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%define _unpackaged_files_terminate_build 1

%global soname 2

Name: cctz
Version: 2.3
Release: alt3
License: Apache-2.0
Summary: Translating between absolute and civil times using time zone rules
Group: Development/C++
Url: https://github.com/google/cctz

Source: %name-%version.tar

# https://sources.debian.org/patches/cctz/2.2+dfsg1-1/0001-Compile-shared-lib-and-install-it.patch/

Patch0: cctz-2.3-debian-compile-library-as-shared.patch

# https://github.com/google/cctz/pull/116

# https://github.com/google/cctz/pull/119
Patch1: cctz-2.3-upstream-updates.patch

BuildRequires: tzdata
BuildRequires: cmake
BuildRequires: gcc-c++
BuildRequires: ctest
BuildRequires: make
BuildRequires: libgtest-devel
BuildRequires: libgmock-devel
BuildRequires: libbenchmark-devel

Requires: tzdata

CCTZ contains two libraries that cooperate with <chrono> to give C++
programmers all the necessary tools for computing with dates, times, and time
zones in a simple and correct manner. The libraries in CCTZ are:
 * The Civil-Time Library - This is a header-only library that supports
   computing with human-scale time, such as dates (which are represented by
   the cctz::civil_day class).
 * The Time-Zone Library - This library uses the IANA time zone database that
   is installed on the system to convert between absolute time and civil time.

%package devel
Summary: %summary
Group: Development/C++
Requires: %name = %EVR
Requires: cmake

%description devel
Development files for %name library.

%patch0 -p1
%patch1 -p1

%cmake -DVERSION=%version -DSOVERSION=%soname


cd %_cmake__builddir

%doc README.md LICENSE.txt

%files devel
%doc examples


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