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Пакет: pxview

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Name: pxview
Version: 0.2.5
Release: alt0.1

Summary: View Paradox DB files

License: GPL v2
Url: http://pxlib.sourceforge.net/
Group: Office

Packager: Vitaly Lipatov <lav at altlinux.ru>

Source: http://dl.sourceforge.net/pxlib/%{name}_%version.orig.tar.bz2

# Automatically added by buildreq on Tue Feb 06 2007

BuildRequires: docbook-utils gcc-c++ libgsf-devel libpx-devel perl-XML-Parser sqlite-devel w3c-markup-validator-libs

pxview is quite simple command line program which has been originally
created to test pxlib. pxlib is a library to read Paradox files.
During the development pxview has evolved more and more into a useful
program to examine the contents of Paradox files and to convert them
into SQL or CSV format.

%setup -q

# man pages are build by docbook2man
%__subst 's#docbook-to-man#docbook2man#g' configure*
%__subst 's#docbook-to-man $<.*#docbook2man $<#g' doc/Makefile*
for man in doc/*.sgml; do
       name=$(basename "$man" .sgml)
       sed -i -e "s#$name#$name#gi" $man
CPPFLAGS="$(pkg-config glib-2.0 --cflags)"
%configure \
--with-sqlite \

%make_install install \

%find_lang %name

%files -f %name.lang
%doc AUTHORS ChangeLog


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