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Group :: Development/C
RPM: llvm12.0

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%define _unpackaged_files_terminate_build 1

%filter_from_requires /python[0-9.]\+(Reporter)/d
%filter_from_requires /python[0-9.]\+(optpmap)/d

%global v_major 12
%global v_majmin %v_major.0
%global v_full %v_majmin.1
%global rcsuffix %nil
%global llvm_name llvm%v_majmin
%global clang_name clang%v_majmin
%global clangd_name clangd%v_majmin
%global lld_name lld%v_majmin
%global lldb_name lldb%v_majmin

%global llvm_default_name llvm%_llvm_version
%global clang_default_name clang%_llvm_version
%global lld_default_name lld%_llvm_version

%global llvm_prefix %_prefix/lib/llvm-%v_majmin
%global llvm_bindir %llvm_prefix/bin
%global llvm_libdir %llvm_prefix/%_lib
%global llvm_includedir %llvm_prefix/include
%global llvm_libexecdir %llvm_prefix/libexec
%global llvm_datadir %llvm_prefix/share
%global llvm_man1dir %llvm_datadir/man/man1
%global llvm_docdir %llvm_datadir/doc

# Decrease debuginfo verbosity to reduce memory consumption during final library linking

%ifarch %ix86 %arm
%define optflags_debug -g0
#define __nprocs 1
%define optflags_debug -g1

# LTO-related flags are set by CMake.

%global optflags_lto %nil

%define hwasan_symbolize_arches x86_64 aarch64
%define lldb_arches x86_64 %arm

%def_disable tests
%ifarch x86_64 aarch64
%def_without clang
%def_without clang

%define tarversion %v_full%rcsuffix
%if 0%rcsuffix==0
%define mversion %v_full
%define mversion %v_full%{?rcsuffix:-%rcsuffix}

Name: %llvm_name
Version: %v_full
Release: alt4.1
Summary: The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure

Group: Development/C
License: Apache-2.0 with LLVM-exception
Patch:  clang-alt-i586-fallback.patch
Patch1: clang-alt-triple.patch
Patch2: 0001-alt-llvm-config-Ignore-wrappers-when-looking-for-current.patch
Patch3: llvm-alt-fix-linking.patch
Patch4: llvm-alt-triple.patch
Patch5: compiler-rt-alt-i586-arch.patch
Patch6: RH-0001-CMake-Split-static-library-exports-into-their-own-ex.patch
Patch7: clang-alt-aarch64-dynamic-linker-path.patch
Patch8: clang-tools-extra-alt-gcc-0001-clangd-satisfy-ALT-gcc-s-Werror-return-type.patch
Patch9: lld-11-alt-mipsel-permit-textrels-by-default.patch
Patch10: llvm-10-alt-python3.patch
# TODO: upstream this
Patch11: hwasan_symbolize-python3.patch
Patch14: llvm-10-alt-riscv64-config-guess.patch
Patch15: llvm-cmake-resolve-symlinks-in-LLVMConfig.cmake.patch
Patch16: clang-cmake-resolve-symlinks-in-ClangConfig.cmake.patch
Patch17: llvm-cmake-pass-ffat-lto-objects-if-using-the-GNU-toolcha.patch
Patch18: lld-compact-unwind-encoding.h.patch

Patch101: clang-ALT-bug-40628-grecord-command-line.patch

%if_with clang
%set_verify_elf_method lint=skip

# ThinLTO requires /proc/cpuinfo to exist; so the same does llvm

BuildPreReq: /proc

# Obtain %%__python3 at prep stage.

BuildRequires(pre): rpm-build-python
BuildRequires(pre): rpm-build-python3
BuildRequires(pre): rpm-macros-llvm-common

