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Group :: Networking/WWW
RPM: moodle2.0

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# vim: set ft=spec: -*- rpm-spec -*-

# %%branch_switch set %%branch_release use

#%%define branch_switch Mxx

%define packagversion 2.0.10
%define packagedate 20120706
%define packagemoodleversion 2011033010.00
%define moodlebranch 2.0
%define moodlepackagename %moodle_name%moodlebranch

#Name: %moodlepackagename

Name: moodle2.0
Version: %packagversion.%packagedate
Release: %branch_release alt3

Summary: The Course Management System Moodle
License: %gpl3plus
Group: Networking/WWW

Packager: Aleksey Avdeev <solo at>
BuildArch: noarch

Source: %name-%version.tar
Source1: distrolib.php
Source10: %moodle_name.httpd.conf
Source20: %moodle_name.httpd2.conf
Source21: %moodle_name.start.extra.conf
Source22: %moodle_name.start.mods.conf

Patch1: %name-alt-cli-install-distrolib.patch

Requires: %name-base = %version-%release
Requires: %name-auth-pam >=
Provides: %moodle_name = %version-%release

BuildRequires(pre): rpm-macros-branch
BuildRequires(pre): rpm-macros-moodle >= 2.4
BuildRequires(pre): rpm-macros-apache2
BuildPreReq: rpm-macros-fonts
BuildPreReq: rpm-build-webserver-common
BuildPreReq: rpm-build-licenses
BuildPreReq: perl-HTML-Parser

Moodle is a course management system (CMS) - a free, Open Source software
package designed using sound pedagogical principles, to help educators create
effective online learning communities.

This package, with dependencies, install all the standard components
of Moodle.

%package base
Summary: Base part for Moodle CMS
Group: Networking/WWW

PreReq: webserver-common
PreReq: %_sbindir/web-condstop-rpm
PreReq: %_sbindir/web-condstart-rpm
PreReq: %_sbindir/mt-getCFG
PreReq: %_sbindir/mt-setCFG
PreReq: %_sbindir/mt-newdatadir
PreReq: %_sbindir/mt-getdef
PreReq: %_sbindir/mt-setdef
Requires: %webserver_webappsdir
Requires: php-engine php5-gd2 php5-openssl php5-xmlrpc php5-curl iconv php5-mbstring php5-ldap
Requires: texlive-base-bin ImageMagick
Requires: php5-soap
Requires: php5-zip
Requires: php5-intl
Requires: php5-dom
Provides: %moodle_name-base = %version-%release
Provides: %moodle_dir
Provides: %moodle_admindir
Provides: %moodle_authdir
Provides: %moodle_blocksdir
Provides: %moodle_calendardir
Provides: %moodle_coursedir
Provides: %moodle_docdir
Provides: %moodle_enroldir
Provides: %moodle_filesdir
Provides: %moodle_filterdir
Provides: %moodle_langdir
Provides: %moodle_libdir
Provides: %moodle_logindir
Provides: %moodle_moddir
Provides: %moodle_pixdir
Provides: %moodle_questiondir
Provides: %moodle_questionformatdir
Provides: %moodle_themedir
Provides: %moodle_datadir
Provides: %moodle_name-version = %packagemoodleversion
Provides: moodle-lang-en_utf8 = %version-%release
Provides: %name-lang-en = %version-%release
Conflicts: moodle-apache2 < 2.0
Conflicts: moodle-apache2 >= 2.1
Conflicts: moodle-local-mysql < 2.0
Conflicts: moodle-local-mysql >= 2.1
Conflicts: moodle-lang < 2.0
Conflicts: moodle-lang-en_utf8 < 2.0
Conflicts: %moodle_name < 2.0
Conflicts: %moodle_name >= 2.1
Conflicts: %moodle_name-appfor < 2.0
# Old moodle-lang-*
Conflicts: moodle-lang-be_utf8 <
Conflicts: moodle-lang-de_utf8 <
Conflicts: moodle-lang-es_utf8 <
Conflicts: moodle-lang-fr_utf8 <
Conflicts: moodle-lang-hy_utf8 <
Conflicts: moodle-lang-it_utf8 <
Conflicts: moodle-lang-ja_utf8 <
Conflicts: moodle-lang-pt_utf8 <
Conflicts: moodle-lang-ru_utf8 <
Conflicts: moodle-lang-uk_utf8 <
Conflicts: moodle-lang-uz_utf8 <
Conflicts: moodle-lang-zh_tw_utf8 <
Conflicts: moodle-lang-zh_cn_utf8 <

%description base

Part of the standard components of Moodle, is not included
in this package is moved to subpackages.

