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Group :: Publishing
RPM: tetex

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1 september 2008 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at> 2.0-alt5

  • Packaged intermediate subdirectories to fix build.

1 april 2008 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at> 2.0-alt4

  • Dropped readlink remnants to fix build.
  • Tweaked shell scripts to avoid extra requirements.
  • Packaged symlinks to /usr/bin/mfw in -xdvi subpackage
     (as long as /usr/bin/mfw executable is packaged there).

1 april 2006 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at> 2.0-alt3

  • Updated build dependencies, rebuilt in new environment.

6 february 2006 Vladimir Lettiev <crux at> 2.0-alt2.4

  • Fix compile failure in dvi-draw.c (patch from gentoo #118264)

30 december 2005 Vladimir Lettiev <crux at> 2.0-alt2.3

     + CVE-2004-0888
     + CVE-2004-1125
     + CVE-2005-0064
     + CVE-2005-3191, CVE-2005-3192
  • Fix build: changed buildrequires flex -> flex-old
  • Build with system w3c-libwww (this also fix CVE-2005-3183)

3 may 2005 Anton D. Kachalov <mouse at> 2.0-alt2.2

  • x86_64 support

18 january 2005 ALT QA Team Robot <qa-robot at> 2.0-alt2.1

  • Rebuilt with

20 october 2003 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at> 2.0-alt2

  • tetex-core: corrected dependencies.
  • tetex-core: fixed shell dependencies in texconfig and fmtutil.
  • tetex-context: fixed perltk build problems (at).
  • Fixed "/bin/sh5" and "/bin/bsh" dependencies.
  • tetex-xpdf: rebuilt with
  • Eliminated %clean section.

26 january 2003 Alexander Bokovoy <ab at> 2.0-alt1

  • 2.0 release candidate 1

20 january 2003 Alexander Bokovoy <ab at> 2.0-alt0.9

  • Remove /usr/share/texmf/dvipdfm/config directory before installing
     tetex-core because structure of that subtree has been changed in
     20030107 beta.

17 january 2003 Alexander Bokovoy <ab at> 2.0-alt0.8

  • 2.0 beta (20030112)
  • Finally updmap is working with new config files scheme (see patch7)
  • tetex-fonts-source brought back into tetex-core after
     Vladimir Volovich ( suggestions
  • Added:
       + exmi font family for use with EC fonts in PlainTeX
       + Russian and Ukrainian ConTeXt support (Olya Briginets and me)
  • Removed:
       + rupdmap because need functionality was integrated back into updmap
  • Separated:
       + ConTeXt moved to a subpackage

12 january 2003 Alexander Bokovoy <ab at> 2.0-alt0.7

  • 2.0 beta (20030107)
  • Slightly modified source decomposition
  • Fixed portability issues in rupdmap for Ruby 1.6/1.8 betas
  • Added default umask of 022 in rupdmap to make sure that
     created files are always readble by world
  • Obsoletes dvipdfm since it is now part of teTeX
  • More documentation (ChangeLogs and README) from sources added

7 january 2003 Alexander Bokovoy <ab at> 2.0-alt0.6

  • 2.0 beta (20021210):
       + updated pdftex to version 1.10a-RC1
  • Fix dependency on cm-super-fonts-tex for tetex main package

24 november 2002 Alexander Bokovoy <ab at> 2.0-alt0.5

  • Added common documentation to tetex package
  • Moved texdoc{,tk} to doc subpackage

22 november 2002 Alexander Bokovoy <ab at> 2.0-alt0.4

  • Moved tetex base to tetex-core in order to eliminate dependency
     loop with fonts-cm-super-tex. Now tetex package pre-requires tetex-core
     and fonts-cm-super-tex while the latter pre-requires tetex-core only.

22 november 2002 Alexander Bokovoy <ab at> 2.0-alt0.3

  • Imported rupdmap-1.0 into main tetex package
  • spec cleanups
  • Forward provide ConTeXT perl modules so that perlreq output for
     tetex package will have some meaning

21 november 2002 Alexander Bokovoy <ab at> 2.0-alt0.2

  • 2.0 beta (20021116)
  • use cm-super fonts from fonts-cm-super-tex package

23 october 2002 Alexander Bokovoy <ab at> 2.0-alt0.1

  • 2.0 beta (20021017)
  • All system wide libraries are used instead of locally provided ones
  • Rebuild with gcc 3.2
  • Type1 support enabled by default
  • MetaFont sources distributed in tetex-fonts-source subpackage
  • Use ALT-specific updmap implementation (rupdmap)

27 august 2002 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at> 1.0.7-ipl21mdk

  • Dropped /usr/bin/readlink (better implementation added in
     fileutils-4.1.11-alt3) and added dependence on /bin/readlink.
  • Moved cm-super subpackager under with/without logic control and disabled
     packaging by default.
  • Updated Packager tag.
  • Specfile remains dirty, any volunteers to cleanup?

