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Пакет: gri

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Текущая версия: 2.12.23-alt5
Время сборки: 28 февраля 2018, 10:40 ( 85.6 недели назад )
Размер архива: 2.66 Mb

Домашняя страница:   http://gri.sourceforge.net

Лицензия: GPL v2
О пакете: A language for scientific illustration

Gri is a language for scientific graphics programming.  It is a
command-driven application, as opposed to a click/point application.
It is analogous to latex, and shares the property that extensive power
is the reward for tolerating a modest learning curve.  Gri output is
in industry-standard PostScript, suitable for incorporation in
documents prepared by various text processors.

Gri can make x-y graphs, contour-graphs, and image graphs.  In
addition to high-level capabilities, it has enough low-level
capabilities to allow users to achieve a high degree of customization.
Precise control is extended to all aspects of drawing, including
line-widths, colors, and fonts.  Text includes a subset of the tex
language, so that it is easy to incorporate Greek letters and
mathematical symbols in labels.

The following is a terse yet working Gri program.  If it is stored in
a file called 'example.gri', and executed with the unix command 'gri
example', it will create a postscript file called 'example.ps' with
a linegraph connecting data points in the file called `file.dat'.

  open file.dat        # open a file with columnar data
  read columns x * y   # read first column as x and third as y
  draw curve           # draw line through data (autoscaled axes)

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