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Name: TeXamator
Version: 1.7.5
Release: alt3

Summary: Helping you making your exercise sheets
License: GPLv3
Group: Other
Url: http://snouffy.free.fr/blog-en/index.php/category/TeXamator
Packager: Ilya Mashkin <oddity at altlinux.ru>

BuildArch: noarch

Source0: http://snouffy.free.fr/blog-en/public/TeXamator/%name.v.%version.tar.gz
Source1: %name.desktop
Source44: import.info

Patch0: port-to-python3.patch

BuildRequires(pre): rpm-build-python3
BuildRequires: desktop-file-utils python3-tools

Requires: /usr/bin/latex texlive-latex-recommended
Requires: dvipng

%add_python3_req_skip partielatormods
%filter_from_requires /^python2.*/d

TeXamator is written in Python/Qt4. It is aimed at helping you making your
exercise sheets. Basically, it browses a specified directory, looks for .tex
files containing exercises and builds a tree with all your exercises in it. You
can click on an element of the tree to have a preview of the exercise and add
it to a list if you wish to. Then you can save your work to a .tex file or you
can generate a .dvi file.

%setup -n %name
%patch0 -p2
find -name '*~' -delete # Remove backup file in source package

$(find /usr/lib*/python%{_python3_version}/Tools/scripts/reindent.py) \
                                             $(find ./ -name '*.py')

mkdir -p %buildroot%_bindir
mkdir -p %buildroot%_datadir/%name
cp -rp partielatormods %buildroot%_datadir/%name
cp -rp ts_files %buildroot%_datadir/%name
cp -rp ui_files %buildroot%_datadir/%name
cp -p %name.py %buildroot%_datadir/%name/%name.py
ln -s %_datadir/%name/%name.py %buildroot%_bindir/%name # Create a link in _bindir
# Remove shebang from Python libraries
sed -i -e '/\/usr\/bin\/python/d' %buildroot%_datadir/%name/partielatormods/*.py
for lib in %buildroot%_datadir/%name/partielatormods/*/*.py; do
sed '/\/usr\/bin\/python/d' $lib > $lib.new &&
touch -r $lib $lib.new &&
mv $lib.new $lib
# Remove developer's utility not need by the application
rm -f %buildroot%_datadir/%name/ui_files/plop.sh
# Add .desktop file
desktop-file-install --dir=%buildroot%_datadir/applications %SOURCE1
desktop-file-validate %buildroot/%_datadir/applications/%name.desktop

%doc README gpl-3.0.txt


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