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Группа :: Работа с файлами
Пакет: file

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Name: file
Version: 4.26
Release: alt13

Summary: A utility for determining file types
License: BSD-style
Group: File tools
Url: http://www.darwinsys.com/file/

Summary(ru_RU.UTF-8): пёя┌п╦п╩п╦я┌п╟ п╢п╩я▐ п╬п©я─п╣п╢п╣п╩п╣п╫п╦я▐ я┌п╦п©п╬п╡ я└п╟п╧п╩п╬п╡
Requires: libmagic = %version-%release
BuildPreReq: zlib-devel

# ftp://ftp.astron.com/pub/file/file-%version.tar.gz

Source: file-%version.tar
Source1: magic.local

Patch: file-%version-%release.patch

%def_enable static

The file command is used to identify a particular file according to the
type of data contained by the file.  file can identify many different
file types, including ELF binaries, system libraries, RPM packages, and
different graphics formats.

%package -n libmagic
Summary: Shared library for handling magic files
Group: System/Libraries

%description -n libmagic
This package contains shared library for handling magic files.

%package -n libmagic-devel
Summary: Development files to build applications that handle magic files
Group: Development/C
Requires: libmagic = %version-%release

%description -n libmagic-devel
This package contains development files to build applications that handle
magic files.

%package -n libmagic-devel-static
Summary: Static library to build statically linked applications that handle magic files
Group: Development/C
Requires: libmagic-devel = %version-%release

%description -n libmagic-devel-static
This package contains static library to build statically linked
applications that handle magic files.

%package -n python-module-magic
Summary: Python bindings for libmagic
Group: Development/Python
Requires: libmagic = %version-%release
%setup_python_module magic

%description -n python-module-magic
This package contains Python bindings for libmagic.

%patch -p1
bzip2 -9k ChangeLog

%configure --enable-fsect-man5 %{subst_enable static}
grep -FZl sparc magic/Magdir/* |
xargs -r0 sed -i 's/sparc/SPARC/g' --
# SMP-incompatible build.

cd python

install -pDm644 doc/magic.5 %buildroot%_man5dir/magic.5
install -pDm644 %_sourcedir/magic.local %buildroot%_sysconfdir/magic

# Test for correct identification of Perl modules

find /usr/*/perl5 -type f -name '*.p[lmh]' |
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=%buildroot%_libdir %buildroot%_bindir/file \
-m %buildroot%_datadir/file/magic -f - >test.out
grep -q ' [Pp]erl.* text' test.out
grep -v ' text' test.out && exit 1

# Provide %_datadir/magic/ for compatibility.

mkdir -p %buildroot%_datadir/magic
ln -s ../file/magic %buildroot%_datadir/magic/

cd python

make -k check

%config(noreplace) %_sysconfdir/magic

%files -n libmagic

%files -n libmagic-devel

%if_enabled static
%files -n libmagic-devel-static

%files -n python-module-magic


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