#%package apache

#Summary: apache-related config for Moodle CMS
#Group: Networking/WWW
#Requires: %name = %version-%release
#Requires: apache apache-mod_php5
#Provides: %moodle_name-apache = %version-%release

#%description apache


%package apache2
Summary: apache2-related config for Moodle CMS
Group: Networking/WWW
Requires: apache2-base > 2.2.17-alt2
Requires: %apache2_extra_available
Requires: %apache2_extra_enabled
Requires: %apache2_extra_start
Requires: %apache2_mods_start
Requires: %apache2_confdir_inc
Requires: %name-base >=
Requires: %moodle_dir
Requires: %moodle_datadir
Requires: apache2-mod_php5
Provides: %moodle_name-apache2 = %version-%release
Conflicts: %moodle_name >= 2.1
Conflicts: %moodle_name-base >= 2.1

%description apache2

%package local-mysql
Summary: installed mysql-server on localhost for Moodle
Group: Networking/WWW
Requires: %name-base >=
Requires: /usr/sbin/mysqld
Requires: php5-mysqli
Provides: %moodle_name-local-mysql = %version-%release
Conflicts: %moodle_name >= 2.1
Conflicts: %moodle_name-base >= 2.1

%description local-mysql

#%package local-pgsql

#Summary: installed postgresql-server on localhost for Moodle
#Group: Networking/WWW
#Requires: %name = %version-%release
#Requires: postgresql8.2-server php5-pgsql
#Provides: %moodle_name-local-pgsql = %version-%release

#%description local-pgsql


%define auth_pam_moodlerequires %(echo %packagemoodleversion | sed -r 's/(^[0-9]+)(\..*)?/\1/')
%define auth_pam_packagemoodleversion 2009112400
%define auth_pam_packagemoodlerelease 2.0.0
%package auth-pam
Version: %auth_pam_packagemoodlerelease.%auth_pam_packagemoodleversion.0.%packagedate
Summary: PAM authentication for Moodle
Group: Networking/WWW

Requires: pecl-pam
Requires: %name-base >=
Requires: %moodle_authdir
Requires: %moodle_name-version >= %auth_pam_moodlerequires
Provides: %moodle_name-appfor = 2.0
Provides: %moodle_name-auth-pam-version = %auth_pam_packagemoodleversion
Provides: %moodle_name-auth-pam-appfor = %auth_pam_moodlerequires
Conflicts: %moodle_name-auth-pam-version < %auth_pam_packagemoodleversion

%description auth-pam
PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) authentication methods for Moodle

%add_perl_lib_path %moodle_filterdir/algebra
%define filter_from_reqprov /^perl(\\(AlgParser\\.pm\\|algebra2tex\\.pl\\))/d
%filter_from_provides %filter_from_reqprov
%filter_from_requires %filter_from_reqprov

%setup -q
%patch1 -p1

rm -f filter/tex/*mimetex*
#rm -f filter/algebra/*
rm -f lib/default.ttf


# install moodle
mkdir -p %buildroot%moodle_dir/
mkdir -p %buildroot%moodle_datadir/
cp -rp * %buildroot%moodle_dir/

# create config.php

touch %buildroot%moodle_dir/config.php

%define mimetexlinux_filter %moodle_filterdir/tex/mimetex.linux
ln -s -f $(relative %buildroot%webserver_cgibindir/mimetex.cgi \
%buildroot%mimetexlinux_filter) \

%define default_ttf %moodle_libdir/default.ttf
ln -s -f $(relative %buildroot%_ttffontsdir/freefont/FreeSans.ttf \
%buildroot%default_ttf) \

# install distrolib.php

install -pD -m0644 %SOURCE1 %buildroot%moodle_dir/install/distrolib.php

# install apache config

install -pD -m0644 %SOURCE10 %buildroot%_sysconfdir/httpd/conf/addon-modules.d/%name.conf

