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Пакет: perl-Class-Method-Modifiers

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Лицензия: Artistic
О пакете: provides Moose-like method modifiers

Method modifiers are a convenient feature from the CLOS (Common Lisp Object
System) world.

In its most basic form, a method modifier is just a method that calls
`$self->SUPER::foo(@_)'. I for one have trouble remembering that exact
invocation, so my classes seldom re-dispatch to their base classes. Very bad!

`Class::Method::Modifiers' provides three modifiers: `before', `around', and
`after'. `before' and `after' are run just before and after the method they
modify, but can not really affect that original method. `around' is run in place
of the original method, with a hook to easily call that original method.  See
the `MODIFIERS' section for more details on how the particular modifiers work.

One clear benefit of using `Class::Method::Modifiers' is that you can define
multiple modifiers in a single namespace. These separate modifiers don't need to
know about each other. This makes top-down design easy. Have a base class that
provides the skeleton methods of each operation, and have plugins modify those
methods to flesh out the specifics.

Parent classes need not know about `Class::Method::Modifiers'. This means you
should be able to modify methods in *any* subclass. See the
Term::VT102::ZeroBased manpage for an example of subclassing with CMM.

In short, `Class::Method::Modifiers' solves the problem of making sure you call
`$self->SUPER::foo(@_)', and provides a cleaner interface for it.

As of version 1.00, `Class::Method::Modifiers' is faster in some cases than the
Moose manpage. See `benchmark/method_modifiers.pl' in the the Moose manpage

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