUICKSTART.ru_RU.KOI8-R: Fix typos (#10229).
  • gear-srpmimport:
     Removed implicit requirement for --branch (ldv, #10274).
  • gear:
     Added keyword substitution in directory name (ldv, #10091).
     Replaced deprecated "git-tar-tree" with "git-archive --format=tar" (ldv).
     Implemented zip archive type support (raorn).
  • gear-upload:
     New utility to ease initial upload of git repositories to git.alt (legion).

5 октября 2006 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at altlinux.org> 1.0.3-alt1

  • Update copyright information.
  • Add fresh git-core to package requirements.
  • gear:
     + Process exclude directives without warnings (vsu).
  • gear-sh-functions.in:
     + Fix checks for multiple specfiles (vsu).
  • gear-release:
     + Create tags in refs/releases/ directory (ldv).
  • gear-update-archive:
     + Fix old source removal (ldv).
     + Fix check for untracked or modified files (legion).
     + Implement top directory update (legion).
     + Fix destination directory validation (legion).
     + Fix typos (vsu).
  • gear-hsh-build:
     + more flexible hasher support (raorn).
     + also pass --repo option to hasher (raorn).
     + honor "target" option from hasher config (raorn).
     + use $GIT_DIR/$CWD if no repositories given (raorn).
  • Makefile:
     + Specify the program source for man pages (vsu).
     + Remove boldface from the NAME section of man pages (vsu).
  • gear.1.inc:
     + Document operating modes of gear (vsu).
     + Document current limitations of gear (vsu).
  • gear-commit.1.inc:
     + Fix short description (ldv).
  • gear-update-archive.1.inc, gear-update-directory.1.inc:
     + Fix typos (vsu).

8 сентября 2006 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at altlinux.org> 1.0.2-alt1

  • gear:
     + New option: --update-spec (legion).
  • gear-commit:
     + New option: --spec (legion).
  • gear-release:
     + New option: --create (legion).
  • gear-update:
     + Rename to gear-update-archive (legion).
  • gear-hsh-build:
     + New utility (raorn).

28 августа 2006 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at altlinux.org> 1.0.1-alt1

  • gear-release: Fix typo in option handling (legion).
  • gear-update: New utility (legion, ldv).

22 августа 2006 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at altlinux.org> 1.0.0-alt1

  • Initial revision.
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