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pax_global_header00006660000000000000000000000064123063723260014516gustar00rootroot0000000000000052 comment=8c646e7c955e5fe1abe024a982190c87780fade4
gear-uupdate-0.10/000075500000000000000000000000001230637232600140175ustar00rootroot00000000000000gear-uupdate-0.10/.gear/000075500000000000000000000000001230637232600150135ustar00rootroot00000000000000gear-uupdate-0.10/.gear/rules000064400000000000000000000000071230637232600160650ustar00rootroot00000000000000tar: .
gear-uupdate-0.10/gear-uupdate000075500000000000000000000000751230637232600163320ustar00rootroot00000000000000#!/bin/sh -xe
gear-uupdate-prepare "$@"
gear-uupdate-0.10/gear-uupdate-execute000075500000000000000000000005321230637232600177700ustar00rootroot00000000000000#!/bin/sh -ex

# TODO: implement proper $opt_destdir option support

shopt -s nullglob

# note on ./$stage && rm -f $stage are split in two lines:
# -e; if ./$stage fails, we do not get here; ./$stage must be the last for -e to work
set -x

for stage in .git/uupdate/__~.uupdate-step-*.sh ; do
[ -x $stage ] && ./$stage
rm -f $stage
gear-uupdate-0.10/gear-uupdate-prepare000075500000000000000000000270011230637232600177640ustar00rootroot00000000000000#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use 5.006;
use strict;
use warnings;

use Pod::Usage;
use Getopt::Long;
use Gear::Rules 0.06;
use RPM::Source::Editor;
use RPM::Source::Tools::SourceArchive;
use String::ShellQuote;

my $verbose_default=1;
my $verbose=$verbose_default;
my $opt_sourcenum=0;
my ($opt_version, $opt_tarball, $help, @opt_hook);
my $script_prefix='__~.uupdate-step-';
my $opt_destdir='.git/uupdate';
my ($opt_unpack,$opt_merge,$opt_spec, $opt_force_unpack);
# not yet opt
my $opt_git_interactive_merge=0;

my $options_result =
GetOptions (
"h|help" => \$help,
"destdir=s" => \$opt_destdir,
"force-unpack" => \$opt_force_unpack,
"hook=s" => \@opt_hook,
"source=i" => \$opt_sourcenum,
"upstream-version=s" => \$opt_version,
"merge" => \$opt_merge,
"prefix" => \$script_prefix,
"update-spec" => \$opt_spec,
"unpack" => \$opt_unpack,
"verbose+" => \$verbose,
"quiet" => sub {$verbose=0},

sub exit_usage {
#exec "pod2usage --exit=0 $0";
pod2usage({ #-message => "the options below are package-specific:" ,
-exitval => 0 ,
-verbose => $verbose ? $verbose - $verbose_default : 0,
#-output => $filehandle
} );

my $partial_mode= $opt_merge || $opt_unpack || $opt_spec;
my ($do_unpack,$do_merge,$do_spec)=(1,1,1);
($do_unpack,$do_merge,$do_spec)=(0,0,0) if $partial_mode;
$do_unpack =1 if $opt_unpack;
$do_merge =1 if $opt_merge;
$do_spec =1 if $opt_spec;

if ($help or not @ARGV or @ARGV>2 or not defined $opt_version and @ARGV==1) {

$opt_tarball = shift @ARGV;
$opt_version = shift @ARGV if not defined $opt_version;

die "file $opt_tarball does not exists!\n" if ! -e $opt_tarball;

my $rules=Gear::Rules->new();
my $specfile=$rules->get_spec();
my $spec=RPM::Source::Editor->new(

