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Пакет: ctags

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# vim: set ft=spec: -*- rpm-spec -*-

Name: ctags
Version: 5.8
Release: alt5

Summary: A C programming language indexing and/or cross-reference tool
License: GPLv2+
Group: Development/Other
Url: http://ctags.sourceforge.net/

# http://download.sourceforge.net/ctags/ctags-%version.tar.gz

Source: ctags-%version.tar

# SUSE patches

Patch1: 0001-Mixing-with-anjuta-tags-https-git.gnome.org-browse-a.patch
Patch2: 0002-Making-inline-behave-like-an-attribute.-Fixes-1.patch
Patch3: 0003-Treat-typename-as-an-attribute.patch
Patch4: 0004-parseReturnType-should-start-from-the-first-non-brac.patch
Patch5: 0005-Ensuring-a-space-is-printed-in-return-type-AFTER-the.patch
Patch6: 0006-Prevent-C-static_assert-from-stopping-parsing.patch
Patch7: 0007-c-Handle-C-11-noexcept.patch
Patch8: 0008-c-Properly-parse-C-11-override-and-final-members.patch
Patch9: 0009-Parse-C-11-enums-with-type-specifier.patch
Patch10: 0010-Parse-C-11-classed-enums.patch
Patch11: 0011-Handle-template-expressions-that-may-use-the-or-oper.patch
Patch12: 0012-Make-sure-we-don-t-throw-things-away-while-collectin.patch
Patch13: 0013-C-mitigate-matching-error-on-generics-containing-an-.patch
Patch14: 0014-fix-wrongly-interpreted-in-template.patch
Patch15: 0015-Added-constexpr-as-keyword.patch
# Covered by ctags-5.8-r791-cve-2014-7204-fix.patch
# Patch16: 0016-CVE-2014-7204.patch
Patch17: 0017-Go-language-support.patch
# SUSE specific
# Patch18: 0018-SUSE-man-page-changes.patch
# Patch19: 0019-Do-not-include-build-time-in-binary.patch
Patch20: ctags-gcc11.patch

# ALT patches

Patch101: ctags-5.8-alt-warnings.patch
Patch102: ctags-5.8-alt-buildroot.patch
Patch103: ctags-5.8-rh-segfault-fix.patch
Patch104: ctags-5.8-r791-cve-2014-7204-fix.patch
Patch105: ctags-5.8-alt-man.patch

The ctags program generate an index (or "tag") file for C, C++, Eiffel,
Fortran, and Java language objects found in files.  This tag file allows
these items to be quickly and easily located by a text editor or other
utility.  A "tag" signifies a language object for which an index entry is
available (or, alternatively, the index entry created for that object).

Alternatively, ctags can generate a cross reference file which lists, in
human readable form, information about the various source objects found
in a set of language files.

%autopatch -p1

%configure --disable-etags




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