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Пакет: kitty

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Текущая версия: 0.26.5-alt1
Время сборки: 7 ноября 2022, 12:37 ( 12.4 недели назад )
Размер архива: 4.15 Mb

Домашняя страница:   https://sw.kovidgoyal.net/kitty/

Лицензия: GPL-3.0
О пакете: Cross-platform, fast, feature-rich, GPU based terminal

- Offloads rendering to the GPU for lower system load and buttery
 smooth scrolling. Uses threaded rendering to minimize input latency.

- Supports all modern terminal features: graphics (images), unicode,
 true-color, OpenType ligatures, mouse protocol, hyperlinks, focus
 tracking, bracketed paste and several new terminal protocol

- Supports tiling multiple terminal windows side by side in different
 layouts without needing to use an extra program like tmux

- Can be controlled from scripts or the shell prompt, even over SSH.

- Has a framework for Kittens, small terminal programs that can be
 used to extend kitty's functionality. For example, they are used for
 Unicode input, Hints and Side-by-side diff.

- Supports startup sessions which allow you to specify the window/tab
 layout, working directories and programs to run on startup.

- Cross-platform: kitty works on Linux and macOS, but because it uses
 only OpenGL for rendering, it should be trivial to port to other
 Unix-like platforms.

- Allows you to open the scrollback buffer in a separate window using
 arbitrary programs of your choice. This is useful for browsing the
 history comfortably in a pager or editor.

- Has multiple copy/paste buffers, like vim.

Текущий майнтейнер: Egor Ignatov

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