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wine WINE Is Not An Emulator - environment for running MS Windows 16/32/64 bit applications 28
wine-vanilla Wine - environment for running Windows 16/32/64 bit applications 10
calibre A e-book library management application 6
inkscape A Vector Drawing Application 6
sane This package contains the SANE docs and utils 6
AutoScan AutoScan - a utility for network exploration 4
glusterfs3 Cluster File System 4
libnss-mysql NSS API library 4
node Evented I/O for V8 Javascript 4
python-module-pygtk Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set 4
qdvdauthor The GUI frontend for dvdauthor and other related tools 4
ring-client-gnome Ring client written in GTK+3 4
sK1 Vector graphics editor 4
sqliteman Lightweigth but powerfull Sqlite3 manager 4
tuxguitar A multitrack guitar tablature editor and player 4
tuxtype An educational typing tutor game starring Tux 4
xsane XSane is a graphical frontend for scanners. It uses the library SANE 4
alien Install Debian and Slackware Packages with RPM 3
clipart-openclipart Open Clip Art Library 3
TORCS The Open Racing Car Simulator 2
audacious Media player which uses a skinned interface 2
clipart-wp-png WP Clip Art Library 2
docbook2X Convert docbook into man and Texinfo 2
drakon DRAKON Editor is a free cross-platform editor for the DRAKON visual language 2
freevo Freevo 2
gnucap GNU Circuit Analysis Package 2
gsopcast A GTK based GUI front-end for p2p TV sopcast 2
ice Files common to all Ice packages 2
ksudoku Sudoku Puzzle Generator and solver for KDE 2
libcdf Common Data Format (CDF) 2
libcomedi Data Acquisition library for the Comedi DAQ driver 2
libcryptopp Cryptopp Library - a free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes 2
libgstreamermm C++ wrapper for GStreamer library 2
libmcs A library and set of userland tools which abstract the storage of configuration settings 2
libmms mms stream protocol library 2
liboop Libraries for low-level event loop management 2
libqwt 2D plotting widget extension to the Qt GUI 2
musescore Music notation and composition software 2
nted A new musical score editor for Linux 2
nx Next Generation Remote Display 2
openproj A Java based project manager 2
pathological Pathological - Logical game written in Python 2
pear-PHPUnit Regression testing framework for unit tests 2
pinta An easy to use drawing and image editing program 2
pychess Chess game for GNOME 2
python-module-mwlib MediaWiki conversion library for Python 2
python-module-pycurl Python bindings to libcurl 2
spcaview Sdl video recorder and viewer with sound 2
spectrum-fuse The Free Unix Spectrum Emulator 2
sysdig A system exploration and troubleshooting tool 2
tuxwordsmith Scrabble like game for young children 2
w3c-libwww HTTP library of common code 2
PythonCAD An open-source CAD package built designed around Python 1
checkgmail alternative Gmail Notifier 1
clamtk Easy to use front-end for ClamAV 1
cpan2rpm cpan2rpm - A Perl module packager 1
debhelper Tools for Debian Packages 1
eterbackup Etersoft backup tools for journaling backup 1
gogh 2D graphical editor 1
gramps Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System 1
gscan2pdf A GUI to ease the process of producing a multipage PDF from a scan 1
haspd Hardware key protection drivers and license managers 1
lyx-gost The GOST class files for LyX 1
lyx-rusdoc The documentation for LyX and GOST text class 1
matrix-synapse Synapse: Matrix reference homeserver 1
mediawiki A wiki engine, typical installation (with Apache2 and MySQL support) 1
mova Scripts for manipulating mova format dictionaries 1
mplayerTV MPlayer TV - PERL/GTK2 frontend 1
npm A package manager for node 1
outwiker OutWiker is designed to store notes in a tree 1
pam_pwdfile A PAM module that allows users to authenticate on htpasswd-type files separate from /etc/passwd. 1
python-module-OpenGL A Python module for interfacing with the OpenGL library 1
rpm-build-altlinux-compat ALT Linux compatibility and extensions in rpm build 1
taskcoach Your friendly task manager 1
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