23 december 2001 Ivan Zakharyaschev <imz at> 1.0.7-ipl20mdk

  • fix an error in the way how dvilj* were suggested to call from Emacs for
     printing (introduced in the previous change): they used to print to a
     file, now they pass the output to "lpr".

8 december 2001 Ivan Zakharyaschev <imz at> 1.0.7-ipl19mdk

  • now subpackages that provide commands for viewing/printing DVIs
     put scripts that set corresponding Emacs' TeX mode variables to

11 october 2001 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv at> 1.0.7-ipl18mdk

  • Specfile partial cleanup.
  • Rebuilt with

25 september 2001 Alexander Bokovoy <ab at> 1.0.7-ipl17mdk

  • tetex-cm-super package added with Cyrillic Type 1 fonts for
     EC/TC and LH from Vladimir Volovich.
  • Type1 support in dvips is enabled by default
  • Updmap now automagically adds cm-super fonts if they are installed

15 march 2001 AEN <aen at> 1.0.7-ipl16mdk

  • math accented patch from Ivan Zakharyashev

4 december 2000 AEN <aen at>

  • belarusian & kazakh support in babel
  • rebuild for RE

17 november 2000 David BAUDENS <baudens at> 1.0.7-14mdk

  • Rebuild with gcc-2.96 & glibc-2.2

22 october 2000 David BAUDENS <baudens at> 1.0.7-13mdk

  • BuildRequires: ed

17 october 2000 David BAUDENS <baudens at> 1.0.7-12mdk

  • Allow to build (aka fix filelist)

3 october 2000 Daouda Lo <daouda at> 1.0.7-11mdk

  • add icons to xdvi menu entry.

25 september 2000 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at> 1.0.7-10mdk

  • included some of changes to SPEC files made by Alexander Skwar <>
     (more macros, fixed location of some manpage).

28 august 2000 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at> 1.0.7-9mdk

  • changed mandir to %{_mandir}, and infodir to %{_infodir}.
  • xdvi menu name coherent.

25 august 2000 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at> 1.0.7-8mdk

  • added noreplace to *.cnf (Preston Brown <>)
  • added noreplace to file.
  • removed bzip2 of man pages (now handled by spec-helper).
  • removed perl script to handle bzip2 files for filelists (now handled
     by spec-helper).
  • increased trie size for allowing more hyphenation patterns (i18n).

2 june 2000 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at> 1.0.7-7mdk

  • updated the LaTeX hyperref package to version 6.70f for getting jadetex
  • added support for spanish, portuguese and sweden pattern hyphenation in the
     default LaTeX format files (hope trie values are enough...).

5 may 2000 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at> 1.0.7-6mdk

  • fixed man pages permission.

29 april 2000 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at> 1.0.7-5mdk

  • changed arrays texmf.cnf the array value for jadetex, pdfjadetex, according to
     the Christoph, Rahtz, Pepping's "Installing JadeTeX" document.

1 april 2000 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at> 1.0.7-4mdk

  • change group (now "Publishing") according to the new scheme.
  • removed wmconfig and .desktop entries for xdvi, and added the new menu

3 march 2000 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at> 1.0.7-3mdk

  • updated teTeX-texmf to version 1.0.2.

11 february 2000 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at>

  • updated to version 1.0.7.
  • merged k6 and arm patches into teTeX-1.0-arch.patch
  • sligtly increased internal array main_memory, so that latex
     doesn't have problems with big macro packages such as pstricks
     or Xy-TeX.
  • integrate teTeX-1.0-tektrokix.patch (fixes a typo) from Jeff
     Johnson <>.

8 december 1999 - David BAUDENS <baudens at>

  • AMD K6 is not an i686 processor (another)
  • Replace $RPM_ARCH by %{_target_cpu}

11 november 1999 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at>

  • mark /usr/share/texmf/dvips/ as %config
     (Jeff Johnson <>, #4842)
  • mark also config.pdf, config.www and config.generic as %config.
  • added BuildPreReq.

26 august 1999 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at>

  • fine tuning subpackage package list.
  • added teTeX dependence to package xdvi (it cannot works without fonts).

