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%define version 0.4
%define release alt3

%setup_python_module pycaptcha

Summary: An attempt to rewrite the decimal module in C
Name: %packagename
Version: %version
Release: %release.1
Source: %modulename-%version.tar.bz2
Patch1:  %modulename-%version-alt-fixes.patch.bz2
License: MIT
Group: Development/Python
Url: http://labs.logic.cz/download/pycaptcha/pycaptcha-0.4.tar.gz
Packager: Python Development Team <python at packages.altlinux.org>
BuildArch: noarch

# Automatically added by buildreq on Tue Sep 16 2008

BuildRequires: python-devel

Requires: python-module-imaging

This is the PyCAPTCHA package, a collection of Python modules
implementing CAPTCHAs: automated tests that humans should pass,
but current computer programs can't. These tests are often
used for security.

See  http://www.captcha.net for more information and examples.

This project was started because the CIA project, written in
Python, needed a CAPTCHA to automate its user creation process
safely. All existing implementations the author could find were
written in Java or for the .NET framework, so a simple Python
alternative was needed.

%patch1 -p1

mkdir -p buildroot

# Unfortunately build and install steps should be done at once

# because otherwise .pyo files won't get into INSTALLED_FILES
# record
%python_build_debug \
       install --optimize=2 \
               --root=`pwd`/buildroot \
cp -pr buildroot %buildroot

pushd %buildroot%python_sitelibdir/Captcha/data/fonts/vera
for i in Vera*.ttf; do
rm -f $i
ln -s %_datadir/fonts/ttf/TrueType-vera/$i .

rm -f %python_sitelibdir/Captcha/data/fonts/vera/Vera*.ttf



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