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Группа :: Сети/Передача файлов
Пакет: aMule

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%define _name amule
%define _rc rc8
Name: aMule
Version: 2.2.5
Release: alt0.M41.1

Summary: aMule - eMule client.
License: GPL
Group: Networking/File transfer

Url: http://www.amule.org
Packager: Ilya Mashkin <oddity at altlinux.ru>

Source: %name-%version.tar.bz2

Conflicts: xmule

Patch2: %name-2.0.0%_rc-alt-up-down-ratio.patch

# Automatically added by buildreq on Mon Jun 16 2008

BuildRequires: flex gcc-c++ imake libcryptopp-devel libpng-devel libreadline-devel wxGTK-devel xorg-cf-files

BuildRequires: rpm-build-compat >= 0.95

The "all-platform eMule", it is a eMule-like client for ed2k network,
supporting Linux, *BSD platforms, Solaris, *MacOSX and *Win32 (*soon).
It was forked from xMule project back in September 2003 (not related
to it anymore, except little bits of old code), to drive it to a brand
new direction and quality. Uses wxWidgets (formerly known as wxWindows)
for multiplatform support.

%setup -q -n %name-%version
%__subst "s,aMuleConv(wxT(\"iso8859-1\")),aMuleConv(wxLocale::GetSystemEncodingName())," src/utils/aLinkCreator/src/alcc.h
%__subst "s,aMuleConv(wxT(\"iso8859-1\")),aMuleConv(wxLocale::GetSystemEncodingName())," src/utils/aLinkCreator/src/ed2khash.cpp
%__subst "s,#include <wx/strconv\.h>,#include <wx/strconv\.h>\n#include <wx/intl\.h>," src/utils/aLinkCreator/src/alcc.h
%__subst "s,#include <wx/strconv\.h>,#include <wx/strconv\.h>\n#include <wx/intl\.h>," src/utils/aLinkCreator/src/ed2khash.cpp
%patch2 -p1

%configure --enable-amulecmd \
--enable-amulecmdgui \
--enable-optimize \
--disable-gsocket \
--enable-alcc \
--enable-alc \
--enable-amule-daemon \
--enable-webserver \
--enable-webservergui \
--enable-amule-gui \
--disable-debug \

%make DESTDIR=%buildroot install

%find_lang --with-man %_name

%files -f %_name.lang
%doc %_defaultdocdir/%name-%version/*
%dir %_datadir/%_name
%doc %_man1dir/*
%dir %_docdir/aMule-%version


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