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mailman Mailing list manager with built in web access 28
courier-imap IMAP/POP3 server with Maildir support 20
proftpd ProFTPd -- Professional FTP Server 14
gliv Graphics file browser utility 12
vulkan Khronos group Vulkan API SDK 10
courier-authlib Courier authentication library -- tool and utilities 8
awstats Real-time logfile analyzer to get advanced web statistics 6
bluez Bluetooth utilities 6
libsmbios Libsmbios C/C++ shared libraries 6
cmake Cross-platform, open-source make system 4
courier-maildrop maildrop mail filter/mail delivery agent 4
bolt Thunderbolt device manager 2
ell Embedded Linux library 2
mozilla-plugin-mozplugger A generic mozilla plug-in 2
nvme Core nvme tools 2
opus-tools Opus Audio Codec utilities 2
pdf2djvu PDF to DjVu converter 2
spirv-tools API and commands for processing SPIR-V modules 2
vkd3d The vkd3d 3D Graphics Library 2
vulkan-amdgpu AMD Open Source Driver For Vulkan 2
firmware-intel-ucode Microcode definitions for Intel processors 1
pypolicyd-spf Postfix policy server for SPF checking 1
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