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#  /etc/dict.conf Written by Bob Hilliard <hilliard@debian.org>
# 1998/03/20. Last revised Sun, 22 Nov 1998 18:10:04 -0500 This is
# the configuration file for /usr/bin/dict. In most cases only the
# server keyword need be specified.

# This default configuration will try to access a dictd server on the
# local host, failing that, it will try the public server. In many
# cases this will be slow, so you should comment out the line for the
# server that you don't want to use. To use any other server, enter
# its IP address in place of "dict.org".

# Refer to the dict manpage (man dict) for other options that could
# be inserted in here.

server localhost
server dict.org
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