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Пакет: xinetd

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Текущая версия: 2.3.15-alt4
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Домашняя страница:   http://www.xinetd.org/

Лицензия: BSD-style
О пакете: xinetd is a powerful replacement for inetd

xinetd performs the same function as inetd: it starts programs that
provide Internet services.  Instead of having such servers started at
system initialization time, and be dormant until a connection request
arrives, xinetd is the only daemon process started and it listens on
all service ports for the services listed in its configuration file.
When a request comes in, xinetd starts the appropriate server.  Because
of the way it operates, xinetd (as well as inetd) is also referred to
as a super-server.

xinetd has access control machanisms, extensive logging capabilities,
the ability to make services available based on time, and can place
limits on the number of servers that can be started, among other things.

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