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Обновлённые пакеты

alt-gpgkeys-0.7.150-alt1   сборка Gleb F-Malinovskiy, 20 августа 2018, 21:50

Майнтейнер: ALT Security Team
Группа: Система/Настройка/Пакеты
О пакете: ALT GnuPG keys
- Added key: gremlin@ (3D879005; closes: #33578).
- Replaced expired key: kirill@ (C78106FB -> 378C3619; closes: #33582).

branding-simply-linux-8.2.0-alt1   сборка Mikhail Efremov, 6 июля 2017, 17:47

Группа: Графика
О пакете: System/Base
- menu: Don't show java-*-policytool menu entry.

gajim-0.16.9-alt2   сборка Ilya Mashkin, 13 декабря 2017, 03:16

Группа: Сети/Мгновенные сообщения
О пакете: a Jabber client written in PyGTK
- 0.16.8

hydra-8.6-alt1.1   сборка Ilya Mashkin, 29 августа 2018, 15:31

Группа: Сети/Прочее
О пакете: A very fast network logon cracker which support many different services
- 8.5

kde5-kio-gdrive-1.2.3-alt1.S1   сборка Sergey V Turchin, 8 мая 2018, 19:47

Группа: Сети/Передача файлов
О пакете: KIO-client for Google Drive
- build with kaccounts again

libglibmm-2.56.0-alt1   сборка Yuri N. Sedunov, 31 марта 2018, 19:10

Группа: Система/Библиотеки
О пакете: C++ wrapper for GLib
- 2.52.0

libgtkmm3-3.22.2-alt1   сборка Yuri N. Sedunov, 19 сентября 2017, 05:59

Группа: Система/Библиотеки
О пакете: A C++ interface for GTK3 (a GUI library for X)
- 3.22.1

libjpeg-turbo-1.5.1-alt1   сборка Sergey Bolshakov, 23 июня 2017, 11:45

Группа: Система/Библиотеки
О пакете: A SIMD-accelerated library for manipulating JPEG image format files
- 1.5.1 released

mutter-3.30.0-alt1   сборка Yuri N. Sedunov, 4 сентября 2018, 06:17

Группа: Графические оболочки/GNOME
О пакете: Clutter based compositing GTK3 Window Manager
- 3.24.3

pcs-0.9.165-alt1.1   сборка (NMU) Andrey Cherepanov, 16 сентября 2018, 01:41

Майнтейнер: Denis Medvedev
Группа: Other
О пакете: Pacemaker/Corosync configuration system
- Fix pathes to pcsd and pacemaker data (ALT #33580)

phpMyAdmin-4.8.3-alt1   сборка Vitaly Lipatov, 24 августа 2018, 20:23

Группа: Система/Серверы
О пакете: phpMyAdmin - web-based MySQL administration
- new version 4.7.1 (with rpmrb script)

rpm-   сборка (NMU) Gleb F-Malinovskiy, 19 сентября 2018, 17:40

Майнтейнер: Vladimir D. Seleznev
Группа: Система/Настройка/Пакеты
О пакете: The RPM package management system
- Rebased on
- Disabled signature checking.
- librpm7: added C: libapt < 0.5.15lorg2-alt56.
- Restored 4.0.4-alt98.8 read ahead hack (package.c (rpmReadPackageFile): Use
posix_fadvise(2) to disable readahead. When scanning a large number of
packages (with e.g. rpmquery), readahead might cause negative effects on the
buffer cache).
- Disabled %pretrans scriptlets DURING_INSTALL.
- Fixed comparison of deps with empty or undefinded EVRs: overlap only
if both are empty or undefinded.
- Restored good old rpm{RangesOverlap,CheckRpmlibProvides} functions to librpm.
- Added SHA{256,512} apt tags.
- Fixed set:versions support in rpmdsCompareEVR.

thunderbird-52.9.1-alt1   сборка Andrey Cherepanov, 11 июля 2018, 05:37

Группа: Сети/Почта
О пакете: Thunderbird is Mozilla's e-mail client
- New version (52.2.0)
- Security fixes:
+ CVE-2017-5472: Use-after-free using destroyed node when regenerating trees
+ CVE-2017-7749: Use-after-free during docshell reloading
+ CVE-2017-7750: Use-after-free with track elements
+ CVE-2017-7751: Use-after-free with content viewer listeners
+ CVE-2017-7752: Use-after-free with IME input
+ CVE-2017-7754: Out-of-bounds read in WebGL with ImageInfo object
+ CVE-2017-7756: Use-after-free and use-after-scope logging XHR header errors
+ CVE-2017-7757: Use-after-free in IndexedDB
+ CVE-2017-7778: Vulnerabilities in the Graphite 2 library
+ CVE-2017-7758: Out-of-bounds read in Opus encoder
+ CVE-2017-7763: Mac fonts render some unicode characters as spaces
+ CVE-2017-7764: Domain spoofing with combination of Canadian Syllabics and other unicode blocks
+ CVE-2017-7765: Mark of the Web bypass when saving executable files
+ CVE-2017-5470: Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 54 and Firefox ESR 52.2, and Thunderbird 52.2

