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описание пакета кол-во записей
evolution Integrated GNOME mail client, calendar and address book 64
libgtk+2 The GIMP ToolKit (GTK+), a library for creating GUIs 54
gnome-panel The core programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment 50
epiphany Epiphany is a GNOME web browser. 34
gdm The GNOME Display Manager 30
gnome-control-center GNOME Control Center 30
gnome-session The gnome session programs for the GNOME GUI desktop environment 30
gnumeric A full-featured spreadsheet for GNOME 30
libpango System for layout and rendering of internationalized text 28
udisks2 Disk Management Service (Second Edition) 28
abiword Lean and fast full-featured word processor 26
gnome-terminal GNOME Terminal 26
yelp Lightweight help browser for GNOME 26
gnome-applets Small applications for the GNOME panel 24
gnome-shell Window management and application launching for GNOME 24
libgtk+3 The GIMP ToolKit (GTK+) 24
gedit gEdit is a small but powerful text editor for GNOME 22
totem Movie player for GNOME 3 22
gparted GParted Partition Editor 20
file-roller An archive manager for GNOME 18
gthumb An image file viewer and browser for GNOME 18
gvfs The GNOME virtual filesystem libraries 18
mpg123 MPEG audio player 18
nautilus Nautilus is a network user environment 18
python-module-Cython C-extensions for Python 18
gnome-desktop The gnome desktop programs for the GNOME desktop environment 16
shared-mime-info Shared MIME-Info Specification 16
glib2 A library of handy utility functions 14
libgnome GNOME base library 14
brasero CD/DVD burning tool for GNOME. 12
darktable Darktable is a virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographer 12
openshot Non Linear Video Editor using Python and MLT 12
python-module-pygobject3 Python bindings for GObject 12
vte Terminal emulator widget for use with GTK+ 12
gnome-keyring gnome-keyring is a password keeper for GNOME 10
gnome-screensaver GNOME Screensaver 10
python-module-pygtk Python bindings for the GTK+ widget set 10
tracker Tracker is a powerfull desktop-oriented search tool and indexer 10
exiv2 Command line tool to access EXIF data in image files 8
gnome-commander A Gnome file manager similar to the Norton Commander (TM) 8
gnome-disk-utility Disk management application 8
gnome-settings-daemon A program that manages general GNOME settings 8
gnome-vfs The GNOME virtual file-system libraries 8
libgdk-pixbuf An image loading and rendering library for Gdk 8
libgtkmm2 A C++ interface for GTK2 (a GUI library for X) 8
libsoup HTTP client/server library for GNOME 8
libxklavier libXklavier library 8
python-module-pygobject Python bindings for GObject 8
seahorse A password and encryption key manager 8
ufraw UFRaw is a graphical utility for opening and converting RAW files from digital photo cameras 8
GConf Gnome Config System 6
ORBit2 A high-performance CORBA Object Request Broker 6
colord Color daemon 6
devhelp Developer's help program 6
dvd+rw-tools Toolchain for mastering recordable DVD media 6
fluidsynth Software real-time synthesizer 6
fribidi Bi-directional scripts support 6
geary Email client 6
geeqie Graphics file browser utility 6
gnome-music Music playing application for GNOME3 6
gnome-system-monitor Simple process monitor 6
guvcview A GTK UVC video viewer 6
libcanberra Portable Sound Event Library 6
libgnomeoffice Library for writing gnome office programs 6
libgsf GNOME Structured file library 6
mypaint A simple paint program 6
redshift Redshift adjusts the color temperature of your screen 6
libqwt6 2D plotting widget extension to the Qt GUI 5
asunder Audio CD ripper and encoder for Linux 4
cdrdao Cdrdao - Write audio CD-Rs in disk-at-once mode 4
cheese Cheese is a Photobooth-inspired application for taking pictures and videos 4
docbook-dtds SGML and XML document type definitions for DocBook 4
efl Enlightenment Foundation Libraries 4
enlightenment The Enlightenment window manager 4
esound The Enlightened Sound Daemon 4
gimp-plugin-resynthesizer Gimp plug-in for manipulating textures 4
gnome-dictionary Gnome client for MIT dictionary server 4
gnome-documents A document manager application for GNOME 4
gnome-power-manager GNOME Power management tools 4
gnome3 GNOME 3 Desktop installers 4
gsmartcontrol GSmartControl - Hard disk drive and SSD health inspection tool 4
gst-plugins-bad1.0 A set of GStreamer plugins that need more quality 4
gstreamer1.0 GStreamer streaming media framework runtime 4
gtk-vnc VNC viewer widget 4
homebank Free easy personal accounting for all! 4
icu56 International Components for Unicode 4
intltool Scripts and assorted auto* magic for i18nalizing various kinds of data files 4
klavaro Yet another touch typing tutor 4
libart_lgpl Library of graphics routines used by libgnomecanvas 4
libglibmm C++ wrapper for GLib 4
libgnome-keyring Compatibility library for accessing secrets 4
libgnomeui GNOME base GUI library 4
libgtksourceview GtkSourceView text widget library 4
libguess high-speed character set detection library 4
libraw library for reading RAW files obtained from digital photo cameras 4
librsvg SVG rendering library 4
libsigc++2 The Typesafe Callback Framework for C++ 4
libwebkitgtk3 Web browser engine 4
nasm The Netwide Assembler, a portable x86 assembler with Intel-like syntax 4
notification-daemon Desktop Notification Daemon 4
