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описание пакета кол-во записей
kernel-image-std-def The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system) 78
gnucash GnuCash is an application to keep track of your finances 62
lazarus Lazarus Component Library and IDE 56
alterator-l10n translations for all alterator modules 50
alterator-ldap-groups Alterator module for LDAP groups administration 45
scilab A high-level language and system for numerical computations 38
qt-creator Cross-platform IDE for Qt 32
alterator-auth Alterator module for system wide auth settings 27
gcompris Educational suite for kids 2-10 years old 26
kernel-image-un-def The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system) 24
qcad A professional CAD system 22
apt-repo Script for manipulation APT repository list 21
firefox-esr The Mozilla Firefox project is a redesign of Mozilla's browser 16
packageinstall GUI frontend for install packages using apt-get 14
thunderbird Thunderbird is Mozilla's e-mail client 14
MySQL A very fast and reliable SQL database engine 10
jitsi Multiprotocol (SIP, XMPP/Jabber, ecc.) VoIP and instant messaging software 10
qtcurve A set of widget styles for GTK+ and Qt widget toolkits 10
rpminstall Graphical application for install RPM packages using apt-get 10
synfigstudio Synfig studio - animation program 10
kde4-virtual KDE4 applications set 9
389-ds-base 389 Directory Server (base) 8
gdesklets gDesklets - an advanced architecture for desktop applets 8
gksu A Gtk+-based 'su' wrapper 8
mintmenu Advanced Menu for the MATE Desktop 8
octave GNU Octave -- a high-level language for numerical computations 8
qgis A user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System 8
sogo SOGo is a very fast and scalable modern collaboration suite (groupware) 8
tesseract Raw Open source OCR Engine 8
alterator-pkg additional package installation 6
kernel-modules-nvidia-std-def nVidia video card drivers 6
pacemaker Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager 6
pcsc-lite PC/SC Lite smart card framework and applications 6
python An interpreted, interactive object-oriented programming language 6
seamonkey Web browser and mail reader 6
xrdp An open source remote desktop protocol (RDP) server 6
yagf YAGF is a graphical front-end for cuneiform and tesseract OCR tools 6
1c-preinstall Set correct environment for 1C:Enterprise client 5
alterator-groups Alterator module for system groups administration 5
alterator-preinstall Alterator preinstall hooks runner module 5
girar-utils git.alt client utilities 5
postgrey Greylisting Policy Server for Postfix and Exim 5
ruby-rails Ruby on Rails 5
cuneiform-qt GUI frontend for Cuneiform OCR 4
firefox-esr-l10n Language Pack for Firefox ESR 4
firefox-gost The Mozilla Firefox project is a redesign of Mozilla's browser (with GOST support) 4
fpc Free Pascal Compiler -- Meta Package 4
freecad OpenSource 3D CAD modeller 4
geos Geometry Engine - Open Source 4
gpsim Software simulator for Microchip PIC microcontrollers 4
grass Geographic Resources Analysis Support System 4
icu5.1 International Components for Unicode 4
kdvdcreator Easy to use application to create video DVDs and CDs 4
kernel-modules-bcmwl-std-def Modules for Broadcom-based WiFi .11a/b/g adapters 4
kernel-modules-bcmwl-un-def Modules for Broadcom-based WiFi .11a/b/g adapters 4
kernel-modules-virtualbox-un-def VirtualBox modules 4
lxde-lxdm Lightweight X11 Display Manager 4
pgadmin3 Powerful administration and development platform for PostgreSQL. 4
python-module-PyQwt Python bindings for Qwt 4
ruby An Interpreted Object-Oriented Scripting Language 4
scim Smart Common Input Method platform 4
streebog GOST R 34.11-2012: Streebog Hash Function 4
xfce4-session Session manager for Xfce desktop environment 4
alterator-trust alterator module for setting one-way trust relationships 3
davmail POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP gateway for Microsoft Exchange 3
gens-gs Sega Genesis, Sega CD, and Sega 32X emulator 3
gtk3-theme-clearlooks-phenix GTK3 port of the Clearlooks theme 3
token-manager Certificate manager for CryptoPro CSP 3
LibreOffice-still LibreOffice Productivity Suite (Still version) 2
aqbanking A library for online banking functions and financial data import/export 2
bsc BeeSoft Commander 2
bup Very efficient backup system based on the git packfile format 2
easypaint Easy graphic editing program 2
epsoneplijs Ghostscript IJS Plugin for the Epson EPL-5700L/5800L/5900L/6100L/6200L printers 2
eviacam Mouse replacement software that moves the pointer as you move your head 2
gambas IDE based on a basic interpreter with object extensions 2
