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Query "Tapper" found 19 RPMs in Sisyphus:

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alt-test1.1.4-alt1Andrey CherepanovTest environment based on Tapper
perl-Tapper4.1-alt1_8Igor VlasenkoAutomated OS testing, also virtualized
perl-Tapper-Base5.0.0-alt1_2Igor VlasenkoRequire that we are running on a particular OS
perl-Tapper-CLI5.0.6-alt1Igor VlasenkoTapper-* command line tools
perl-Tapper-Cmd5.0.11-alt1_1Igor VlasenkoTapper - Backend functions for CLI and Web
perl-Tapper-Config5.0.4-alt1_1Igor VlasenkoTapper - Context sensitive configuration hub for all Tapper libs
perl-Tapper-Installer5.0.0-alt1_1Igor VlasenkoTapper - Install everything needed for a test
perl-Tapper-Model5.0.2-alt1_1Igor VlasenkoTapper - Context sensitive connected DBIC schema
perl-Tapper-PRC5.0.4-alt1_1Igor VlasenkoControl running test programs
perl-Tapper-Remote5.0.0-alt1_1Igor VlasenkoTapper - Common functionality for remote automation libs
perl-Tapper-Reports-DPath5.0.4-alt1_1Igor VlasenkoExtended DPath functionality for Tapper reports
perl-Tapper-Reports-Web5.0.15-alt1Igor VlasenkoTapper frontend web application based on Catalyst
perl-Tapper-Reports-Receiver5.0.1-alt1_1Igor VlasenkoReceive test reports
perl-Tapper-Reports-API5.0.5-alt1_1Igor VlasenkoTapper - Remote network API for result evaluation
perl-Tapper-Schema5.0.11-alt1_1Igor VlasenkoDatabase schemas for Tapper
perl-Tapper-TAP-Harness5.0.7-alt1_1Igor VlasenkoTapper - Tapper specific TAP handling
perl-Tapper-TestSuite-HWTrack4.1.1-alt1_7Igor VlasenkoReport hardware meta information
perl-Tapper-TestSuite-AutoTest4.1.2-alt1_6Igor VlasenkoComplete OS testing in a box via autotest for Tapper
perl-Tapper-TestSuite-Netperf4.1.1-alt1_8Igor VlasenkoTapper - Network performance measurements - Client
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