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Группа :: Разработка/Python
Пакет: python-module-em

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Текущая версия: 3.3.2-alt1.1
Время сборки: 13 марта 2016, 08:46 ( 187.7 недели назад )
Размер архива: 139.41 Kb

Домашняя страница:   http://www.alcyone.com/software/empy

Лицензия: LGPL
О пакете: A templating system for Python

EmPy is a system for embedding Python expressions and statements
in template text; it takes an EmPy source file, processes it, and
produces output.  This is accomplished via expansions, which are
special signals to the EmPy system and are set off by a special
prefix (by default the at sign, '@').  EmPy can expand arbitrary
Python expressions and statements in this way, as well as a
variety of special forms.  Textual data not explicitly delimited
in this way is sent unaffected to the output, allowing Python to
be used in effect as a markup language.  Also supported are "hook"
callbacks, recording and playback via diversions, and dynamic,
chainable filters.  The system is highly configurable via command
line options and embedded commands

Текущий майнтейнер: Fr. Br. George

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