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5.1: 20040316-alt1.1
4.1: 20040316-alt1.1
4.0: 20040316-alt1.1
3.0: 20040316-alt1.1

: vim-plugin-lh_cpp-ftplugin

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%define plugname lh_cpp
%define plugtype ftplugin
%define plugver  20040316

Name: vim-plugin-%plugname-%plugtype
Version: %plugver
Release: alt1.1

Summary: Collection of plugins for editing C/C++ files
Summary(ru_RU.CP1251): C/C++

Group: Editors
License: Distributable
Url: %vim_script_url 336
BuildArch: noarch

Source: lh-cpp.tar.gz
Patch: %name-20040316-alt-disable-default.patch

PreReq: vim-common >= 4:6.3.007-alt1
BuildPreReq: vim-devel

Packager: VIm Plugins Development Team <vim-plugins at>



This package contains several ftplugins addressed at the edition of C
and C++ files. It also includes folding settings for C/C++.
You should read :help lh-cpp-first-steps if you are using these plugins
for the first time.

To enable these plugins define "use_lh_cpp_ftplugin" variable somewhere
in your .vimrc file. To enable C/C++ folding (very slow) define

%description -l ru_RU.CP1251

C/C++, C/C++ .
1- :help lh-cpp-first-steps.

, use_lh_cpp_ftplugin
.vimrc. C/C++ ( ),

%setup -q -n lh-cpp
%patch -p1
%__subst 's,\r,,' syntax/doxygen.vim

%__rm -f ftplugin/c/doc/tags
%__mv ftplugin/c/doc/lh-cpp-readme.txt doc/
%__mv fold/c-fold.vim ftplugin/c_fold.vim

%__mkdir_p %buildroot%vim_runtime_dir
%__cp -a {after,doc,ftplugin,plugin,syntax} %buildroot%vim_runtime_dir
%__rm -rf %buildroot%vim_runtime_dir/{after/template/,ftplugin/c/doc}

%doc changelog-cpp after/template/ ftplugin/c/doc/c.html



: Vladimir Lettiev aka crux © 2004-2005, Andrew Avramenko aka liks © 2007-2008
: Michael Shigorin