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Группа :: Разработка/Haskell
Пакет: ghc7.6.1-text

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Текущая версия:
Время сборки: 22 декабря 2012, 22:44 ( 380.5 недели назад )
Размер архива: 88.39 Kb

Домашняя страница:   https://github.com/bos/text

Лицензия: BSD3
О пакете: An efficient packed Unicode text type.

An efficient packed, immutable Unicode text type (both strict and lazy),
with a powerful loop fusion optimization framework.

The 'Text' type represents Unicode character strings, in a time and
space-efficient manner. This package provides text processing capabilities
that are optimized for performance critical use, both in terms of large
data quantities and high speed.

The 'Text' type provides character-encoding, type-safe case conversion via
whole-string case conversion functions. It also provides a range of
functions for converting 'Text' values to and from 'ByteStrings', using
several standard encodings.

Efficient locale-sensitive support for text IO is also supported.

These modules are intended to be imported qualified, to avoid name clashes
with Prelude functions, e.g.

> import qualified Data.Text as T

To use an extended and very rich family of functions for working with
Unicode text (including normalization, regular expressions, non-standard
encodings, text breaking, and locales), see the @text-icu@ package:

&#8212;&#8212; RELEASE NOTES &#8212;&#8212;

Changes in

* String literals are now converted directly from the format in which GHC
stores them into 'Text', without an intermediate transformation through
'String', and without inlining of conversion code at each site where a
string literal is declared.

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