ganttproject GanttProject is a tool for creating a project schedule by means of Gantt chart and resource load chart 2
gigolo frontend to manage connections to remote filesystems using GIO/GVfs 2
gnome-boxes A simple GNOME 3 application to access remote or virtual systems 2
gnome-desktop The gnome desktop programs for the GNOME desktop environment 2
gvfs-shares Script for automount specified GIO locations 2
iceb Free financial accounting system (console) 2
kamoso Application for taking pictures and videos from a webcam 2
kbfx KBFX is an alternative to the classical K-Menu button and it's menu 2
kencfs KEncFS is a gui frontend for encfs 2
kernel-build-tools Utilities to build kernel packages for ALT Linux 2
kernel-image-ovz-el The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system) 2
kernel-image-std-pae The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system) 2
kernel-modules-ipt_netflow-std-def Netflow iptables module for Linux kernel 2
kernel-modules-ipt_netflow-un-def Netflow iptables module for Linux kernel 2
kernel-modules-nvidia-un-def nVidia video card drivers 2
kernel-modules-r8168-std-def Linux driver for RealTek Ethernet controllers 2
kernel-modules-virtualbox-addition-std-def VirtualBox modules 2
kmymoney A Personal Finance Manager for KDE4 2
laptop-mode-tools Tools for power savings based on battery/AC status 2
libarpack-ng Fortran 77 subroutines for solving large scale eigenvalue problems 2
libexo Extension library to Xfce 2
libfltk13 Multiplatform C++ GUI Fast Light ToolKit 2
libgnomecups GNOME CUPS Library 2
libgwenhywfar A multi-platform helper library for other libraries 2
libreoffice-languagetool LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org extension for proofreading 2
libxfconf Hierarchical configuration system for Xfce 2
mirall Applet for ownflowd files syncronization 2
openldap LDAP libraries and sample clients 2
pictomir PictoMir education system 2
plasma-applet-todolist Todo List plasmoid using akonadi 2
postgis Geographic Information Systems Extensions to PostgreSQL 2
postgresql9.5 PostgreSQL client programs and libraries 2
printer-drivers printing subsystem 2
python-module-matplotlib Matlab(TM) style python plotting package 2
repraptor A Qt RepRap gcode sender/host controller 2
rosa-media-player Multimedia player based on mplayer technology 2
ruby-augeas Provides bindings for augeas 2
ruby-gnome2 Ruby bindings for GNOME 2
rutoken-plugin Rutoken plugin for web-browser 2
scratch A new programming language 2
seamonkey-ru Russian (RU) Language Pack for Seamonkey 2
spectrum-fuse The Free Unix Spectrum Emulator 2
subversion A version control system 2
thunar Thunar File Manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment 2
unixODBC-compat Unix ODBC driver manager and database drivers 2
v8-nodejs V8 is Google's open source JavaScript engine (build for NodeJS) 2
wicd Wireless and wired network connection manager 2
xarchiver A GTK+2 only archive manager 2
xfce-polkit Simple PolicyKit authentication agent for Xfce 2
xfce4-netload-plugin Netload monitor plugin for the Xfce panel 2
xfce4-notifyd Simple notification daemon for Xfce 2
xfce4-terminal Terminal emulator application for Xfce 2
xfce4-weather-plugin Weather plugin for the Xfce panel 2
389-console Fedora Management Console 1
alterator-console Alterator module for emulate console 1
bleachbit Remove unnecessary files, free space, and maintain privacy 1
chef Clients for the chef systems integration framework 1
clamav-db-main Antivirus database for ClamAV (main) 1
docs-kdesktop KDesktop documentation 1
docs-school-server School Server documentation 1
firefox-TabMixPlus Tab Mix Plus extensions for Firefox 1
genspec Script for generation RPM spec file from template 1
gost-crypto-gui A PyQt GUI for performing cryptographic operations over files using GOST algorithms 1
guest-account Guest session support in LightDM 1
installer-feature-network-shares Installer stage3 NFS/SMB/FTP shares hooks 1
lamp-server Metapackage to install LAMP server (Linux+Apache+MariaDB+PHP) 1
openerp Business Applications Server 1
perl-HTTP-Proxy A pure Perl HTTP proxy 1
python-module-service_identity Service Identity Verification for Python 1
ruby-facter Ruby library for retrieving facts from operating systems 1
ruleuser RuleUser - Management program. 1
skype-preinstall Compatible layer for install official Skype package for OpenSUSE 1
volumes-profile-lite Volumes description for School Lite distribution 1
yandex-disk-indicator Panel indicator for YandexDisk CLI client for Linux 1
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