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Name: phpipam
Version: 1.31.000
Release: alt1%ubt
Summary: PHP-based virtual machine control tool
Group: Networking/WWW
License: GPLv3
Url: http://phpipam.net
Source: %name-%version.tar
Source2: php-saml.tar
Source3: PHPMailer.tar
Source4: captcha.tar
Source11: %name-apache.conf

# Patch: %name-%version-%release.patch

BuildArch: noarch
PreReq: webserver-common

BuildRequires(pre): rpm-build-ubt
BuildPreReq: rpm-macros-webserver-common rpm-macros-apache2

phpipam is an open-source web IP address management application. Its goal is to provide light and simple IP address management application.
It is ajax-based using jQuery libraries, it uses php scripts and javascript and some HTML5/CSS3 features, so some modern browser is preferred
to be able to display javascript quickly and correctly.

Features and tools:
- Section / Subnet separation
- Subnet nesting
- IPv4/IPv6 support
- Subnet ICMP/telnet scanning and automatic status updates
- Displays free range and number of clients
- Subnet statistics
- User management
- AD/LDAP/OpenLDAP/NetIQ/Radius authentication support (multiple servers)
- E-Mail notification with IP details
- Import IP addresses from XLS / CSV file
- Export IP database to XLS file
- IPv4/IPv6 calculator
- Search IP database
- IP request module
- Custom IP address fields
- and much more...
- PowerDNS integration (3.4+);

%package apache2
Group: Networking/WWW
BuildArch: noarch
Summary: apache2 configs for %name
Requires: %name = %version-%release
Requires: %name-php
Requires: apache2-httpd-prefork-like php-engine

%description apache2

%package php5
Group: Networking/WWW
BuildArch: noarch
Summary: php5 virtual package for %name
Provides: %name-php
Requires: %name = %version-%release
Requires: php5-gmp php5-ldap php5-sockets php5-openssl php5-pdo php5-pdo_mysql php5-pcntl php5-mbstring php5-mcrypt php5-snmp php5-gd2 pear-core

%description php5

%package php7
Group: Networking/WWW
BuildArch: noarch
Summary: php7 virtual package  for %name
Provides: %name-php
Requires: %name = %version-%release
Requires: php7-gmp php7-ldap php7-sockets php7-openssl php7-pdo php7-pdo_mysql php7-pcntl php7-mbstring php7-mcrypt php7-snmp php7-gd2 pear-core

%description php7

tar -xf %SOURCE2 -C functions/php-saml
tar -xf %SOURCE3 -C functions/PHPMailer
tar -xf %SOURCE4 -C app/login/captcha
#%patch -p1

mkdir -p %buildroot%webserver_webappsdir
cp -r ../%name-%version %buildroot%webserver_webappsdir/%name
#rm -rf %buildroot%webserver_webappsdir/%name/misc
rm -f %buildroot%webserver_webappsdir/%name/{INSTALL.txt,README,UPDATE}
rm -f %buildroot%webserver_webappsdir/%name/.gitattributes
rm -f %buildroot%webserver_webappsdir/%name/.gitignore
rm -f %buildroot%webserver_webappsdir/%name/.gitmodules

install -pDm644 %SOURCE11 %buildroot%apache2_extra_available/%name.conf
%__subst 's|--dir--|%webserver_webappsdir/%name|g' %buildroot%apache2_extra_available/%name.conf

chmod 644 INSTALL.txt README UPDATE misc/CHANGELOG misc/Roadmap

# Cleanup PHPMailer

rm -f %buildroot%webserver_webappsdir/%name/functions/PHPMailer/.gitattributes
rm -f %buildroot%webserver_webappsdir/%name/functions/PHPMailer/.gitignore
rm -f %buildroot%webserver_webappsdir/%name/functions/PHPMailer/.scrutinizer.yml
rm -f %buildroot%webserver_webappsdir/%name/functions/PHPMailer/.travis.yml
rm -f %buildroot%webserver_webappsdir/%name/functions/PHPMailer/travis.phpunit.xml.dist
rm -rf %buildroot%webserver_webappsdir/%name/functions/PHPMailer/docs
rm -rf %buildroot%webserver_webappsdir/%name/functions/PHPMailer/examples
rm -rf %buildroot%webserver_webappsdir/%name/functions/PHPMailer/test

%doc INSTALL.txt README UPDATE misc/CHANGELOG misc/Roadmap
%dir %webserver_webappsdir/%name/
%dir %attr(0770, root, _webserver) %webserver_webappsdir/%name/app/admin/import-export/upload
%dir %attr(0770, root, _webserver) %webserver_webappsdir/%name/app/subnets/import-subnet/upload

%files apache2
%config(noreplace) %apache2_extra_available/%name.conf

%files php5
%files php7


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