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описание пакета кол-во записей
kdenlive KDE Non Linear Video Editor 12
apt-indicator Applet for indication that newer packages are available 8
kde4base K Desktop Environment 4 - Core Files 8
kde5-konsole Terminal emulator for KDE 8
qt5-phonon KDE5 Multimedia Framework 8
veyon Open source computer monitoring and classroom management 8
akonadi An extensible cross-desktop storage service for PIM 6
choqok Micro-Blogging Client 6
kde5-dolphin The file manager for KDE 6
krita A creative sketching and painting application 6
plasma5-discover KDE Software Center 6
qt5-base Qt5 - QtBase components 6
kde5-set Set of KDE 5 applications 5
kde4libs K Desktop Environment 4 - Libraries 4
kde5-kgpg Graphical frontend to GPG 4
kde5-kmail EMail client 4
kde5-okular Document Viewer 4
nvidia_glx_common This is common package for usability NVIDIA drivers. 4
plasma5-kwayland-integration KDE Workspace 5 Wayland integration plugins 4
plasma5-systemsettings KDE Workspace 5 settings 4
qt4 Shared library for the Qt4 GUI toolkit 4
ring-project SIP and IAX2 compatible softphone 3
calligra An integrated office suite 2
indilib Library to control astronomical devices 2
kde4-connect KDE Connect client for communication with smartphones 2
kde5-ark KDE archivers frontend 2
kde5-digikam digiKam is an advanced digital photo management application for linux 2
kde5-dolphin-plugins KDE Dolphin plugins 2
kde5-gwenview Image viewer for KDE 2
kde5-juk Music Player 2
kde5-kaffeine Multimedia Player 2
kde5-kapptemplate KDE applications templates 2
kde5-kolourpaint Paint program 2
kde5-konqueror Web browser for KDE 2
kde5-ktp-contact-list Telepathy contact list application 2
kde5-kwalletmanager KDE Wallet Manager 2
kde5-kwave Simple Sound Editor 2
kde5-liquidshell KDE 5 plasma dekstop shell alternative 2
kde5-rocs Graph Theory 2
kde5-telepathy KDE Telepathy handler 2
kernel-modules-nvidia-un-def nVidia video card drivers 2
kf5-kglobalaccel KDE Frameworks 5 global desktop keyboard shortcuts 2
libksane4 Interface for SANE library 2
plasma5-kinfocenter KDE Workspace 5 Info Center 2
plasma5-kscreenlocker KDE Workspace 5 Screen Locker 2
plasma5-kwin KDE Workspace 5 Window Manager 2
poppler97 PDF rendering library 2
qt4-webkit WebKit library for the Qt4 GUI toolkit 2
telepathy-accounts-signon Telepathy providers for libaccounts/libsignon borrowed from Empathy 2
telepathy-qt5 Telepathy framework - Qt5 connection manager library 2
alterator-net-routing alterator module for network routing administration 1
eigen2 Lightweight C++ template library for vector and matrix math, a.k.a. linear algebra 1
kde-common-devel Development utils for KDE 1
kf5-oxygen-icons Oxygen icons theme 1
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