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пакет статус тест сообщение
subdir-in-var-run Found a subdir in /var/run or /var/lock. /var/run and /var/lock may be mounted as temporary filesystems, so the init.d scripts must handle this correctly. This will typically amount to creating any required subdirectories dynamically when the init.d script is run, rather than including them in the package and relying on rpm to create them.
freedesktop-categories Menu-related Additional Categories (http://standards.freedesktop.org/menu-spec/latest/apa.html) not found in /usr/share/applications/gpac.desktop. Please add it or report a bug against this test if you already have registered one (not including menu unrelated ones as Core or Qt).
beehive-log-unpackaged-files-found-i586 warning: Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found: /usr/share/pixmaps/gpac.png
beehive-log-unpackaged-files-found-x86_64 warning: Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found: /usr/share/pixmaps/gpac.png
altlinux-policy-shared-lib-contains-devel-so SharedLibs Policy Draft violation: Shared Lib package should not contain symlink /usr/lib64/libgpac.so but just /usr/lib64/libgpac.so.10.0.0. According to SharedLibs Policy Draft, symlink /usr/lib64/libgpac.so should be placed in a special subpackage named lib-devel. If you have already packaged this symlink in lib-devel, just append \%exclude /usr/lib64/libgpac.so to \%files of libgpac-1.0.0-alt1.x86_64. Otherwise, move the symlink into the subpackage lib-devel. There is a known exception for case the .so file is not a shared lib but a plugin that is never directly linked with. Please report such a case to repocop test.
unsafe-tmp-usage-in-scripts The test discovered scripts with errors which may be used by a user for damaging important system files. For example if a script uses in its work a temp file which is created in /tmp directory, then every user can create symlinks with the same name (pattern) in this directory in order to destroy or rewrite some system or another user's files. Scripts _must_ _use_ mktemp/tempfile or must use $TMPDIR. mktemp/tempfile is safest. $TMPDIR is safer than /tmp/ because libpam-tmpdir creates a subdirectory of /tmp that is only accessible by that user, and then sets TMPDIR and other variables to that. Hence, it doesn't matter nearly as much if you create a non-random filename, because nobody but you can access it. Found error in /usr/share/make-initrd/features/colaboot/data/scripts/post/udev/colaboot: $ grep -A5 -B5 /tmp/ /usr/share/make-initrd/features/colaboot/data/scripts/post/udev/colaboot REPLACEMENT=$(echo $ROOT |sed -r -e 's|(.*)/.*|1|') elif echo $MACRO_NAME |grep -q "^DHCP_"; then # fo... [the rest of the message is skipped]
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