25 august 1999 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at>

  • cleaned %clean. Now spec file support buildroot.
  • added support for 'resolution' in dvi-to-ps.fpi as well as
     the config.generic file.
  • fixed a problem in manpage links (reported by Dusan
     Gabrijelcic <>).
  • moved mfw to tetex-xdvi to have main tetex package rpm indepedendent from
     X11 libraries (Jeff Johnson <> in rawhide).
  • added PAPERSIZE option to dvi-to-ps.fpi (Jeff Jonhson <>
     in rawhide).

4 august 1999 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at>

  • fixed VARTEXFONTS path in config file.

14 july 1999 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at>

  • updated to 1.0.6.
  • used src-1.0.6 archive and thus removed some patches.

26 june 1999 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at>

  • mandrake adaptions.
  • speed up TEXMFCNF path.

25 june 1999 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at>

  • fixed new bugs reported by Thomas Esser (included
     patch 1.0.5-1.0.6-pre).
  • added amstex, bamstex and bplain to the list of format files to build.

23 june 1999 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at>

  • fixed and removed unneeded things in teTeX-1.0-texmfcnf.patch,
     according to Thomas Esser suggestions.

20 june 1999 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at>

  • upgraded to teTeX 1.0.5.
  • merged .spec file with Jeff Johnson's 1.0.1 .spec file from rawhide.

13 june 1999 Giuseppe Ghib˛ <ghibo at>

  • upgraded to teTeX 1.0 final.
  • removed texmf.cnf external config file, and provided
     as patch.
  • removed ``texconfig init'' (now it's included into 'make install').
  • moved texmf unpacking to buildroot before 'make install'.
  • added italian hyphenation.

3 june 1999 Kayvan A. Sylvan <kayvan at>

  • upgraded snapshot
  • Fixed PATH setting for ``texconfig init''. As it was, you could
     not build a working teTeX on a machine with teTeX installed.

1 april 1999 Cristian Gafton <gafton at>

  • upgraded snapshot

23 march 1999 Erik Troan <ewt at>

  • set limits for jadetex

23 march 1999 Cristian Gafton <gafton at>

  • I think I have got the buildroot problems right this time
  • auto rebuild in the new build environment (release 15)

19 march 1999 Cristian Gafton <gafton at>

  • fix buildroot problems

15 march 1999 Michael Maher <mike at>

  • fixed BUG: 978

11 march 1999 Cristian Gafton <gafton at>

  • slight changes in the packaging (unpack texmf directly into the buildroot
     and build it there)
  • added texmfsrc source tarball to comply with the license

7 march 1999 Michael Maher <mike at>

  • updated package

11 january 1999 Cristian Gafton <gafton at>

  • add patch to make it compile on the arm (RmS)
  • build for glibc 2.1
  • use tar hack instead of the cp -a to overcome cp's brokeness re: symlinks

10 october 1998 Cristian Gafton <gafton at>

  • strip binaries
  • enable italian formatting

5 october 1998 Cristian Gafton <gafton at>

  • requires ed
  • Fixed obsoletes line
  • credted the doc subpackage
  • fully buildroot
  • require dialog in the main package
  • add support for wmconfig in for the xdvi package

11 september 1998 Cristian Gafton <gafton at>

  • upgrade to 0.9
  • texmf-src package is gone
  • use /var/lib/texmf instead of /var/tmp/texmf

22 august 1998 Jeff Johnson <jbj at>

  • make sub-packages depend on teTeX (problem #214)

21 august 1998 Jeff Johnson <jbj at>

  • eliminate environment when running texhash (problem #849)

17 august 1998 Jeff Johnson <jbj at>

  • build root

7 may 1998 Prospector System <bugs at>

  • translations modified for de, fr, tr

5 february 1998 Otto Hammersmith <otto at>

  • added install-info support (dvips, fontname and kpathsea)
  • combined the two changelogs in the spec file.

14 october 1997 Michael Fulbright <msf at>

  • Fixed dvi-to-ps.fpi to create temp files more safely.

10 july 1997 Erik Troan <ewt at>

  • built against glibc

8 april 1997 Michael Fulbright <msf at>

  • Removed afmdoit from file list (mistakenly added in release 3 rpm)

24 march 1997 Michael Fulbright <msf at>

  • Upgraded to tetex-lib to 0.4pl8 and fixed cron tmpwatch entry to not
     delete /var/lib/texmf/fonts and /var/lib/texmf/texfonts

7 march 1997 Michael Fulbright <msf at>

  • Upgraded to 0.4pl7.

17 february 1997 Michael Fulbright <msf at>

  • Upgraded to 0.4pl6, and fixed file permissions on /var/lib/texmf/texfonts
     so normal users could create fonts on demand.
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