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описание пакета кол-во записей
xorg-server Xserver - X Window System display server 20
Mesa OpenGL compatible 3D graphics library 8
xorg-drv-synaptics Synaptics touchpad input driver 8
dbus D-BUS is a simple IPC framework based on messages. 6
compiz OpenGL window and compositing manager 4
libX11 X11 Library 4
ntfs-3g third generation Linux NTFS driver 4
parcellite Lightweight GTK+ Clipboard Manager 4
polkit-gnome polkit integration tool for the GNOME 3 desktop 4
upower Power Management Service 4
xdg-user-dirs-gtk Gnome integration of special directories 4
xdriinfo query configuration information of DRI drivers 4
xinit X Window System initializer 4
xorg-drv-evdev Generic Linux input driver 4
xorg-drv-nouveau NVIDIA video driver 4
xkeyboard-config XML-based XKB configuration registry 3
acpid ACPI kernel daemon and control utility 2
fuse-exfat Free exFAT file system implementation 2
gimp The GNU Image Manipulation Program 2
gst-plugins-good A set of GStreamer plugins considered good 2
gutenprint Gutenprint Printer Drivers 2
hunspell Hunspell is a spell checker and morphological analyzer 2
lame LAME Ain't an Mp3 Encoder 2
libSM X Session Management Library 2
libXi X Input Extension Library 2
libcairo Multi-platform 2D graphics library 2
libcdio CD-ROM/CD-image access library 2
libdrm Userspace interface to kernel DRM service 2
libdvdread A library for reading DVD-Video images 2
libfreetype A free and portable font rendering engine 2
libgegl A graph based image processing framework 2
obexd D-Bus service for Obex Client access 2
polkit PolicyKit Authorization Framework 2
pve-lxc Linux containers usersapce tools 2
pve-manager The Proxmox Virtual Environment 2
xmessage display a message or query in a window 2
xorg-drv-intel Intel integrated graphics chipsets 2
xorg-drv-mga Matrox video driver 2
xorg-drv-openchrome VIA openchrome graphics driver 2
xorg-drv-qxl QEMU QXL paravirt video 2
xorg-drv-wacom Wacom input driver 2
xprop property displayer for X 2
zfs ZFS on Linux 2
pve-common PVE base library 1
xorg-font-encodings Encodings for X.Org fonts 1
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