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Пакет: perl-Parse-AccessLogEntry

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#   - Parse::AccessLogEntry -
#   This spec file was automatically generated by cpan2rpm [ver: 2.027]
#   (ALT Linux revision)
#   The following arguments were used:
#       --spec Parse-AccessLogEntry-Accessor.spec --spec-only Parse::AccessLogEntry
#   For more information on cpan2rpm please visit: http://perl.arix.com/

%define module Parse-AccessLogEntry
%define m_distro Parse-AccessLogEntry
%define m_name Parse::AccessLogEntry
%define m_author_id unknown
%define _enable_test 1

Name: perl-Parse-AccessLogEntry
Version: 0.06
Release: alt1.1

Summary: Parse one line of an Apache access log

License: Artistic
Group: Development/Perl
Url: http://www.cpan.org

Packager: Denis Klimov <zver at altlinux.ru>

BuildArch: noarch
Source: %m_distro-%version.tar

# Automatically added by buildreq on Mon Oct 06 2008

BuildRequires: perl-devel

There are several modules that focus on generating web reports,
like Apache::ParseLog.  There are also several places on the
web where you can find the regex required to parse the lines
on your own.  This is simply for users who dont want to mess
with any of that, and just want to have a quick way to implement
this functionality in their code.

This module handles the standard Apache access_log formats,
including the combined log file format that includes the
referrer and user-agent.  The return form the parse() call
is a hashref with key names being the fields in the line just

 $Hashref->{host}    client ip of the request
 $Hashref->{user}    user logged in ("-" for none)
 $Hashref->{date}    date of the request
 $Hashref->{time}    server time of the request
 $Hashref->{diffgmt} server offset from GMT
 $Hashref->{rtype}   type of request (GET, POST, etc)
 $Hashref->{file}    file requested
 $Hashref->{proto}   protocol used (HTTP/1.1, etc)
 $Hashref->{code}    code returned by apache (200, 304, etc)
 $Hashref->{bytes}   number of bytes returned to the client
 $Hashref->{refer}   referrer
 $Hashref->{agent}   user-agent

If you noticed that the RFC1413 field is missing, you're right.
I don't plan on including this anytime soon, since hardly anyone
uses it.

This is a pretty early release.  But since much of this code is
lifted from other sources it should be pretty reliable.  If
anybody has any ideas on how to make it more robust then let me

%setup -q -n %m_distro-%version




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