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Группа :: Система/Серверы
Пакет: policyd

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# Spec file for Policyd: an anti-spam plugin for Postfix

Name: policyd
Version: 1.82
Release: alt3

Summary: Postfix Policyd Daemon

License: %gpl2plus
Group: System/Servers
URL: http://policyd.sourceforge.net/

Packager: Nikolay A. Fetisov <naf at altlinux.ru>

Source0: http://policyd.sourceforge.net/%name-%version.tar.bz2
Source1: %name.init
Source2: %name.cron
Source3: %name.conf
Source4: %name.chroot.all
Source5: %name.chroot.conf
Source6: %name.chroot.lib
Patch0:  %name-1.80-alt-uid_gid.patch

BuildRequires(pre): rpm-build-licenses

# Automatically added by buildreq on Sat Aug 11 2007

BuildRequires: libMySQL-devel zlib-devel

Requires: postfix >= 2.1

Policyd is a policy server for Postfix (written in C) that enables
advanced Greylisting with many other anti-spam facilities. See the
docs and policyd.conf for features that are ever being augmented.
It needs MySQL v3 or greater and is currently only certified for
MySQL v4.

%define policyd_user  _policyd
%define policyd_group _policyd
%define chrootdir     %_localstatedir/%name

%setup -q
install -m644 -- %SOURCE7 README.ALT
install -m644 -- %SOURCE8 README.ALT.UTF-8

# Need it there because of using COPYING in makefile

mv -f -- LICENSE LICENSE.orig
ln -s -- $(relative %_licensedir/GPL-2 %_docdir/%name/LICENSE) LICENSE

%make build

mkdir -p -- $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%_sbindir
mkdir -p -- $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%_sysconfdir/cron.d
mkdir -p -- $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%_sysconfdir/%name
mkdir -p -- $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%_initdir

install -m755 -- %SOURCE1 $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%_initdir/%name
install -m644 -- %SOURCE2 $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%_sysconfdir/cron.d/%name

install -m755 -- %name   $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%_sbindir/%name
install -m755 -- cleanup $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%_sbindir/%name-cleanup
install -m755 -- stats   $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%_sbindir/%name-stats
install -m600 -- %SOURCE3 $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%_sysconfdir/%name/%name.conf.sample
%__subst 's/ at policyd_user at /%policyd_user/g' $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%_sysconfdir/%name/%name.conf.sample
%__subst 's/ at policyd_group at /%policyd_group/g' $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%_sysconfdir/%name/%name.conf.sample

install -m 0750 -d -- %buildroot%chrootdir
install -m 0755 -d -- %buildroot%chrootdir/etc
install -m 0755 -d -- %buildroot%chrootdir/%_lib
install -p -m 0750 -D -- %SOURCE4 %buildroot%_sysconfdir/chroot.d/%name.all
install -p -m 0750 -D -- %SOURCE5 %buildroot%_sysconfdir/chroot.d/%name.conf
install -p -m 0750 -D -- %SOURCE6 %buildroot%_sysconfdir/chroot.d/%name.lib

# Add the "_policyd" user
%_sbindir/groupadd -r -f %policyd_group 2>/dev/null ||:
%_sbindir/useradd  -r -g %policyd_group -c 'policyd daemon' \
       -s /dev/null -d /dev/null %policyd_user 2>/dev/null ||:

%post_service %name

%preun_service %name

%doc ChangeLog DATABASE.mysql README TODO doc*
%doc --no-dereference LICENSE

%config(noreplace) %_sysconfdir/%name/%name.conf.sample
%config %_initdir/%name
%config %_sysconfdir/cron.d/%name
%config %_sysconfdir/chroot.d/%name.*


%attr(0750,root,%policyd_group) %dir %chrootdir
%dir %chrootdir/etc
%dir %chrootdir/%_lib


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