BuildRequires(pre): cmake >= 3.4.3
BuildRequires: rpm-build >= 4.0.4-alt112 libncursesw-devel
BuildRequires: libstdc++-devel libffi-devel perl-Pod-Parser perl-devel
BuildRequires: python3-module-recommonmark zip zlib-devel binutils-devel ninja-build
%if_with clang
BuildRequires: %clang_default_name %llvm_default_name-devel %lld_default_name
BuildRequires: gcc-c++

%define requires_filesystem Requires: %name-filesystem = %EVR
Requires: llvm >= %_llvm_version

LLVM is a compiler infrastructure designed for compile-time, link-time,
runtime, and idle-time optimization of programs from arbitrary
programming languages. The compiler infrastructure includes mirror sets
of programming tools as well as libraries with equivalent functionality.

%package filesystem
Group: Development/Other
Summary: Owns the installation prefix for LLVM

%description filesystem
This package owns the installation prefix for LLVM. It is designed to be
pulled in by all non-empty LLVM packages.

%package devel
Group: Development/C
Summary: Libraries and header files for LLVM
Requires: llvm-devel >= %_llvm_version
Requires: %name = %EVR
Provides: %name-devel-static
# Compatibility note:
# The gold plugin was located in llvm-devel prior to 12.0.1-alt3.
Requires: %name-gold

%description devel
This package contains library and header files needed to develop new
native programs that use the LLVM infrastructure.

%package gold
Summary: gold linker plugin for LLVM
Group: Development/Tools
# requires: libLLVM
Requires: %name-libs

%description gold
This package contains the gold plugin for LLVM objects.

%package libs
Group: Development/C
Summary: LLVM shared libraries
# We pull in the gold plugin for e. g. Clang's -flto=thin to work
# out of the box with gold.
Requires: %name-gold

%description libs
This package contains shared libraries needed to develop new
native programs that use LLVM.

%package doc
Summary: Documentation for LLVM
Group: Documentation
BuildArch: noarch

%description doc
Documentation for the LLVM compiler infrastructure.

%package tools
Summary: Various minor tools bundled with LLVM
Group: Development/C

%description tools
This package contains various tools maintained as part of LLVM, including

%package -n %clang_name
Summary: A C language family frontend for LLVM
Group: Development/C
# clang uses various parts of GNU crt bundled with gcc.
# Should they be packaged separately?
Requires: gcc
Requires: clang >= %_llvm_version

%description -n %clang_name
clang: noun
   1. A loud, resonant, metallic sound.
   2. The strident call of a crane or goose.
   3. C-language family front-end toolkit.

The goal of the Clang project is to create a new C, C++, Objective C
and Objective C++ front-end for the LLVM compiler. Its tools are built
as libraries and designed to be loosely-coupled and extendable.

%package -n %clang_name-libs
Group: Development/C
Summary: clang shared libraries
Requires: %clang_name-libs-support = %EVR

%description -n %clang_name-libs
Shared libraries for the clang compiler.

%package -n %clang_name-libs-support
Group: Development/C
Summary: Support for Clang's shared libraries

%description -n %clang_name-libs-support
The Clang's shared libraries implement compilers for C and C++, and thus have
to bundle additional platform support headers and libraries for use within the
compilation product. This package contains the platform support.

%package -n %clang_name-libs-support-shared-runtimes
Group: Development/C
Summary: Shared runtimes for Clang's shared libraries
Requires: %clang_name-libs-support = %EVR

%description -n %clang_name-libs-support-shared-runtimes
This package contains shared runtime libraries for Scudo and sanitizers.

%package -n %clang_name-devel
Summary: Header files for clang
Group: Development/C
Requires: clang-devel >= %_llvm_version
Requires: %clang_name = %EVR
Provides: %clang_name-devel-static

%description -n %clang_name-devel
This package contains header files for the Clang compiler.

%package -n %clang_name-analyzer
Summary: A source code analysis framework
Group: Development/C
BuildArch: noarch
Requires: %clang_name = %EVR

%description -n %clang_name-analyzer
The Clang Static Analyzer consists of both a source code analysis
framework and a standalone tool that finds bugs in C and Objective-C
programs. The standalone tool is invoked from the command-line, and is
intended to run in tandem with a build of a project or code base.

