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Пакет: python-module-pytz

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%define version 2006p
%define release alt1
%setup_python_module pytz

Summary: World timezone definitions, modern and historical
Name: %packagename
Version: %version
Release: %release.1
Source0: %modulename-%version.tar.bz2
License: MIT
Group: Development/Python
Prefix: %prefix
BuildArch: noarch
Vendor: Stuart Bishop <stuart at stuartbishop.net>
Url: http://pytz.sourceforge.net
Packager: Python Development Team <python at packages.altlinux.org>

World modern and historical timezone definitions, implemented as
Python tzinfo subclasses suitable for use my Python's datetime module.
Timezone information was provided by the Olson Timezone database.
Using these timezone definitions resolves all ambiguous daylight savings
time transitions. All DST trantions have been tested against the reference
implementation of zdump found in the Olson database to confirm even
the obscure historical cases work. This test suite is available seperatly
as it is rather large (75558 comparisisons), as is the program used
to generate this package.

The Olson Timezone database is updated roughly four times per year,
usually with obscure and generally unnoticable changes. These files
will be regenerated and rereleased soon after updated editions of the
Olson database are made available.

%setup  -q -n %modulename-%version

%__python setup.py build

%__python setup.py install --root=%buildroot --optimize=2 --record=INSTALLED_FILES



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