orca A screen reader that provides access to the GNOME desktop by people with visual impairments 4
osmo Personal organizer 4
powernowd PowerNow Daemon controls the speed and voltage of CPUs. 4
python-module-dbus Python bindings for D-BUS library 4
quvi Command line tool for parsing video download links 4
rawstudio Rawstudio is an open source raw-image converter written in GTK+ 4
sound-juicer Clean and lean CD ripper 4
terminology EFL terminal emulator 4
tilda A Linux terminal taking after the likeness of many terminals from fps games 4
gnome-games Simple game launcher for GNOME 3
lincity-ng LinCity-NG is a city simulation game. It is a polished and improved version of the classic LinCity game 3
meld Meld Diff Viewer 3
pipewire Media Sharing Server 3
at-spi2-atk A GTK+ module that bridges ATK to D-Bus at-spi 2
caribou A simplified in-place on-screen keyboard 2
dvdauthor set of tools to author a DVD 2
edb Enlightenment Database Access Library 2
empathy Instant Messaging Client for GNOME 2
flatpak-builder Tool to build flatpaks from source 2
fotoxx Software for digital image editing, HDR composites, and panoramas 2
gconf-editor An editor for the GConf configuration system. 2
gedit-plugins Plugins for GEdit 2
glade3 GTK+2 widget builder 2
gnome-bluetooth The GNOME Bluetooth Subsystem 2
gnome-builder Builder - Develop software for GNOME 2
gnome-calculator GTK+3 based desktop calculator 2
gnome-color-manager Color profile manager for the GNOME desktop 2
gnome-desktop3 Library with common API for various GNOME 3 modules 2
gnome-games-mahjongg Classic Chinese Tile Game 2
gnome-games-sudoku GNOME Sudoku game 2
gnome-logs The GNOME logfile viewer 2
gnome-menus GNOME desktop menu 2
gnome-menus2 GNOME desktop menu 2
gnome-screenshot The GNOME Screenshot Tool 2
gnome-search-tool The GNOME Search Tool 2
gtk-doc API documentation generation tool for GTK+ and GNOME 2
gtkhtml3 GtkHTML is a HTML rendering/editing library 2
gucharmap gucharmap is a featureful Unicode character map 2
icu International Components for Unicode 2
kernel-modules-bbswitch-un-def bbswitch module 2
libappstream-glib Library for AppStream metadata 2
libatk Accessibility features for Gtk+ 2
libbonoboui Bonobo user interface components 2
libbrotli Library implementing the Brotli compression algorithm 2
libexempi Library for easy parsing of XMP metadata 2
libgit2 linkable library for Git 2
libglade libglade library 2
libgnomecanvas GnomeCanvas widget 2
libgnomekbd GNOME keyboard shared library 2
libgst-rtsp-server GStreamer-1.0 RTSP server library 2
libgtk+4 The GIMP ToolKit (GTK+) 2
libgtksourceview3 GtkSourceView text widget library 2
libgudev UDev GObject bindings 2
libgupnp A framework for creating UPnP devices and control points 2
libgweather A library for weather information 2
libimobiledevice Library for connecting to Apple iPhone and iPod touch 2
liblcms2 Little cms color engine, version 2 2
libmozjs52 JavaScript interpreter and libraries 2
libopenjpeg2.0 JPEG 2000 codec library (API version 2.0) 2
libopenraw Decode camera RAW files 2
libpeas A gobject-based plugins engine 2
librest A library for access to RESTful web services 2
libsass A C/C++ implementation of a Sass compiler 2
libsecret A client library for the Secret Service DBus API 2
libtepl GTK+ Text Editor Framework 2
libtotem-pl-parser Shared libraries of the Totem media player play list parser 2
libwnck libwnck is a Window Navigator Construction Kit 2
libxml++2 C++ wrapper for the libxml2 XML parser library 2
mirage A fast and simple PyGTK image viewer. 2
mutter Clutter based compositing GTK3 Window Manager 2
nautilus-sendto Nautilus Sendto menu item 2
potrace Potrace is a utility for transform bitmaps into vector graphics 2
python-module-pygnome-desktop Python modules for some GNOME libraries part of the GNOME Desktop 2
qjackctl Qjackctl is a programm to control the JACK sound server daemon 2
sgmltools-lite Transforms SGML DocBook files to various formats 2
startup-notification Startup Notification Library 2
sushi A quick previewer for Nautilus 2
telepathy-gabble Jabber/XMPP connection manager 2
telepathy-mission-control Telepathy mission control plugin library 2
telepathy-salut A link-local XMPP connection manager 2
telepathy-sofiasip SIP connection manager for the Telepathy framework 2
udftools Linux tools for UDF filesystems and DVD/CD-R(W) drives 2
vinagre Remote desktop viewer for the GNOME Desktop 2
xpad A virtual sticky pad system using GTK+3 2
zeitgeist Framework providing Desktop activity awareness 2
alacarte Menu editor for GNOME 1
gnome-common Gnome-common contains useful things common to building gnome packages 1
gnome-doc-utils Documentation utilities for GNOME 1
gnome-getting-started-docs Help for a new GNOME users 1
gnome-icon-theme A set of icons for GNOME 2 desktop 1
gnome-utils Utilities for the GNOME 3 desktop 1
libquvi-scripts Lua scripts for parsing the media details 1
libquvi-scripts0.9 Lua scripts for parsing the media details 1
mediainfo MediaInfo supplies information about a video or audio file 1
mobile-broadband-provider-info Mobile Broadband Service Provider Database 1
rpm-build-gnome RPM macros and helper scripts for GNOME packages building 1
specto A desktop application that will watch configurable events 1
unoconv Tool to convert between any document format supported by LibreOffice 1
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