%package -n %clang_name-tools
Summary: Various clang-based tools
Group: Development/C
Requires: %clang_name = %EVR
Requires: clang-tools >= %_llvm_version

%description -n %clang_name-tools
This package contains various code analysis and manipulation tools based on
libclang, including clang-format.

%package -n %clang_name-doc
Summary: Documentation for Clang
Group: Documentation
BuildArch: noarch

%description -n %clang_name-doc
Documentation for the Clang compiler front-end.

%package -n %clangd_name
Summary: A clang-based language server
Group: Development/C
Requires: clangd >= %_llvm_version

%description -n %clangd_name
This package contains clangd, a Clang-based language server for C and C++.

%package -n %lld_name
Summary: LLD - The LLVM Linker
Group: Development/C
Requires: lld >= %_llvm_version

%description -n %lld_name
LLD is a linker from the LLVM project. That is a drop-in replacement for system
linkers and runs much faster than them. It also provides features that are
useful for toolchain developers.

%package -n %lld_name-devel
Summary: Header files for LLD
Group: Development/C
Requires: lld-devel >= %_llvm_version
Requires: %lld_name = %EVR

%description -n %lld_name-devel
This package contains header files for the LLD linker.

%package -n %lld_name-doc
Summary: Documentation for LLD
Group: Documentation
BuildArch: noarch

%description -n %lld_name-doc
Documentation for the LLD linker.

%package -n %lldb_name
Summary: A next-level high-performance debugger
Group: Development/Debuggers

%description -n %lldb_name
LLDB is a next generation, high-performance debugger. It is built as a set of
reusable components which highly leverage existing libraries in the larger LLVM
project, such as the Clang expression parser and the LLVM disassembler.

%package -n lib%lldb_name
Summary: Shared library for LLDB
Group: Development/Debuggers

%description -n lib%lldb_name
This package contains the LLDB runtime library.

%package -n lib%lldb_name-devel
Summary: Development files for liblldb
Group: Development/Debuggers

%description -n lib%lldb_name-devel
This package contains header files to build extensions over lldb, as well as
development symlinks for liblldb.

%package -n %lldb_name-doc
Summary: Documentation for LLDB
Group: Documentation
BuildArch: noarch

%description -n %lldb_name-doc
Documentation for the LLDB debugger.

%setup -n llvm-%tarversion.src -a1 -a2 -a3 -a4 -a5
for pkg in clang lld lldb; do
  mv $pkg-%tarversion.src tools/$pkg
mv clang-tools-extra-%tarversion.src tools/clang/tools/extra
for pkg in compiler-rt; do
  mv $pkg-%tarversion.src projects/$pkg
%patch -p1 -b .alt-i586-fallback
%patch1 -p1 -b .alt-triple
%patch2 -p1
sed -i 's)"%%llvm_bindir")"%llvm_bindir")' lib/Support/Unix/
%patch3 -p1 -b .alt-fix-linking
%patch4 -p1 -b .alt-triple
%patch5 -p1 -b .alt-i586-arch
%patch6 -p1
%patch7 -p1 -b .alt-aarch64-dynamic-linker
%patch8 -p1
%patch9 -p1 -b .alt-mipsel-permit-textrels-by-default
%patch10 -p1
%patch11 -p1
%patch14 -p1
%patch15 -p2
%patch16 -p1
%patch17 -p1
%patch18 -p1