# install apache2 config

install -pD -m0644 %SOURCE20 %buildroot%apache2_extra_available/%name.conf
install -pD -m0644 %SOURCE21 %buildroot%apache2_extra_start/100-%name.conf
install -pD -m0644 %SOURCE22 %buildroot%apache2_mods_start/100-%name.conf
install -pD -m0644 %SOURCE23 %buildroot%apache2_confdir_inc/Directory_%{moodle_name}_default.conf

mkdir -p %buildroot%apache2_extra_enabled/
touch %buildroot%apache2_extra_enabled/%name.conf

#Disclosure of the macros

find %buildroot%moodle_dir/install/distrolib.php %buildroot%_sysconfdir -type f -print0 \
| xargs -r0 sed -ri "
s at %%(\{name\}|name([[:space:]/'\"=])) at %name\2 at g
s at %%(\{webserver_datadir\}|webserver_datadir([[:space:]/'\"=])) at %webserver_datadir\2 at g
s at %%(\{moodle_name\}|moodle_name([[:space:]/'\"=])) at %moodle_name\2 at g
s at %%(\{moodle_dir\}|moodle_dir([[:space:]/'\"=])) at %moodle_dir\2 at g
s at %%(\{moodle_datadir\}|moodle_datadir([[:space:]/'\"=])) at %moodle_datadir\2 at g

%triggerun base -- moodle2.0 <=, moodle2.0-base <=, moodle <=, moodle-base <=, moodle-apache <= 1.9.10-alt2.cvs20101110, moodle-apache2 <= 1.9.10-alt2.cvs20101110
if ls -l %moodle_dir/ | egrep -qsm1 '^([^[:space:]]+[[:space:]]+){3}(apache2?|root)[[:space:]]'; then
echo "Warning: GUD directory %moodle_dir/ changed to %webserver_group."
chgrp %webserver_group %moodle_dir/
if [ -e "%moodle_dir/install/distrolib.php" ]; then
old_moodle_def_dataroot="`%_sbindir/mt-getdef --file=%moodle_dir/install/distrolib.php dataroot`"
if (echo "$old_moodle_def_dataroot" | \
egrep -q '^[[:space:]]*(%moodle_olddatadir|%moodle_olddatadir2)(/+)?[[:space:]]*$'); then
echo "Warning: In the file %moodle_dir/install/distrolib.php"
echo "    path $old_moodle_dataroot replaced by %moodle_datadir."
echo 'Original file %moodle_dir/install/distrolib.php is saved as %moodle_dir/install/distrolib.php.rpmold.'
cp -fa --backup=t "%moodle_dir/install/distrolib.php" "%moodle_dir/install/distrolib.php.rpmold"
%_sbindir/mt-setdef --file=%moodle_dir/install/distrolib.php \
-m 'rpm update to %name-base-%version-%release' \
dataroot '%moodle_datadir'
if [ -e "%moodle_dir/config.php" ]; then

old_moodle_directorypermissions="`%_sbindir/mt-getCFG --file=%moodle_dir/config.php --format='%%05o' directorypermissions`"
if [ "$old_moodle_directorypermissions" != "02770" ]; then
echo "Warning: In the file %moodle_dir/config.php"
echo "    \$CFG->directorypermissions value varies with the $old_moodle_directorypermissions on the $new_moodle_directorypermissions."

old_moodle_dataroot="`%_sbindir/mt-getCFG --file=%moodle_dir/config.php dataroot`"
if (echo "$old_moodle_dataroot" | \
egrep -q '^[[:space:]]*(%moodle_olddatadir|%moodle_olddatadir2)(/+)?[[:space:]]*$'); then
rpmold_moodle_dataroot="`echo "$old_moodle_dataroot" | \
sed -r 's at ^[[:space:]]([^[:space:]]+[^/[:space:]])/*[[:space:]]*$ at \1.rpmold at '`"
echo "Warning: In the file %moodle_dir/config.php"
echo "    path $old_moodle_dataroot replaced by %moodle_datadir."