# TODO: using private internals !!! :(
# like get_tag
my $source0=$spec->macros->macro_subst($spec->raw_sourcelist_ref->[$opt_sourcenum]);
die "can't find Source$opt_sourcenum\n" unless $source0;

my $source0rule=$rules->match_srpm_file($source0,$specfile);
die "can't find a matching rule for Source$opt_sourcenum: $source0\n" unless $source0rule;
my ($pkgname,$pkgversion,$pkgrelease)=$rules->get_nvr();

if ($rules->__has_external_commits()) {
die "Commits from external repository found.
The tarball update seems to be not the right method of repository update.
If you insist, use --force-unpack option\n" unless $opt_force_unpack;
warn "Commits from external repository found, Tarball update will mess with them.\n";

my $layout_analysis=$rules->__is_gear_layout_not_robot_recognizeable($source0rule);
die "Gear layout is not ready for automatic update: $layout_analysis\n" if ($layout_analysis);

unlink glob ($script_prefix."*");

my @diffs=$rules->sorted_diff_rules();
my $current_git_branch=&Gear::Git::Helper::get_current_git_branch();
my $default_upstream_branch_name='upstream';

my %TAG=map{$_=>1} &Gear::Git::Helper::ls_git_tags();
my $BRANCH=&Gear::Git::Helper::get_git_branch_commit_hash();
my $fh;
my @NEW_NVR=($pkgname, $opt_version,'alt1');
my $script_count=0;
my $should_gear_update_tag=0;

my ($source0_git_path) = $source0rule->git_paths();
my $source0tree=$source0rule->{-tree};

my $commit2branch={};
foreach my $branch (keys(%$BRANCH)) {
my $commit=$BRANCH->{$branch};
my $ref=$commit2branch->{$commit};
unless ($ref) {
push @$ref, $branch;

&print_upstream_update() if $do_unpack;

if ($do_merge and @diffs) {
foreach my $diff (@diffs) {
my @git_paths=$diff->git_paths();
if ($diff->{-tree2} eq '.') {
# master branch; we will checkout it later...
push @MASTER_MERGE_DEFAULT, &get_tag_new_nvr($git_paths[0]);
} else {
print $fh "#!/bin/sh -ve\n";
print '# diff rule at line ', $diff->linenum, ': ',$diff->rulestring(),"\n";
&git_checkout_old_nvr($fh, $git_paths[1], 'diff_rule_line_'.$diff->linenum);
print $fh 'git pull . ',&get_tag_new_nvr($git_paths[0]),"\n";
&git_create_tag($fh, $git_paths[1]);
push @MASTER_MERGE_DEFAULT, &get_tag_new_nvr($git_paths[1]);

if ($source0tree ne '.') {
my $merge_tag=&get_tag_new_nvr($source0_git_path);
if (not grep {$_ eq $merge_tag} @MASTER_MERGE_DEFAULT,@MASTER_MERGE_OURS) {
my $merge_strategy=$rules->__guess_merge_strategy($source0_git_path->{'commit'},'HEAD');
if (not $merge_strategy) {
push @MASTER_MERGE_DEFAULT, $merge_tag;
} elsif ($merge_strategy eq 'ours') {
push @MASTER_MERGE_OURS, $merge_tag;
} else {
die "Oops: merge strategy $merge_strategy is not implemented. Please, report.";

&print_master_merge() if $do_merge and (@MASTER_MERGE_DEFAULT or @MASTER_MERGE_OURS);
&print_update_spec() if $do_spec;

sub print_upstream_update {
print $fh '#!/bin/sh -ve',"\n";
print $fh qq!# upstream tree: !.$source0tree,"\n";
if ($source0tree ne '.') {
&git_checkout_old_nvr($fh, $source0_git_path, $default_upstream_branch_name);
my $upstream_subdir=$source0_git_path->{'path'};
my $new_tarball_path=$opt_tarball;
my $tarball_obj=RPM::Source::Tools::SourceArchive->new(-file=>$opt_tarball);
my @depth=$tarball_obj->depth();
warn "$opt_tarball has depth ".(scalar @depth)."Check the update by hands!\n" if @depth>1;
my $gear_update_opt='';
if (@depth==0) {
warn "$opt_tarball has depth 0. using gear-update -a\n" if $verbose;
if ($upstream_subdir eq '.') {
my $new_tarball_path=($opt_destdir ? $opt_destdir.'/' : '').$opt_tarball;
print $fh "# move away $opt_tarball or it will appear as an untracked file to gear-update\n";
print $fh qq{[ "$new_tarball_path" != "$opt_tarball" ] && mv -f "$opt_tarball" "$new_tarball_path"},"\n";
print $fh qq!gear-update $gear_update_opt -f "$new_tarball_path" !.$upstream_subdir,"\n";
print $fh qq!rm -f "$new_tarball_path" !,"\n";
} else {
print $fh qq!gear-update $gear_update_opt "$new_tarball_path" !.$upstream_subdir,"\n";
print $fh "git commit -m $opt_version\n";
if ($source0tree ne '.') {
&git_create_tag_new_nvr($fh, $source0_git_path);
print $fh "git checkout -q $current_git_branch\n";

