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ejabberd Fault-tolerant distributed Jabber server written in Erlang 60
firebird Firebird SQL Database, fork of InterBase 26
monodevelop MonoDevelop is a project to port SharpDevelop to Gtk# 18
sawfish An extensible window manager for the X Window System 15
warzone2100 Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project (RTS 3D game) 14
dmd The D Programming Language 12
mono Cross-platform, Open Source, .NET development framework 12
gnokii Unix tool suite for Nokia mobile phones 10
mpc Command line tool to interface MPD 10
megaglest Glest is a project for making a free 3d real-time customizable strategy game 8
atftp Advanced Trivial File Transfer Protocol 6
grisbi Personal finance application 6
gsl The GNU Scientific Library for numerical analysis 6
libirrlicht Fast Open-source 3D engine 6
pcb PCB 6
reiser4progs Utilities for reiser4 filesystems 6
setools Policy analysis tools for SELinux 6
fbreader E-Book Reader 4
filezilla FileZilla is a fast and reliable FTP client 4
libfox The FOX C++ GUI Toolkit shared libraries 4
liblensfun A library to rectifying the defects introduced by your photographic equipment 4
lilypond A program for printing sheet music 4
mono-addins Mono Addins 4
pidgin-libnotify Libnotify Pidgin plugin 4
pks OpenPGP Public Key Server 4
springrts Real time strategy game engine with many mods 4
urlview A URL extractor/viewer for use with Mutt (ncurses variant). 4
scourge Rogue-like RPG 3
antiword Antiword an application to display Microsoft(R) Word files 2
cilk Language for multithreaded parallel programming based on ANSI C 2
clanlib0.8 The ClanLib Game SDK 2
libaal Abstraction library for ReiserFS utilities 2
libgtk-sharp2 GTK+ and GNOME bindings for Mono 2
libnetcdf Libraries to use the Unidata network Common Data Form (netCDF) 2
libsuitesparse Shared libraries for sparse matrix calculations 2
libwpd10 Library for reading and converting WordPerfect(tm) documents 2
linuxdoc-tools A text formatting package based on SGML 2
mimetex Mimetex ets you easily embed LaTeX math in your html pages 2
mp3blaster An interactive text-console based mp3 player 2
nrg4iso A tool to convert Nero (.nrg) CD images to ISO 9660 images 2
ode The Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) 2
opentoonz 2D animation software 2
pam_alreadyloggedin Skip password authorization if user is already logged in 2
passivedns A network sniffer that logs all DNS server replies for use in a passive DNS setup 2
pax POSIX File System Archiver 2
python3-module-grpcio-tools HTTP/2-based RPC framework 2
python3-module-grpcio HTTP/2-based RPC framework 2
ragel Ragel State Machine Compiler 2
rzip A large-file compression program 2
sigviewer SigViewer is a viewing application for biosignals 2
smpeg summary SDL MPEG Library 2
tbb Threading Building Blocks 2
tremulous Tremulous - 3D FPS Strategic Shooter 2
trophy Trophy is a 2D car racing action game 2
ufoai UFO: Alien Invasion - build your team and stop the aliens 2
unace ACE unarchiver 2
waon A Wave-to-Notes (MIDI) transcriber 2
xosview An X Window System utility for monitoring system resources 2
xraylib X-ray matter interaction cross sections for X-ray fluorescence applications 2
freecol FreeCol is opensource Colonization clone. 1
laf-plugin Generic plugin framework for Java look-and-feels 1
libreoffice-online LibreOffice Online WebSocket Daemon 1
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