thunderbird-ru-52.9.0-alt1   сборка Andrey Cherepanov, 5 июля 2018, 02:10

Группа: Сети/Почта
О пакете: Russian (RU) Language Pack for Thunderbird (with Lightning support)
- New version

xen-4.10.1-alt5.S1   сборка (NMU) Dmitriy D. Shadrinov, 14 сентября 2018, 01:19

Майнтейнер: Alexey Shabalin
Группа: Эмуляторы
О пакете: Xen is a virtual machine monitor (hypervisor)
- Upstream updates:
+ xen/test/Makefile: Fix clean target, broken by pattern rule (thx Ian Jackson).
+ x86: avoid leaking PKRU and BND* between vCPU-s (thx Jan Beulich). XSA-220
+ xen/arm: vgic: Sanitize target mask used to send SGI (thx Julien Grall).
+ gnttab: __gnttab_unmap_common_complete() is all-or-nothing (thx Jan Beulich). XSA-224
+ gnttab: correct logic to get page references during map requests (thx George Dunlap). XSA-224
+ gnttab: never create host mapping unless asked to (thx Jan Beulich). XSA-224
+ gnttab: fix handling of dev_bus_addr during unmap (thx George Dunlap). XSA-224
+ arm: vgic: Don't update the LR when the IRQ is not enabled (thx Julien Grall). XSA-223
+ guest_physmap_remove_page() needs its return value checked (thx Jan Beulich). XSA-222
+ memory: fix return value handing of guest_remove_page() (thx Andrew Cooper). XSA-222
+ evtchn: avoid NULL derefs (thx Jan Beulich). XSA-221
+ x86/shadow: hold references for the duration of emulated writes (thx Andrew Cooper). XSA-219
+ gnttab: correct maptrack table accesses (thx Jan Beulich). XSA-218
+ gnttab: Avoid potential double-put of maptrack entry (thx George Dunlap). XSA-218
+ gnttab: fix unmap pin accounting race (thx Jan Beulich). XSA-218
+ x86/mm: disallow page stealing from HVM domains (thx Jan Beulich). XSA-217
+ Makefile: Provide way to ship livepatch test files (thx Ian Jackson).
+ xen/test/livepatch: Add xen_nop.livepatch to .gitignore (thx Ian Jackson).
+ xen/test/livepatch: Regularise Makefiles (thx Ian Jackson).
+ xen/test/livepatch/Makefile: Install in
DESTDIR/usr/lib/debug/xen-livepatch (thx Ian Jackson).
+ xen/arm: p2m: Fix incorrect mapping of superpages (thx Julien Grall).
+ vgic: refuse irq migration when one is already in progress (thx Stefano Stabellini).
+ arm: remove irq from inflight, then change physical affinity (thx Stefano Stabellini).
+ xen/arm: Survive unknown traps from guests (thx Julien Grall).
+ xen/arm: do_trap_hypervisor: Separate hypervisor and guest traps (thx Julien Grall).
+ xen/arm: Save ESR_EL2 to avoid using mismatched value in syndrome
check (thx Wei Chen).
+ stop_machine: fill fn_result only in case of error (thx Gregory Herrero).
+ hvmloader: avoid tests when they would clobber used memory (thx Jan Beulich).
+ arm: fix build with gcc 7 (thx Jan Beulich).
+ x86: fix build with gcc 7 (thx Jan Beulich).
+ x86/mm: fix incorrect unmapping of 2MB and 1GB pages (thx Igor Druzhinin).
+ x86/pv: Align %rsp before pushing the failsafe stack frame (thx Andrew Cooper).
+ x86/pv: Fix bugs with the handling of int80_bounce (thx Andrew Cooper).
+ x86/vpmu_intel: fix hypervisor crash by masking PC bit in
MSR_P6_EVNTSEL (thx Mohit Gambhir).
+ hvm: fix hypervisor crash in hvm_save_one() (thx Jan Beulich).
+ x86/32on64: properly honor add-to-physmap-batch's size (thx Jan Beulich).
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