%patch101 -p1

# LLVM 12 and onward deprecate Python 2:

# Explicitly use python3 in hashbangs.
subst '/^#!.*python$/s|python$|python3|' $(grep -Rl '#!.*python$' *)

export NPROCS="%__nprocs"
if [ "$NPROCS" -gt 64 ]; then
export NPROCS=64
%define _cmake_skip_rpath -DCMAKE_SKIP_RPATH:BOOL=OFF
%define _cmake__builddir BUILD
%cmake -G Ninja \
-DPACKAGE_VENDOR="%vendor" \
-DLLVM_BINUTILS_INCDIR="%_includedir/bfd" \
%if_with clang
-DCMAKE_RANLIB:PATH=%_bindir/llvm-ranlib \
-DCMAKE_AR:PATH=%_bindir/llvm-ar \
-DCMAKE_NM:PATH=%_bindir/llvm-nm \
%ifnarch riscv64
-DCMAKE_AR:PATH=%_bindir/gcc-ar \
-DCMAKE_NM:PATH=%_bindir/gcc-nm \
-DCMAKE_RANLIB:PATH=%_bindir/gcc-ranlib \
-DLLVM_LIBDIR_SUFFIX="%_libsuff" \
%if_enabled tests
%if_with clang
-DLLDB_TEST_COMPILER:PATH=%_bindir/clang \
-DSPHINX_EXECUTABLE=%_bindir/sphinx-build-3 \

sed -i 's|man\ tools/lld/docs/docs-lld-html|man|' BUILD/
ninja -vvv -j $NPROCS -C BUILD

pushd BUILD
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=%buildroot%llvm_prefix ../
sed -i 's|man\ tools/lld/docs/docs-lld-html|man|'
sed -i '/^[[:space:]]*include.*tools\/lld\/docs\/cmake_install.cmake.*/d' tools/lld/cmake_install.cmake
ninja -C BUILD install

# Prepare Clang documentation.

rm -rf BUILD/clang-docs
mkdir -p BUILD/clang-docs
for f in LICENSE.TXT NOTES.txt README.txt; do
 ln tools/clang/$f BUILD/clang-docs/
rm -rf tools/clang/docs/{doxygen*,Makefile*,*.graffle,tools}

install -m 0755 BUILD/%_lib/ %buildroot%llvm_libdir/
install -m 0755 BUILD/%_lib/ %buildroot%llvm_libdir/
mkdir -p %buildroot%llvm_docdir/lld

%ifarch %ix86
cd %buildroot%llvm_libdir/clang/%v_full/lib/linux
ls *-i[3-9]86* | while read f; do ln -s $f $(echo $f | sed 's|i[3-9]86|i386|') ; done

# The following files are not used by LLVM builds for Linux.

rm -f %buildroot%llvm_bindir/argdumper
rm -f %buildroot%llvm_datadir/clang/clang-format-bbedit.applescript

# Install the clang bash completion.

mkdir -p %buildroot%_datadir/bash-completion/completions
ln -sr %buildroot%llvm_datadir/clang/ %buildroot%_datadir/bash-completion/completions/clang-%v_major

# Symlink executables to %_bindir.

mkdir -p %buildroot%_bindir
for b in %buildroot%llvm_bindir/*; do
bb="$(basename "$b")"
echo "$bb" | grep -q -- '-%v_major$' && continue # if already appended
ln -srv "$b" "%buildroot%_bindir/$bb-%v_major"
# Symlink man pages to the man dirs.
for mand in %buildroot%llvm_datadir/man/man*; do
for m in "$mand"/*.[1-9]*; do
# Let's force compress the man page, then symlink it.
# /usr/lib/llvm-12.0/share/man/manD/utilX.D.xz -> /usr/share/man/manD/utilX-12.D.xz
# Otherwise, brp-alt(compress) keeps fucking us up.
# It remakes the symlinks first, then compresses their targets,
# severing the symlinks.
/usr/lib/rpm/compress_files "$m"

mb="$(basename "$m")" # e. g. llvm-ar.1.xz
new_mb="${mb%%.[1-9]*}-%v_major.$mand_index" # e. g. llvm-ar-12.1.xz

mkdir -p "%buildroot%_mandir/man$mand_index"
ln -srv "$m" "%buildroot%_mandir/man$mand_index/$new_mb"

