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Текущая версия: 1.05-alt1
Время сборки: 4 февраля 2011, 14:24 ( 492.5 недели назад )
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Домашняя страница:   http://cr.yp.to/djbdns.html

Лицензия: Public domain
О пакете: A bind replacement

dnscache maintains a limited-size cache of DNS information, 1 megabyte
by default. When the cache fills up, dnscache smoothly discards old
cache entries.

You can easily configure dnscache to send queries for a particular
domain to a particular set of servers, such as ``split DNS'' internal
servers behind a firewall. All you have to do is put the server IP
addresses into a file named after the domain.

The djbdns package includes three servers that publish local host
information: tinydns, walldns, and rbldns. Every aspect of
configuration was rethought from the perspective of an overworked
administrator who has better things to do than play with DNS.

tinydns handles basic DNS service. The tinydns-data file format
combines the flexibility of zone files with the convenience of modern
zone-building tools. Host information is stored in one file. PTR
records are handled automatically. Changes can be scheduled in
advance, with TTLs handled automatically.

tinydns has several load-balancing features. It automatically
selects a random set of 8 servers from a cluster of any size. It
allows easy removal of dead servers by external monitoring
tools. It also supports client differentiation, checking the
client's IP address and choosing one of several clusters
accordingly.  walldns is a reverse DNS wall. It lets firewalled
sites access name-checking servers without revealing true host

rbldns publishes lists of IP addresses, such as RBL or DUL, through
DNS. This could be done with a general-purpose server, but rbldns uses
much less memory and much less disk space.

Databases for tinydns, pickdns, and rbldns are compiled into cdb
format. The servers start up instantly, even if the database is a
gigabyte or more. While a new database is being compiled, the servers
continue to answer queries from the old database. There is no gap in
DNS service when the new database is finished. The old database is
left in place if anything goes wrong.

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