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Группа :: Терминалы
Пакет: kde4-konsole

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%add_findpackage_path %_kde4_bindir

%define rname konsole
%define major 4
%define minor 14
%define bugfix 3
Name: kde4-konsole
Version: %major.%minor.%bugfix
Release: alt3

Group: Terminals
Summary: Terminal emulator for KDE
Url: http://www.kde.org/
License: GPLv2

PreReq(post,preun): alternatives >= 0.2
Requires: fonts-bitmap-terminus
Provides: xvt, %_x11bindir/xvt
Provides: kde4base-konsole = %version-%release
Obsoletes: kde4base-konsole < %version-%release
Conflicts: kdebase-wm <= 3.5.12-alt2

Source0: ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/stable/%version/src/%rname-%version.tar
Patch1: kdebase-4.8.0-alt-konsole-allow-sgid.patch
Patch2: kdebase-4.10.0-alt-konsole-profiles.patch
Patch3: kdebase-4.14.3-alt-no-transparency.patch
Patch4: kdebase-4.14.3-alt-def-font.patch
# Dmitry Prokoptsev
Patch1000: BR59256fixed.diff
# upstream

# Automatically added by buildreq on Tue Mar 01 2011 (-bi)

#BuildRequires: gcc-c++ glib2-devel kde4libs-devel libXScrnSaver-devel libXau-devel libXcomposite-devel libXdamage-devel libXdmcp-devel libXpm-devel libXt-devel libXtst-devel libXv-devel libXxf86misc-devel libXxf86vm-devel libqt3-devel libxkbfile-devel qt4-designer rpm-build-ruby zlib-devel-static
BuildRequires: gcc-c++ glib2-devel kde4libs-devel kde4base-devel
BuildRequires: libalternatives-devel

As well as being a standalone program, it is also used by other KDE programs
such as the Kate editor and KDevelop development environment to provide easy
access to a terminal window. Konsole's features and usage are explained and
illustrated in the Konsole handbook, which can be accessed by browsing to
"help:/konsole" in Konqueror.

%setup -q -n %rname-%version
%patch1 -p3
%patch2 -p2
%patch3 -p1
%patch4 -p1
pushd src
#%patch1000 -p0

%K4build \


# install alternatives

install -d %buildroot/%_sysconfdir/alternatives/packages.d
cat > %buildroot/%_sysconfdir/alternatives/packages.d/kde4-konsole <<__EOF__
%ifdef _kde4_alternate_placement
%_x11bindir/xvt %_kde4_bindir/konsole        14
%_x11bindir/xvt %_K4bindir/konsole        60

%config %_sysconfdir/alternatives/packages.d/kde4-konsole
# adding to utmp don't work because dbus checking for saved guid
#attr(2711,root,utempter) %_K4bindir/konsole


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