sub print_master_merge {
print $fh '#!/bin/sh -ve',"\n";
print $fh "git checkout -q $current_git_branch\n";

my $nointeractive='--no-edit ';
$nointeractive='' if $opt_git_interactive_merge;

print $fh "git merge ", $nointeractive, join(' ',@MASTER_MERGE_DEFAULT), "\n" if @MASTER_MERGE_DEFAULT;
print $fh "git merge -s ours ", $nointeractive, join(' ',@MASTER_MERGE_OURS), "\n" if @MASTER_MERGE_OURS;

sub print_update_spec {
my (@script, @line);
push @line, qw/srpmnmu -i --version/, $opt_version, '--spec', $specfile, '--changelog', "- new version $opt_version";
foreach my $hook (@opt_hook) {
push @line, " --hook ", $hook;
push @script, \@line;
push @script, [qw/git add/, $specfile];

print $fh &runarray2sh(\@script);
print $fh "rmdir $opt_destdir 2>/dev/null ||:\n";
print $fh "gear-update-tag -ac\n" if $should_gear_update_tag;

sub git_checkout_old_nvr {
my ($fh, $git_paths,$fallback_branch_name)=@_;
my $location_name=$git_paths->{'tag'};
my $commit=$git_paths->{'commit'};
my $branch_name;
#print $fh '# nested call: git_checkout_old_nvr(...',",$fallback_branch_name)\n";

if (&Gear::Rules::template_is_likely_a_tag($git_paths->{'tag_template'})) {
print $fh 'git checkout '.&_tag2git($git_paths),"\n";
my $find_branch=$commit2branch->{$commit};
if ($find_branch) {# and $find_branch->[0]
if (grep {$_ eq $location_name} @$find_branch) {
print $fh "# appropriate branches for $commit: ",join(',',@$find_branch),"\n";
$branch_name=undef if $branch_name eq 'master';
$branch_name=$fallback_branch_name unless defined $branch_name;
if ($BRANCH->{$branch_name}) {
if ($BRANCH->{$branch_name} eq $commit) {
print $fh "git checkout $branch_name\n" if $current_git_branch ne $branch_name;
} else {
print $fh "git branch -D $branch_name\n";
print $fh "git checkout -q -b $branch_name ".$git_paths->{'commit'}."\n";

sub new_uupdate_script {
my ($script_name)=@_;
close ($fh) if $fh;
`mkdir -p "$opt_destdir"` if ($opt_destdir && ! -d $opt_destdir);
my $filename= ($opt_destdir ? $opt_destdir.'/' : '') .
$script_prefix.('0' x (3-length($script_count)))."$script_count-$script_name.sh";
print STDERR "Writing: $filename\n" if $verbose;
open ($fh, '>', $filename) or die "can't create $filename: $!";
chmod(0755, $fh);

sub git_create_tag_new_nvr {
my ($fh, $git_paths)=@_;
my $tag_name=&get_tag_new_nvr($git_paths);
if (&Gear::Rules::template_is_likely_a_tag($git_paths->{'tag_template'})) {
print $fh "git tag -s -m $tag_name $tag_name\n";

sub get_tag_new_nvr {
my ($git_paths)=@_;
return &Gear::Rules::subst_gear_nvr($git_paths->{'tag_template'},@NEW_NVR);

sub _tag2git {
my ($git_paths)=@_;
my $tag=$git_paths->{'tag'};
return $tag if $TAG{$tag};
return $git_paths->{'commit'};

sub runarray2sh {
my ($scriptptr)=@_;
print $fh '#!/bin/sh -xe',"\n";
foreach my $lineptr (@$scriptptr) {
print $fh join (' ', shell_quote_best_effort @$lineptr), "\n";

sub runarray {
my ($scriptptr)=@_;
foreach my $lineptr (@$scriptptr) {

sub run {
print STDERR "running: ", join(' ',@_),"\n";
system(@_)==0 or die "command failed: ".join(' ',@_);

=head1 NAME

gear-uupdate - generate NMU packages according to their upload method.


