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описание пакета кол-во записей
systemd System and Session Manager 63
ppp The PPP daemon and documentation 14
qemu QEMU CPU Emulator 12
rsyslog Enhanced system logging and kernel message trapping daemon 12
remmina Remote Desktop Client 10
libvirt Library providing a simple API virtualization 6
mariadb A very fast and reliable SQL database engine 6
pidgin A GTK+ based multiprotocol instant messaging client 6
NetworkManager-openconnect NetworkManager VPN integration for openconnect 4
cpufreqd CPU frequency scaling daemon 4
lvm2 Userland logical volume management tools 4
net-snmp35 Tools and servers for the SNMP protocol 4
virt-manager Virtual Machine Manager 3
ceph User space components of the Ceph file system 2
galera Synchronous multi-master wsrep provider (replication engine) 2
haproxy HA-Proxy is a TCP/HTTP reverse proxy for high availability environments 2
influxdb Distributed time-series database 2
ipsec-tools IPsec-Tools package use the IPsec functionality in the linux-2.5+ kernels. 2
keepassx2 KeePassX Password Safe - light-weight cross-platform password manager 2
libcgroup Libraries for allow to control and monitor control groups 2
liferea A RSS News Reader for GNOME 2
linux-tools Performance analysis tools for Linux 2
open-vm-tools Open Virtual Machine Tools for virtual machines hosted on VMware 2
realmd Kerberos realm enrollment service 2
spice-vdagent Agent for Spice guests 2
python3-module-requests HTTP library, written in Python, for human beings 1
rabbitmq-server The RabbitMQ server 1
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