# Symlink sonamed shared libraries in %llvm_prefix/%_libdir to %_libdir.

mkdir -p %buildroot%_libdir
find %buildroot%llvm_libdir/*.so* -type f,l \
| grep -E '^%buildroot%llvm_libdir/.*(%v_major)' | sort | tee %_tmppath/shared-objects \
| sed 's)%llvm_libdir)%_libdir)' > %_tmppath/shared-object-links
paste %_tmppath/shared-objects %_tmppath/shared-object-links | while read object link; do
ln -srv "$object" "$link"

# List all packaged binaries in this source package.

find %buildroot%_bindir/*-%v_major > %_tmppath/PATH-executables

# For paranoic reasons library packaging policy covers peculiar directory paths.

# If there are $A.a and $ in %llvm_libdir/clang, they should not end up in the
# same package (but can be co-installed on a system).
# Let's list all the $ for which $A.a exists into a separate package.
# We also consider i386-symlinks for iN86.
find %buildroot%llvm_libdir/clang -type f,l -name '*.a' -or -name '*.so' | \
   sed -r -n 's/^(\/.+)\.a$/\1/p; s/^(.+)\.so$/\1/p' | sort | uniq -d > %_tmppath/libclang-support-dupes
sed < %_tmppath/libclang-support-dupes 's)^%buildroot)); s/$/.a/' > %_tmppath/libclang-support-static-runtimes
sed < %_tmppath/libclang-support-dupes 's)^%buildroot)); s/$/.so/' > %_tmppath/libclang-support-shared-runtimes
sed < %_tmppath/libclang-support-shared-runtimes 's/^/%%exclude /' > %_tmppath/dyn-files-libclang-support
echo "Expelling likely redundant Clang shared runtimes:" && cat %_tmppath/dyn-files-libclang-support

# Emit executable list for %name.

# A tool can be accompanied by a man page or not.
awk -F'\t' '
$1 ~ "bin" { print "%llvm_bindir/" $2; print "%_bindir/" $2 "-%v_major"; }
$1 ~ "man" { print "%llvm_man1dir/" $2 ".1*"; print "%_man1dir/" $2 "-%v_major.1*"; }
' >%_tmppath/dyn-files-%name <<EOExecutableList
bin,man bugpoint
bin,man diagtool
bin,man dsymutil
bin ld64.lld.darwinnew
bin,man llc
bin,man lli
bin,man llvm-addr2line
bin,man llvm-ar
bin,man llvm-as
bin,man llvm-bcanalyzer
bin llvm-bitcode-strip
bin llvm-cat
bin llvm-cfi-verify
bin,man llvm-cov
bin llvm-c-test
bin llvm-cvtres
bin llvm-cxxdump
bin,man llvm-cxxfilt
bin,man llvm-cxxmap
bin,man llvm-diff
bin,man llvm-dis
bin llvm-dlltool
bin,man llvm-dwarfdump
bin llvm-dwp
bin llvm-elfabi
bin,man llvm-exegesis
bin,man llvm-extract
bin llvm-gsymutil
bin llvm-ifs
bin,man llvm-install-name-tool
bin llvm-jitlink
bin,man llvm-lib
bin,man llvm-libtool-darwin
bin,man llvm-link
bin,man llvm-lipo
bin llvm-lto
bin llvm-lto2
bin llvm-mc
bin,man llvm-mca
bin llvm-ml
bin llvm-modextract
bin llvm-mt
bin,man llvm-nm
bin,man llvm-objcopy
bin,man llvm-objdump
bin llvm-opt-report
bin,man llvm-pdbutil
bin,man llvm-profdata
bin,man llvm-profgen
bin,man llvm-ranlib
bin llvm-rc
bin,man llvm-readelf
bin,man llvm-readobj
bin llvm-reduce
bin llvm-rtdyld
bin,man llvm-size
bin llvm-split
bin,man llvm-stress
bin,man llvm-strings
bin,man llvm-strip
bin,man llvm-symbolizer
bin llvm-tblgen
bin llvm-undname
bin llvm-xray
bin modularize
bin,man opt
bin pp-trace
bin sancov
bin sanstats
bin split-file
bin verify-uselistorder
man xxx-tblgen

man FileCheck
man extraclangtools
man lit
man llvm-locstats

%if_enabled tests
ninja -C BUILD check-all || :

