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9 сентября 2019 Pavel Skrylev <majioa at altlinux.org> 5.999.3-alt9

  • ! spec according changlelog policy
  • + making lost executables again workable (closes #37180)

21 августа 2019 Pavel Skrylev <majioa at altlinux.org> 5.999.3-alt8

  • - mistake in dependecies detection for Gemfile source
  • ! default datadir to libdir for site ruby packages
  • ! getting task list from MultiTask instead of Task
  • + load rake task imports before executio pre tasks
  • ! state dir for gem target from localstatedir to datadir
  • + logdir option, and its processing
  • ! installer's group methods
  • ! options parser for sources to make both key and value changeable
  • ! options pass via parser for rakefile source
  • ! object class options store to specfic one by changing from @@ to @.
  • + ronn man detection and compilation
  • + prefixes command line parameter: gem,ruby...
  • + source directory groups command line parameters: --src<param>dirs
  • ! source module parameter parsing
  • + String#pluralize
  • + spec selection from Gem::PackageTask object for Rakefile
  • - Require dirs detection mistake, not filters out only path with the beginning
  • - Hoe presence detection error
  • + Rookbook gemspec parser (example: erubis gem)
  • - Olddoc syntax typo
  • - Hoe syntax typo
  • + try load hoe gem in the beginning of the how gemspec module
  • + support for group trees instead of file lists in sources
  • - installation module to support trees
  • - compilation modules supporting trees
  • - dep module supporting trees
  • - bin group name to exe in sources and targets
  • - include group name to inc in sources and targets
  • - etc group name to conf in sources and targets
  • - lost methods in ruby target
  • + some kernel methods
  • - Prefix remove alias "rails-plugin" for packages
  • - Gemfile installation for the Gemfile source is used for gem version
  • - ERROR msg profix replaced with WARN
  • - fix DSL dependenciy replace list for #to_gemfile
  • - added compatibility call to external program to do some things for the
     action with --compat=/path/to/program
  • - fixed name of the gem file to Gemfile
  • - fix loading and saving version replace list for the common and source parts
  • - added gem replace verison list argument to gemfile source

30 апреля 2019 Pavel Skrylev <majioa at altlinux.org> 5.999.3-alt7

  • Set default external CP to UTF8

23 апреля 2019 Pavel Skrylev <majioa at altlinux.org> 5.999.3-alt6

  • - added default value for __dir__ variable, when loading Rakefile info a module,
     this fixes unknown error when adding the var info "$:"
  • - separated Hoe gemspec detector from the Rakefile one leading to
     correct evaluation of Rakefile in main space
  • - Now old shebang args in the ruby executables will be passed to new
     shebang line
  • - Fix sequence so Rakefile will be proceeded before Olddoc gemspecs.
  • - Rakefile gemspec detector not will not fall when rakefile name is
  • ! Redone gemspec procedure detection so sequence of gemspecs will be
     affected rather than filelist as before
  • Parse olddoc gemspecs before rakefile ones
  • Disable adaptive configuration on .so compilation, so extconf.rb will
     be run anytime
  • + save aliases also for project and sources
  • + add #has_name? to Source::Base to match alises also
  • + hot on-source-load gem source version replacement
  • + command line for source version replacement called as
  • + added call to chrpath binary to remove RPATH from .so during
     compile action
  • - Merged detection of the gemfile in hoe or plain rakefile
  • - Removed hoe/debug module
  • + inferring gemfile from Rakefile, so when spec is defined in the
     Rakefile it will be detected
  • - Fix class name for target ruby from erroneous Site to Ruby
  • - Fix install folder for i586 arch, so .so files will be installed by
     using x86 arch

6 апреля 2019 Pavel Skrylev <majioa at altlinux.org> 5.999.3-alt5

  • fix req deps on executables when they are already installed only
  • set autoalias on binaries only for its source not others, and when no
     other source names match the binary

2 апреля 2019 Pavel Skrylev <majioa at altlinux.org> 5.999.3-alt4

  • load Gemfile by temporary changing the root when creating the bundler's DSL

27 марта 2019 Pavel Skrylev <majioa at altlinux.org> 5.999.3-alt3

  • fix requires deps detection over executable's shebang line

22 марта 2019 Pavel Skrylev <majioa at altlinux.org> 5.999.3-alt2

  • Added novel approach to detect the dependencies of packages

17 марта 2019 Pavel Skrylev <majioa at altlinux.org> 5.999.3-alt1

  • Bump to 5.999.3

14 марта 2019 Pavel Skrylev <majioa at altlinux.org> 5.999.2-alt1

  • Bump to 5.999.2
  • Use Ruby Policy 2.0

11 марта 2019 Pavel Skrylev <majioa at altlinux.org> 5.999.1-alt1

  • Bump to 5.999.1

25 января 2019 Pavel Skrylev <majioa at altlinux.org> 5.999.0-alt1

  • Initial gemified build for Sisyphus with usage Ruby Policy 2.0.
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