[B<--destdir> I<dir>]
[B<--source> I<sourcenum>]
[B<--prefix> I<script prefix>]
[B<--hook> I<path/to/hook>]
[B<--upstream-version> I<new version>]
I<tarball> [ I<new version> ]


Update gear repository together with rpm-uscan. gear-uupdate is a wrapper
for gear-uupdate-prepare and gear-uupdate-execute.

=head1 OPTIONS


=item B<--upstream-version> I<new version>

New upstream version.

=item B<--hook> I</path/to/hook>

Path to a perl-RPM-Source-Editor hook program to perform on the input packages.
This option can be repeated to load any number of hooks.

=item B<--unpack,--merge,--update-spec>

Write scripts for specified stages only (unpack upstream tarball, merge branches, update spec).

=item [B<--prefix> I<script prefix>]

Use specified prefix for the scripts.
Default is '__~.uupdate-step-'.

=item [B<--source> I<sourcenum>]

Sourcenum is the rpm number of the source file watched,
Default is 0.

=item [B<--destdir> I<dir>]

Alternative directory to store generated scripts.

=item [B<--force-unpack>]

Force update repository ignoring precence of external commits.

=item B<-h, --help>

Display this help and exit.


=head1 AUTHOR

Written by Igor Vlasenko <viy@altlinux.org>.

=head1 COPYING

Copyright (c) 2011,2012 Igor Vlasenko, ALT Linux Team.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms
of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation;
either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


gear-uupdate-0.10/gear-uupdate.spec000064400000000000000000000035201230637232600172560ustar00rootroot00000000000000%define destname gear-uupdate
Name: %destname
Version: 0.10
Release: alt1

Summary: Helper utility to be called by uscan for gear repository update
Source: %name-%version.tar

License: GPL2+
Group: Development/Other

BuildArch: noarch

BuildRequires: perl-devel perl(Pod/Usage.pm) /usr/bin/pod2man perl-Gear-Rules perl-RPM-Source-Editor perl-String-ShellQuote
Requires: gear /usr/bin/srpmnmu perl-Gear-Rules perl-RPM-Source-Editor > 0.73




mkdir -p %buildroot%_bindir
install -Dm755 gear-uupdate* %buildroot%_bindir/

for i in gear-uupdate-prepare; do
pod2man --name $i --center 'gear-uupdate-prepare' --section 1 --release %version $i > $i.1
ln -s gear-uupdate-prepare.1 gear-uupdate.1
mkdir -p %buildroot%_man1dir
install -m 644 gear-*.1 %buildroot%_man1dir/


* Fri Mar 07 2014 Igor Vlasenko <viy@altlinux.ru> 0.10-alt1
- bugfix release

* Sat Aug 17 2013 Igor Vlasenko <viy@altlinux.ru> 0.09-alt1
- now works correctly with depth0 archives

* Mon Jan 21 2013 Igor Vlasenko <viy@altlinux.ru> 0.08-alt2
- git merge --no-edit default behavior

* Mon Jan 21 2013 Igor Vlasenko <viy@altlinux.ru> 0.08-alt1
- bugfix release

* Thu Jan 17 2013 Igor Vlasenko <viy@altlinux.ru> 0.07-alt1
- fixes for upstream branch with sources in root

* Thu Jan 17 2013 Igor Vlasenko <viy@altlinux.ru> 0.06-alt1
- new version

* Thu Jan 17 2013 Igor Vlasenko <viy@altlinux.ru> 0.05-alt2
- bugfix

* Thu Jan 12 2012 Igor Vlasenko <viy@altlinux.ru> 0.05-alt1
- added man page

* Fri Jan 06 2012 Igor Vlasenko <viy@altlinux.ru> 0.04-alt1
- new version

* Thu Oct 20 2011 Igor Vlasenko <viy@altlinux.ru> 0.03-alt1
- new development version

* Wed Oct 19 2011 Igor Vlasenko <viy@altlinux.ru> 0.02-alt1
- new version

* Sat Oct 08 2011 Igor Vlasenko <viy@altlinux.ru> 0.01-alt1
- First draft

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