# Do not generate dependencies for clang-{format,rename} plugins.

%add_findreq_skiplist %llvm_datadir/clang/*

%files filesystem
%dir %llvm_prefix
%dir %llvm_bindir
%dir %llvm_libdir
%dir %llvm_includedir
%dir %llvm_libexecdir
%dir %llvm_datadir
%dir %llvm_datadir/clang
%dir %llvm_datadir/man
%dir %llvm_man1dir
%dir %llvm_docdir

%files -f %_tmppath/dyn-files-%name

%files libs

%files tools

%files devel
%dir %llvm_libdir/cmake

%files gold

%files -n %clang_name
%doc BUILD/clang-docs/*
%exclude %llvm_bindir/clang-check*
%exclude %_bindir/clang-check*
%exclude %llvm_bindir/clang-extdef-mapping*
%exclude %_bindir/clang-extdef-mapping*
%exclude %llvm_bindir/clang-format*
%exclude %_bindir/clang-format*
%exclude %llvm_bindir/git-clang-format*
%exclude %_bindir/git-clang-format*
%exclude %llvm_bindir/clang-offload-*
%exclude %_bindir/clang-offload-*
%exclude %llvm_bindir/clang-refactor*
%exclude %_bindir/clang-refactor*
%exclude %llvm_bindir/clang-rename*
%exclude %_bindir/clang-rename*

%files -n %clang_name-libs

%files -n %clang_name-libs-support -f %_tmppath/dyn-files-libclang-support
# clang-tools
%ifarch %hwasan_symbolize_arches
%exclude %llvm_libdir/clang/%v_full/bin/hwasan_symbolize

%files -n %clang_name-libs-support-shared-runtimes -f %_tmppath/libclang-support-shared-runtimes

%files -n %clang_name-devel
%dir %llvm_libdir/cmake

%files -n %clang_name-analyzer

%files -n %clang_name-tools
%exclude %llvm_bindir/clang-%v_major
%exclude %llvm_bindir/clang
%exclude %_bindir/*clang-%v_major
%exclude %llvm_bindir/clang++
%exclude %_bindir/clang++-%v_major
%exclude %llvm_bindir/clang-cl
%exclude %_bindir/clang-cl-%v_major
%exclude %llvm_bindir/clang-cpp
%exclude %_bindir/clang-cpp-%v_major
%exclude %llvm_datadir/clang/
%ifarch %hwasan_symbolize_arches

%files -n %clangd_name

%files -n %lld_name

%files -n %lld_name-devel
%dir %llvm_includedir/lld
# see Patch18: lld-compact-unwind-encoding.h.patch
%dir %llvm_libdir/cmake

%files -n %lldb_name
# Temporarily exclude lldb man pages.
# %llvm_man1dir/lldb.1*
# %_man1dir/lldb-%v_major.1*

%files -n lib%lldb_name

%files -n lib%lldb_name-devel
# %_libdir/liblldb*.so

%files doc
%doc %llvm_docdir/llvm

%files -n %clang_name-doc
%doc %llvm_docdir/clang
%doc %llvm_docdir/clang-tools

%files -n %lld_name-doc
%doc %llvm_docdir/lld

%files -n %lldb_name-doc
#doc %llvm_docdir/lldb


Full changelog you can see here

design & coding: Vladimir Lettiev aka crux © 2004-2005, Andrew Avramenko aka liks © 2007-2008
current maintainer: Michael Shigorin