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Группа :: Работа с текстами
Пакет: patchutils

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Name: patchutils
Version: 0.2.30
%define prever %nil
Release: alt1%prever

Summary: Patchutils is a small collection of programs that operate on patch files
License: GPL
Group: Text tools
Url: http://cyberelk.net/tim/%name/

%define srcname %name-%version%prever
Source: http://cyberelk.net/tim/data/%name/stable/%srcname.tar.bz2

Requires: patch, diffutils
Provides: interdiff
Obsoletes: interdiff

BuildPreReq: xmlto

Patchutils is a small collection of programs that operate on patch files.
This version contains:
+ combinediff: creates a cumulative patch from two incremental patches;
+ dehtmldiff: gets usable diff from an HTML page;
+ filterdiff: extracts or excludes diffs from a diff file;
+ fixcvsdiff: fixes problematic cvs diff files;
+ flipdiff: exchanges the order of two incremental patches;
+ grepdiff: shows files modified by a diff containing a regex;
+ espdiff: applies the appropriate transformation to a set of patches;
+ interdiff: shows differences between two unified diff files;
+ lsdiff: shows which files are modified by a patch;
+ recountdiff: recomputes patch counts and offsets;
+ rediff: fixes offsets and counts of a hand-edited diff;
+ splitdiff: separates out incremental patches;
+ unwrapdiff: demangles word-wrapped patches.

%setup -q -n %srcname

bzip2 -9fk ChangeLog




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