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Текущая версия: 3.2-alt7
Время сборки: 12 августа 2012, 18:17 ( 330.2 недели назад )
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Домашняя страница:   http://www.computational.unibas.ch/software/spa…

Лицензия: GPL v2
О пакете: SParse Approximate Inverse Preconditioner

Given a sparse matrix A the SPAI Algorithm computes a sparse approximate inverse
M by minimizing || AM - I || in the Frobenius norm. The approximate inverse is
computed explicitly and can then be applied as a preconditioner to an iterative
method. The sparsity pattern of the approximate inverse is either fixed a priori
or captured automatically:

 * Fixed sparsity: The sparsity pattern of M is either banded or a subset of
 the sparsity pattern of A.
 * Adaptive sparsity: The algorithm proceeds until the 2-norm of each column of
 AM-I is less than eps. By varying eps the user controls the quality and the
 cost of computing the preconditioner. Usually the optimal eps lies between 0.5
 and 0.7.

A very sparse preconditioner is very cheap to compute but may not lead to much
improvement, while if M becomes rather dense it becomes too expensive to
compute. The optimal preconditioner lies between these two extremes and is
problem and computer architecture dependent.

The approximate inverse M can also be used as a robust (parallel) smoother for
(algebraic) multi-grid methods.

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