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Группа :: Разработка/Ruby
Пакет: ruby-prof

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# vim: set ft=spec: -*- rpm-spec -*-

%define        pkgname ruby-prof
%define        gemname ruby-prof

Name:          %pkgname
Version:       0.17.0
Release:       alt2
Summary:       Fast code profiler for Ruby
Group:         Development/Ruby
License:       BSD 2-clause Simplified License
Url:           https://github.com/ruby-prof/ruby-prof
# VCS          https://github.com/ruby-prof/ruby-prof.git
Packager:      Ruby Maintainers Team <ruby at packages.altlinux.org>

Source:        %name-%version.tar
BuildRequires(pre): rpm-build-ruby

ruby-prof is a fast code profiler for MRI Ruby. Its features include:

* Speed - it is a C extension and therefore many times faster than the standard
 Ruby profiler.
* Modes - Ruby prof can measure a number of different parameters, including call
 times, memory usage and object allocations.
* Reports - can generate text and cross-referenced html reports
- Flat Profiles - similar to the reports generated by the standard Ruby
- Graph profiles - similar to GProf, these show how long a method runs, which
  methods call it and which methods it calls.
- Call tree profiles - outputs results in the calltree format suitable for
  the KCacheGrind profiling tool.
- Many more - see reports section of this README.
* Threads - supports profiling multiple threads simultaneously

%package       -n gem-%pkgname
Summary:       %summary
Group:         Development/Documentation

%description   -n gem-%pkgname

Library files for %gemname gem.

%package       -n gem-%pkgname-doc
Summary:       Documentation files for %gemname gem
Group:         Development/Documentation
BuildArch:     noarch
Provides:      ruby-%pkgname-doc
Obsoletes:     ruby-%pkgname-doc

%description   -n gem-%pkgname-doc
Documentation files for %gemname gem.

%package       -n gem-%pkgname-devel
Summary:       Development files for %gemname gem
Group:         Development/Documentation
BuildArch:     noarch

%description   -n gem-%pkgname-devel
Development files for %gemname gem.





%doc README*

%files         -n gem-%pkgname-doc

%files         -n gem-%pkgname-devel

%files         -n gem-%pkgname


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