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%define _unpackaged_files_terminate_build 1
%def_enable debug

Name: springrts
Version: 104.0
Release: alt2

Summary: Real time strategy game engine with many mods
License: GPL2+ or Artistic
Group: Games/Strategy
Url: https://springrts.com/

ExclusiveArch: %ix86 x86_64

BuildRequires(pre): rpm-build-xdg rpm-macros-cmake
BuildRequires: cmake cmake-modules java-devel /proc libGL-devel libGLU-devel gcc-c++
BuildRequires: boost-devel boost-program_options-devel boost-asio-devel boost-signals-devel boost-filesystem-devel
BuildRequires: libICE-devel libSM-devel libX11-devel libXdamage-devel libXfixes-devel libXrender-devel
BuildRequires: libXt-devel libfreetype-devel libogg-devel libstdc++-devel
BuildRequires: xorg-inputproto-devel xorg-kbproto-devel xorg-xextproto-devel xorg-xf86miscproto-devel
BuildRequires: xorg-xineramaproto-devel xorg-xproto-devel zlib-devel p7zip libXcursor-devel
BuildRequires: libdevil-devel libfreeglut-devel libglew-devel libopenal1-devel
BuildRequires: libvorbis-devel  python-devel libSDL2-devel
BuildRequires: docbook5-style-xsl asciidoc libminizip-devel
BuildRequires: libXres-devel libXtst-devel libXau-devel libXcomposite-devel
BuildRequires: libXdmcp-devel libXext-devel libXft-devel libXi-devel
BuildRequires: libXinerama-devel libxkbfile-devel libXmu-devel libXpm-devel
BuildRequires: libXrandr-devel libXScrnSaver-devel libXv-devel
BuildRequires: libXxf86misc-devel libXxf86vm-devel
BuildRequires: libcurl-devel jsoncpp-devel libunwind-devel
BuildRequires: /usr/bin/xsltproc
BuildRequires: asio-devel libassimp-devel

Requires: %name-data = %EVR
Conflicts: %name-dedicated < %EVR
Provides: %name-dedicated = %EVR
Obsoletes: %name-dedicated

Source: %name-%version.tar
Patch1: %name-alt-linking.patch
Patch2: %name-alt-gcc8.patch
Patch3: %name-alt-unbundle-libs.patch

Spring is an open source RTS (Real time Strategy) engine originally
designed to recreate the experience of Total Annihilation.  Spring now
supports many different games ("mods"), including both remakes of the
original Total Annihilation and completely new games.

This package contains the game engine and default AI, but no maps, mods,
or user interface.

%package data
Summary: data files for Spring RTS engine
Group: Games/Strategy
BuildArch: noarch

%description data
data files for Spring RTS engine

%patch1 -p2
%patch2 -p2
%patch3 -p2

# TODO: remove remaining bundled libraries. They're either missing or patched.

rm -rf tools/pr-downloader/src/lib/{jsoncpp,minizip}
rm -rf rts/lib/{asio,assimp,minizip}

%add_optflags -fPIC -DPIC -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64
%cmake \
%if_enabled debug
       -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo \
       -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release \
       -DLIBDIR=%_libdir \
       -DBINDIR=%_gamesbindir \
       -DAI_LIBS_DIR=%_libdir/spring \
       -DAI_DATA_DIR=%_gamesdatadir/spring \
       -DDOCDIR=share/doc/%name-%version \
       -DDOCBOOK_XSL=%_datadir/sgml/docbook/xsl-ns-stylesheets/manpages/docbook.xsl \

%cmake_build VERBOSE=1

%cmakeinstall_std VERBOSE=1

# Move icons into proper Freedesktop hicolor theme

mkdir -p %buildroot%_liconsdir

mv %buildroot%_pixmapsdir/spring.png \

mkdir -p %buildroot%_iconsdir/hicolor/48x48/mimetypes/

mv %buildroot%_pixmapsdir/application-x-spring-demo.png \

# Make it visible

sed -i -e '/NoDisplay=true/d' \


%files data


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