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Пакет: kde4-styles-bespin

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#define _kde4_alternate_placement 1
%define rname cloudcity

Name: kde4-styles-bespin
Summary: Bespin is a native style for QT/ KDE4
Release: alt0.M51.1
Url: http://cloudcity.sourceforge.net/
Group: Graphical desktop/KDE
License: LGPLv2

Source0: %rname.tar
Source1: screenshot.png
Patch0: bespin-svn-mdv-fix-icon-and-comment-in-kde-icons-scripts.patch
Patch1: bespin-svn-mdv-fix-ksplash-themerc.patch
Patch10: bespin-alt-gen-kde-icons.patch

# Automatically added by buildreq on Fri Apr 23 2010 (-bi)

#BuildRequires: ImageMagick-tools fonts-ttf-dejavu fonts-type1-dmtr40in fonts-type1-urw gcc-c++ ghostscript-utils glib2-devel glibc-devel-static inkscape kde4base-workspace-devel kdelibs-devel libXScrnSaver-devel libXau-devel libXcomposite-devel libXdamage-devel libXdmcp-devel libXpm-devel libXt-devel libXtst-devel libXv-devel libXxf86misc-devel libXxf86vm-devel libqt3-devel libxkbfile-devel pstoedit qt4-assistant qt4-designer rpm-build-ruby tetex-latex transfig
BuildRequires(pre): kde4libs-devel
BuildRequires: ImageMagick-tools xorg-devel pstoedit tetex-latex transfig
BuildRequires: gcc-c++ ghostscript-utils glib2-devel glibc-devel inkscape kde4base-workspace-devel
# fonts-type1-dmtr40in fonts-ttf-dejavu fonts-type1-urw

BuildRequires: kde4base-workspace-devel
BuildRequires: ImageMagick-tools
BuildRequires: inkscape
BuildRequires: bash

Requires: plasma-applet-xbar = %version-%release
#Requires: bash-completion-bespin = %version-%release
Requires: %name-ksplash = %version-%release
Requires: %name-kdm = %version-%release
Requires: %name-kwin = %version-%release
Requires: %name-widgets = %version-%release
Requires: icon-theme-bespin = %version-%release

Bespin is a native style for QT/ KDE4

The name is nothing about Quantum Mechanics, but just refers to the
Cloud City from StarWars - Episode V "The Empire Strikes Back"

Some presets can be found in /usr/share/doc/%name

%package common
Summary: %name common package
Group: System/Configuration/Other
%description common
%name common package

%package core
Summary: %name core package
Group: Graphical desktop/KDE
Requires: %name-common = %version-%release
%description core
%name core package

%package -n plasma-applet-xbar
Summary: Xbar applet for Bespin style
Group: Graphical desktop/KDE
Requires: %name-common = %version-%release
#Requires: %name-core = %version-%release
Requires: kde4libs >= %{get_version kde4libs}
%description -n plasma-applet-xbar
The XBar is a Client/Server approach to a "mac-a-like" global menubar.
Currently it's only used by the Bespin Style to post apply clients to
Qt4 based applications.
The only currently existing Server is a Plasmoid.

%package -n bash-completion-bespin
Summary: Bash Completion for bespin
Group: Development/Other
Requires: %name-common
Requires: bash-completion
%description -n bash-completion-bespin
Bash completion for the "bespin" tool, written by Franz Fellner

%package ksplash
Summary: Bespin ksplash theme
Group: Graphical desktop/KDE
Requires: %name-common
%description ksplash
This package provide a bespin kdm theme

%package kdm
Summary: Bespin kdm theme
Group: Graphical desktop/KDE
Requires: %name-common
%description kdm
This package provide a Bespin kdm theme

%package kwin
Summary: Bespin kwin theme
Group: Graphical desktop/KDE
Requires: %name-common = %version-%release
Requires: %name-core = %version-%release
Requires: kde4libs >= %{get_version kde4libs}
%description kwin
This package provide a Bespin kwin theme

%package widgets
Summary: Bespin widgets theme
Group: Graphical desktop/KDE
Requires: %name-common = %version-%release
Requires: %name-core = %version-%release
Requires: kde4libs >= %{get_version kde4libs}
%description widgets
This package provide a Bespin widgets theme

%package -n icon-theme-bespin
Summary: Bespin icons theme
Group: Graphical desktop/KDE
Requires: %name-common
%description -n icon-theme-bespin
This package provide a Bespin icons theme

%setup -q -n %rname
%patch0 -p 0
%patch1 -p 0
%patch10 -p 1

%K4build -DENABLE_ARGB=off
pushd ksplash
./generate.sh 600 400
./generate.sh 800 600
./generate.sh 1024 768
./generate.sh 1280 1024
./generate.sh 1600 1200
./generate.sh 1680 1050
./generate.sh 1920 1200
pushd icons
bash ./generate_kde_icons.sh


if [ -x %buildroot/%_K4datadir/bin/bespin ] ; then
   mkdir -p %buildroot/%_kde4_bindir
   mv %buildroot/%_K4datadir/bin/bespin %buildroot/%_kde4_bindir/

# Installing necessary files for bespin-completion

mkdir -p %buildroot/%_sysconfdir/bash_completion.d
mkdir -p %buildroot/%_man1dir
cp man/bespin.1 %buildroot/%_man1dir
cp extras/bespin-compl %buildroot/%_sysconfdir/bash_completion.d

# Installing necessary files for kdm bespin theme

mkdir -p %buildroot/%_K4apps/kdm/themes/Bespin
cp -ar kdm/* %buildroot/%_K4apps/kdm/themes/Bespin
install -m 0644 %SOURCE1 %buildroot/%_K4apps/kdm/themes/Bespin/screenshot.png

# Installing necessary files for ksplash bespin theme

mkdir -p %buildroot/%_K4apps/ksplash/Themes/Bespin
pushd ksplash
cp -ar . %buildroot/%_K4apps/ksplash/Themes/Bespin/
rm -f %buildroot/%_K4apps/ksplash/Themes/Bespin/*.sh

# Creating the icons package

pushd icons
mkdir -p %buildroot/%_iconsdir/
cp -ar Bespin %buildroot/%_iconsdir/

%files common

%files core
%doc README presets/

%files widgets

%files kwin

%files -n plasma-applet-xbar
%doc XBar/xbar.txt

%files -n bash-completion-bespin
%config(noreplace) %_sysconfdir/bash_completion.d/bespin-compl

%files ksplash

%files kdm

%files -n icon-theme-bespin


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