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Группа :: Редакторы
Пакет: vim-plugin-project

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%define plugname project
%define plugver  1.3

Name: vim-plugin-%plugname
Version: %plugver
Release: alt1

Summary: Project plugin
Group: Editors
License: Distributable
Url: %vim_script_url 69
BuildArch: noarch

Source: %{plugname}-%{plugver}.tar.gz

PreReq: vim-common >= 4:6.3.007-alt1
BuildPreReq: vim-devel

Packager: VIm Plugins Development Team <vim-plugins at packages.altlinux.org>



You can use this plugin's basic functionality to set up a list of
frequently-accessed files for easy navigation. The list of files
will be displayed in a window on the left side of the Vim
window, and you can press <Return> or double-click on
filenames in the list to open the files. This is similar to how
some IDEs I've used work. I find this easier to use than
having to navigate a directory hierarchy with the file-explorer.
It also obviates the need for a buffer explorer because you
have your list of files on the left of the Vim Window.

%setup -c

%__mkdir_p %buildroot%vim_runtime_dir
%__cp -a {doc,plugin} %buildroot%vim_runtime_dir



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