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steam Launcher for the Steam software distribution service 8
SDL2 Simple DirectMedia Layer 6
googletest Google's framework for writing C++ tests 6
flacon Audio File Encoder 4
libmirage A CD-ROM image access library 4
GLEW The OpenGL Extension Wrangler library 2
SDL2_image Simple DirectMedia Layer - Image library 2
SDL2_mixer Simple DirectMedia Layer - Sample Mixer Library 2
SFML Simple and Fast Multimedia Library 2
cdemu-daemon CDEmu daemon 2
jreen Free and Opensource Jabber library, written in C++ using cross-platform framework Qt. 2
kernel-modules-vhba-un-def VHBA virtual host bus adapter module 2
mbedtls Transport Layer Security protocol suite 2
mbedtls12 Transport Layer Security protocol suite 2
pcsxr A plugin based PlayStation (PSX) emulator with high compatibility 2
telepathy-qt4 Telepathy framework - Qt4 connection manager library 2
cdemu-client A simple command-line client to control CDEmu daemon 1
pcsx2 Playstation 2 console emulator 1
yandex-browser-preinstall Set correct environment for Yandex.Browser 1
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