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Пакет: ostree

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%def_disable check
%{!?_systemdgeneratordir: %global _systemdgeneratordir /lib/systemd/system-generators}
%define _libexecdir %_usr/libexec
%def_with tests
%def_with ed25519

Name: ostree
Version: 2022.7
Release: alt1

Summary: Linux-based operating system develop/build/deploy tool
License: LGPLv2+
Group: Development/Other
Url: https://github.com/ostreedev/ostree

Vcs: https://github.com/ostreedev/ostree.git
Source: %name-%version.tar
# Note! Always use HEAD!!
# Source1-url: https://github.com/GNOME/libglnx/archive/master.zip
Source1: libglnx.tar
# Source2-url: https://github.com/mendsley/bsdiff/archive/master.zip
Source2: bsdiff.tar

Patch1: %name-%version.patch

Requires: libostree = %EVR
Requires: %_bindir/gpg2

BuildRequires(pre): rpm-macros-systemd

# Core requirements

BuildRequires: pkgconfig(gio-unix-2.0) >= 2.66.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(zlib)
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libcurl) >= 7.29.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libcrypto) >= 1.0.1
# The tests still require soup
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libsoup-2.4) >= 2.39.1
BuildRequires: libattr-devel
# The tests require attr
BuildRequires: attr
# Extras
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libarchive) >= 2.8.0
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(liblzma) >= 5.0.5
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libselinux) >= 2.1.13
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(mount)
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(fuse)
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(e2p)
BuildRequires: libcap-devel
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(gpgme) >= 1.1.8 pkgconfig(gpg-error)
%{?_with_ed25519:BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libsodium) >= 1.0.14}
BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libsystemd) pkgconfig(systemd)
BuildRequires: /usr/bin/g-ir-scanner
BuildRequires: dracut
BuildRequires: bison

#BuildRequires: libavahi-glib-devel libgjs-devel

# For docs

BuildRequires: gtk-doc
BuildRequires: xsltproc docbook-style-xsl

libostree is a shared library designed primarily for
use by higher level tools to manage host systems (e.g. rpm-ostree),
as well as container tools like flatpak and the atomic CLI.

%package grub2
Summary: GRUB2 integration for OSTree
Group: System/Configuration/Boot and Init
%ifnarch aarch64 %arm
Requires: grub2
Requires: grub2-efi
Requires: %name

%description grub2
GRUB2 integration for OSTree

%package tests
Summary: Tests for the %name package
Group: Development/Other
Requires: %name = %EVR

%description tests
This package contains tests that can be used to verify
the functionality of the installed %name package.

%package -n lib%name
Summary: Library files of %name
Group: System/Libraries
License: LGPLv2

%description -n lib%name
Library files of %name.

%package -n lib%name-devel
Summary: Library and header files of %name
Group: Development/C
License: LGPLv2
Requires: lib%name = %version-%release

%description -n lib%name-devel
Development package containing library and header files of %name.

%package -n lib%name-devel-doc
Summary: Development documentation for lib%name
Group: Development/Documentation
BuildArch: noarch

%description -n lib%name-devel-doc
This package contains development documentation for lib%name.

%setup -a1 -a2
%patch1 -p1
%__subst 's|$(prefix)\(/lib/tmpfiles.d\)|\1|g' Makefile-boot.am

NOCONFIGURE=1 sh -x ./autogen.sh

%configure --disable-silent-rules \
          --with-selinux \
          --with-curl \
          --with-openssl \
          %{?_with_ed25519:--with-ed25519-libsodium} \
          --enable-gtk-doc \
          --enable-trivial-httpd-cmdline \
          --with-builtin-grub2-mkconfig \
          --without-grub2-mkconfig-path \
          %{?with_tests:--enable-installed-tests=exclusive} \

#           --with-dracut \

# hack to fix missed dirname declaration

#echo "#include <libgen.h>" >>config.h



%make check

# Needed to enable the service at compose time currently

%systemd_post ostree-remount.service

%systemd_preun ostree-remount.service

#%exclude %_sysconfdir/grub.d/*ostree
#%exclude %_libexecdir/lib%name/grub2*
%exclude %_libexecdir/lib%name/ostree-trivial-httpd

#%files grub2


%if_with tests
%files tests

%files -n lib%name

%files -n lib%name-devel

%files -n lib%name-devel-doc


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