if [ "$old_moodle_dataroot" != "$new_moodle_dataroot" ] \
|| [ "$old_moodle_directorypermissions" != "$new_moodle_directorypermissions" ]; then
echo 'Original file %moodle_dir/config.php is saved as %moodle_dir/config.php.rpmold.'
cp -fa --backup=t "%moodle_dir/config.php" "%moodle_dir/config.php.rpmold"

if [ "$old_moodle_dataroot" != "$new_moodle_dataroot" ] \
&& [ -e "$old_moodle_dataroot" ] \
&& [ -d "$old_moodle_dataroot" ] \
&& ( \
( \
[ -e "$new_moodle_dataroot" ] \
&& [ -d "$new_moodle_dataroot" ] \
&& [ "x`find "$new_moodle_dataroot" -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1`" = "x" ] \
) \
|| ( \
[ ! -e "$new_moodle_dataroot" ] \
) \
); then
echo "Original directory $old_moodle_dataroot is renamed as $rpmold_moodle_dataroot."
mv "$old_moodle_dataroot" "$rpmold_moodle_dataroot"

echo "All contents of the directory $old_moodle_dataroot"
echo "is copied to the $new_moodle_dataroot."
%_sbindir/mt-newdatadir --file=%moodle_dir/config.php \
-m 'rpm update to %name-base-%version-%release' \
pushd "$rpmold_moodle_dataroot"
find . -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -printf '%%f\0' \
| xargs -r0 cp -af --target-directory="$new_moodle_dataroot/"

chmod $new_moodle_directorypermissions "%moodle_domainsdir"
chown root:%webserver_group "%moodle_domainsdir"

if [ "$old_moodle_directorypermissions" != "$new_moodle_directorypermissions" ]; then
%_sbindir/mt-setCFG --file=%moodle_dir/config.php --no-quote \
-m 'rpm update to %name-base-%version-%release' \
directorypermissions $new_moodle_directorypermissions

if [ -e "$new_moodle_dataroot" ] \
&& [ -d "$new_moodle_dataroot" ]; then
if [ "x`find "$new_moodle_dataroot" -mindepth 1 -type d ! -perm $new_moodle_directorypermissions`" != "x" ]; then
echo "Warning: Change permissions of subdirectories"
echo "    $new_moodle_dataroot on the $new_moodle_directorypermissions."
find "$new_moodle_dataroot" -mindepth 1 -type d ! -perm $new_moodle_directorypermissions -print0 \
| xargs -0 chmod $new_moodle_directorypermissions

if [ "x`find "$new_moodle_dataroot" -mindepth 1 ! -group %webserver_group`" != "x" ]; then
echo "Warning: GUD files and subdirectories"
echo "    $old_moodle_dataroot changed to %webserver_group."
find "$new_moodle_dataroot" -mindepth 1 ! -group %webserver_group -print0 \
| xargs -0 chgrp %webserver_group

exit 0

%triggerun apache2 -- moodle-apache2 <= 1.9.10-alt2.cvs20101110
if [ -e %apache2_addonconfdir/A.%name.conf ]; then
echo "Warning: The configuration file %apache2_addonconfdir/A.%name.conf"
echo "   outdated and was saved as %apache2_addonconfdir/N.%name.conf.rpmold."
echo "   Use %apache2_extra_available/%name.conf."
mv %apache2_addonconfdir/A.%name.conf %apache2_addonconfdir/N.%name.conf.rpmold
exit 0

#%post apache

#chown root:apache %moodle_dir/
#control apache-mod_php5 relaxed
#%_initdir/httpd reload

#%postun apache

#%_initdir/httpd reload


%files base
%dir %attr(2775,root,%webserver_group) %moodle_dir/
%ghost %config(noreplace) %moodle_dir/config.php
%config(noreplace) %moodle_dir/install/distrolib.php
%exclude %moodle_authdir/pam/
#%exclude %moodle_moddir/journal/
#%exclude %moodle_moddir/hotpot/
#%exclude %moodle_questionformatdir/hotpot/
%dir %attr(2770,root,%webserver_group) %moodle_datadir/

#%files apache

#%config(noreplace) %_sysconfdir/httpd/conf/addon-modules.d/%name.conf

%files apache2
%config(noreplace) %apache2_extra_available/%name.conf
%ghost %apache2_extra_enabled/%name.conf
%config(noreplace) %apache2_confdir_inc/Directory_%{moodle_name}_default.conf
%config(noreplace) %apache2_extra_start/100-%name.conf
%config(noreplace) %apache2_mods_start/100-%name.conf

%files local-mysql

#%files local-pgsql

%files auth-pam


Full changelog you can see here

design & coding: Vladimir Lettiev aka crux © 2004-2005, Andrew Avramenko aka liks © 2007-2008
current maintainer: Michael Shigorin